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Left 4 Dead is better than The Walking Dead

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Started: 2/21/2014 Category: Games
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This debate is franchise VS franchise.

The first round is for acceptance. Consecutive rounds are for the debate itself.
I look forward to a good challenge.


I accept.

Per a pre agreed understanding. This debate is a franchise vs franchise debate. This includes all shows, games, and comics. I will take up the side that the Walking Dead as a whole is a better series and franchise, my adversary will defend left 4 dead.

Note : This is a comparative debate but he has the bop.
Debate Round No. 1


BGreeneID forfeited this round.


waiting to see if my opponent comes back before i post
Debate Round No. 2


I apologize for missing the second round. I was not able to access the computer at the time.
As for my argument, I believe Left 4 Dead, as a whole, is a better franchise that the Walking Dead.
I will do a concept-by-concept comparison for my opening statements.

Back story-
The back story for each franchise is as follows:
Left 4 Dead: An infectious illness called the Green Flu has been rapidly spreading throughout the United States. This pathogen has the ability to quickly convert any person who comes in contact with it into an undead creature. Fortunately, small bands of people have been able to remain immune to the Flu, and are now trying to survive and outlast the zombie apocalypse.
The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes, a sheriff's deputy, slips into a coma, only to awake finding out that the zombie apocalypse has begun. He is determined to set out and find his family and friends, and meets other fortunate survivors along the way. The cause of the infection that started the apocalypse is unknown.

When it comes to any story, or any franchise for that matter, good characters must be the foundation, or else the series as a whole falls apart very easily. In Left 4 Dead, there are 8 playable characters introduced (Bill, Francis, Zoey, Louis, Nick, Ellis, Coach, and Rochelle), each with a unique personality, quotes and quips, serious dialogue, and weapon preference. They are always talking to one another in-game, giving alerts, helping you out, and saving your rear end in a tough situation. The thought put into these characters is clearly seen, and it allows for one to feel like they are not just game characters, but real people.
The characters in the Walking Dead are very different from the survivors in Left 4 Dead. They also have their own unique personalities and quirks that make them great and entertaining, but they do not seem to be as distinguishable as the L4D survivors. Any person who plays Left 4 Dead, even for a short while, will easily be able to recognize the characters because of their unique appearances and stand-out personalities. For those into the Walking Dead, it would be harder. The universe has many characters in it, and unless a strong commitment is given to learning who each of them are, throughout the comics, game, and television series, then it would be pointless to to delve into the other aspects of the franchise. After all, why would one replay a game or reread a comic if you can't remember who the characters are?

In Left 4 Dead, the zombies are referred to as "the Infected". The Infected mostly lumber around aimlessly, as any zombie would. Upon seeing a survivor, they and any nearby Infected will rush towards the player and begin to claw at him/her and attack other surrounding players. The Infected also have the ability to climb any sort of obstacle, run fast, and even break down iron doors. The Green Flu pathogen has not only turned people into zombies, it has given them a steroid-like effect as well. If it seems like these zombies aren't bad enough, the series also has variations of the Infected, called Special Infected. These are very easy to notice due to their unique noises and appearance. They all have a unique and devastating special power. For example, the Smoker has a long, oily tongue that can ensnare a survivor and drag him/her away from the group. If the survivors are not working as a team, then the Infected as well as their Special variations can easily wipe the group out.

In the Walking Dead, the zombies are referred to as "the Walkers". They are more akin to the stereotypical zombie. The Walkers are often encountered only in small groups, but in some situations, large hordes can be summoned if loud noises are made. They cannot run, they cannot climb over walls or other tough obstacles, and they cannot break down doors as easily. In addition, there are no "Special variations," with the common zombie being the only type encountered. Left 4 Dead wins again in this department, as the zombies are more challenging to deal with, and they require a plan to be defeated.

The Games Themselves-
Left 4 Dead was originally released in 2008, with the sequel being released the following year. The game is a first person shooter, and is playable in seven different game modes: Campaign, Single-Player, Versus, Realism, Realism Versus, Mutations, and Scavenge. There are 14 campaigns across the two games. Players can play online with other people world-wide, and they have their choice of characters to play as. The game runs on an advanced AI director, who has the ability to change many factors such as weather conditions, weapon placement, zombie horde size, and more. The game has a good deal of mods that change other things such as character skins, dialogue, music, weapons, scripting, and adding new and additional campaigns. This game is made to be enjoyed and replayed, for a unique, exciting experience each session.
The Walking Dead game was based off of the comics series, and was released in 2012. The game has graphics similar to the illustrations in the comics, and while some may find it pleasing, it looks very queer for a video game title. The game play is a point and click adventure. The player controls Lee Everett, the main character of the comic series, and plays the game by talking with the characters and making decisions. The outcomes of the game are affected by the decisions the player makes. This allows for replay-ability, but only to a certain combination of outcomes. As of now, there are no known mods for the game.

Comics: The Walking Dead is obviously the major player in the comics department, having them be the basis for the games as well as the television series. Left 4 Dead has only one comic story, The Sacrifice. The L4D comics were meant as a compliment and promotion to the gaming series.

To sum up my many comparisons and statements, Left 4 Dead is a better franchise because it has more recognizable and witty characters, better gaming, and a more wholesome story line.


Tv Show

This is where the walking dead shines in some aspects. The show itself is based off of the comics and has been a gigantic hit every since its debut. It is estimated that the walking dead makes around 11 million dollars per episode.[1]

It is also one of the most costly shows to put an add up in due to its popularity.

Sunday Night Football (NBC): $628,000
2. Monday Night Football (ESPN): $408,000
3. The Walking Dead (AMC): $326,000
4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS): $317,160
5. American Idol (Wednesday) (FOX): $281,600
6. The Voice (Tuesday) (NBC): $273,714
7. The Following (FOX): $264,300
8. The Voice (Monday) (NBC): $259,240
9. American Idol (Thursday) (FOX): $257,926
10. Modern Family (ABC): $249,025 [1]

It has also been nominated for numerous awards including emmys for art and makeup, and a Golden Globe for best TV Drama [2]. The TV show went from popular to fancult really fast. The mid season finale episode delivered an amazing 15.8 million views on its first play through with millions more in the repeats [3]. The show has a devout and loyal following and this is just the show, I am not even counting the comics

The Comics

Even my adversary notes this is where the walking dead is strong, and where the show is based off of. The comics are far ahead of the show and are far worse in both graphics and detail. Rick losses his hand in the comics along with different events that are never portrayed in the show.

Characters are portrayed differently in the comics than the show as well. Such as Shane and dale, both act completely different and Shane is more violent and stupid in the comics than the actual show. Different parts such as the prison assault result in different outcomes such as rick getting his hand chopped off and different people dying at different times [4]. The good part is the comics are much more descriptive and have a lot more content. The comics have been around since 2003 and are responsible for the show. With both the comics and the shows fans and followers nearing billions over the past decade. [5]


The characters are much more in depth than L4D


The Governor

This crazy dude is not scared of anything and will do anything to get what he wants. He is a true sociopath and will manipulate others to accomplish his ends without blinking an eye. His family was murdered in front of him and he kept his daughter locked in a closet as a zombie and fed her for years in hopes of finding a cure. When his zombie daughter is slain, he goes of the handle. He starts murdering people without as much of a blink, and even went as far as to wipe an entire town out that he took care of for no reason.

Daryl and Merl

Characters that are strictly in the TV series and not the comics. Both use to be druggies and merl was a meth head that raised his brother Daryl. Later on they group up with a group of people which leads to a fight between merl and rick. Merl goes missing and comes back later in the show to claim his brother. This leads to confrontations between the two brothers about whom darly is loyal too. Daryl is a redneck tracker with a kind heart and amazing shot. He is the fan favorite in the TV show. Later the two brothers meet up with a shocking ending to their story, as Merl attempts to to become a good guy in the show.


Traveling with a Group that thinks they have the cure for the virus. He is heading to the white house and often butts heads with other characters in the show because of his desire to make it there. No word has been received from the white house but he pushes on constantly with his group in a hope to try and distribute the so called antidote. He is very head strong and often clashes with others.


The Plot itself in both the comics and the show are amazing. It often takes groups of people lets them meet up and then splits them up and then turns them against each other. It has no quarry as to who dies, and kills of fan favorites all the times
an example of this is like this

Group A
Group B

They group up and form an alliance. The alliance tries to fortuity an area when Group C attacks them. No one is aware of whom is actually in Group C and the fight splits all the group up

Group A - D is formed with members in different groups looking for each other and trying to survive. They often add plot twists like someones brother is in one group and someone leaves that group and joins the group with that persons sisters whom them leaves that group to go find their brother and dies in the process, and then the brothers group finds the sister and has to kill her. There are all kind of twists and turns in the plot that make it amazing to watch and it is a progressive story about survival that is always introducing new characters and plot twists.

The Game

The game itself has received a perfect 5/5 of five stars from multiple review sites such as games radar and even received a 9.3 out of ten from IGN which is an astonishing score[6][7]]. These scores far surpass that of L4D. Why L4D can invoke some fun multi player, the walking dead has an amazing plot and game system that accompany it. What makes it fun as that the choices you make in the game have ripple effects that follow you all throughout the game as you play. Some choice you make early on can effect the story later on, which can effect the story again so forth and so on. It is open ended and very fun.

"As you play through the five episodes, the big moments come when you choose how Lee responds to situations and what he says in conversations with his fellow survivors. Choices and dialogue pop up on screen with timers, and you have seconds to pick exactly what you’re going to do or say. Whereas previous adventure games from developer Telltale Games would let you run through every possible line of dialogue, that isn’t the case here. In The Walking Dead, you choose, and the game moves on – adapting its story to each decision." [7]

"This is what makes The Walking Dead so special. You and I are tasked with the same goal of protecting Clem, but the way we do it might be completely different. I might choose to befriend someone you hate, and you might choose to leave someone I took. I might shoot my mouth off in anger, but you might keep your cool; either way, the group will remember that and the dynamic will change. The decisions you’re making in the moment have ripples that go throughout the entire adventure. When you get to Episode 5, the things you have and haven’t done – the choices you haven’t thought about since Episode 1 – are going to come up." [7]


Why both franchises are good, there is no comparison as to which is best. The walking dead has a way bigger following and has the reviews, ratings, and fans to back it up as the best franchise.

It is like comparing the Bucs to the Patriots

Debate Round No. 3


BGreeneID forfeited this round.


At this point I am going to assume this is a concession. Not much to refute or argue, nor really no need to put effort into this if my adversary is not going to post

Hopefully we can just push this through and move on :)
Debate Round No. 4


I apologize for not attending to this debate very well. I've been focusing on real life events more than I have DDO.
I would declare this debate a concession by me, if my opponent is okay with it.


I accept the concession so we can push this debate through

when my adversary is done with his real life stuff I would like to do this again. It was a fun topic :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Mikal 3 years ago
Is this like game vs game or game vs show?

if you mean the series itself comics and show i will take this
Posted by Zaradi 3 years ago
This is really hard to debate since they aren't even the same genre of games lol.
Posted by MyDinosaurHands 3 years ago
I hope you don't mean the Telltale Walking Dead Series.
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