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Legal Immigration has started to hurt Americans

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Started: 9/17/2013 Category: Society
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Legal immigration was fine during the boom time, its not such a good idea during recession and high unemployment.

Legal Immigration although sounds good to hear is slowly turning poisonous. The impact on Americans is so gradual and invisible that most people don't even realize that it has already hit them in one way or the other.

The first 2 things any immigrant does once he lands in US are, take an American job and as soon as he is fully legal, sponsor his closest relatives to become a legal immigrant. Both actions are disastrous for hard working American middle class.

Americans haven't realized it yet. For eg. when an American loses his job he might blame the economy or the recession or the government in power or worst of all blame himself, but he would never even think of blaming legal immigrants. I think every American when laid off should find out how many legal immigrants are working in his company because if they were not there, he would still have a job in the company.

Just like illegal immigration hurt the poor, legal immigration hurt the middle class.


So judging by your argument that legal immigration is starting to hurt as you say, the hard working middle class Americans, what would your answer be? To prevent legal immigration in total?
The immigrants work equally as hard, or possibly even harder seeing as they probably have the job. The blame is not to be put upon legal immigrants for unemployment and in your example you stated that the person would probably still have a job if it weren't for legal immigrants.
If there weren't any competition at all, the person would probably still have a job, however we are working in a very competitive market nowadays and rather than harm a colleague who had no part in his unemployment, one should seek other means.
Immigration also brings a more diverse economy as foreign investors want to buy into successful companies, therefore increasing the stock market and stabilising the economy, which in the end also helps decrease the recession. With such a large diversity within the country this also attracts tourists which also helps stabilize the economy.
Debate Round No. 1


This debate is not about who can work harder, immigrants or Americans. It is irrelevant. A citizen should always have more opportunities than non-citizens otherwise there is no concept of country. Unlike other countries, most people want to come to America and that makes it special. That also means that an average American citizen has to compete with a lot of 'extra' population just to sustain. Compare that to other countries, a citizen of Estonia is not competing with people from other countries, a citizen of Argentina to have a decent job does not have to worry about someone from India.

Competition is good if its fair, and in this case its not. How many American citizens are going to Portugal or Philippines to compete with them for the jobs there?

We need a smart legal system. For eg. America needs doctors, we should let more doctors come in. Legal immigration should be drastically reduced till the unemployment rate goes below 5%.

You mentioned diversity, do you know US is the most diverse country in the world. How long will we use this catch words to emotionally blackmail people and ignore American middle class?

Also you never talked about my second point that every legal immigrant brings in more people via chain migration.


In all honesty, this is my first debate on this website so I'm still getting used to the details and how it works.

On your point about legal immigrants bringing in more people by chain migration. With any form of migration or immigration this is inevitable. However another thing is that each person's role is not only that of a worker but a consumer and that consumption creates jobs in fact in some cases immigration increases the number of jobs. While not all the time, it still occurs. It also may reduce jobs in the short-term while helping in the long-term because children tend to do better than their parents and have more money to spend as adults.

Outsourcing is a much more serious problem and because of outsourcing many immigrants will be taking our jobs even more so by staying home. When they stay home they aren't consuming in America and so not contributing as much to our economy as they would have but they still take our jobs, in fact it becomes much easier since wages and benefits are typically lower in their home countries.
If we deal with outsourcing and correct our trade imbalance letting in more immigrants would probably yield a large increase in not only jobs but the quality of jobs in this country because they would not only be new consumers but would be consuming a larger quantity of American-made products.

Another important issue is that America is predicted to enter a demographic transition where we stop having as many babies. That also happened in Europe and Japan. If a country doesn't have enough new children are born it becomes harder in the future to provide social security. Social security already has problems. We need more people in this country to provide the population base to support social security in the future.
Letting in more legal immigrants would also greatly diminish the incentive for illegal immigration.]
Debate Round No. 2


Lets try to stick to the topic. The debate is about a very specific topic, I am only talking about the American middle class, not the rich and not the poor. I am not saying completely stop legal immigration. I'm saying that make it smarter and not allow anyone & everyone to come in, I am saying that it should be reduced till the unemployment rate goes below 5%, do you disagree with that? Why can't we care about our own citizens first?

Regarding demographics, most Americans don't know that US is the 3rd most populated country in the world !! So I guess Americans need not worry about population loss for a few more centuries. When we need it we can always open the borders like we did a hundred years back, and that's when statue of liberty concept applied.

Also if you noticed, US is gradually turning into a welfare state. A welfare state cannot have uncontrolled immigration for it to sustain.

I agree with you on Outsourcing, and I am against it but that is off the topic.

My goal here is to generate awareness among the middle class and let them know how they are directly and indirectly impacted. All I'm asking is to make American Middle Class a priority for next 10yrs.


While you're focusing on the American middle class, you seem to be forgetting that the poor, the middle class and the rich are affected by such actions. Decreasing or eliminating legal immigration will inevitably create more incentive to come to the country illegally, which leads to less assimilation and fewer taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. By hoping to aid the middle class Americans, this is then inadvertently harming the lower. You stated that it is the 3rd more populated country, well 80% of tax paying adult American citizens are in the near poverty line. In truth, they should be priority for the next ten years. You state that you want to care about your own citizens first but aim not at the majority in need?

Also with the 2013 immigration reform, Congress is considering eliminating immigration visas available for American citizens to sponsor their married children, siblings, and other family members coming to the U.S. It may be in America's best interest to reduce endless chain family immigration in the future. However, politicians apparently have no problem with immediately legalizing 11 million illegal immigrants, without requiring triggers that fully implement immigration law enforcement first to prevent new waves of illegal immigration. Congress will be punishing legal immigrants by cutting off their family members while rewarding illegal immigrants.

And lastly about the US gradually turning into a welfare state, newcomers to the United States are not generally eligible for the full amount of welfare benefits. The law,also known as the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, states that "self sufficiency has been a basic principle of United States immigration law." In particular, "aliens within the Nation"s borders [should] not depend on public resources to meet their needs," and "the availability of public benefits [should] not constitute an incentive for immigration to the United States" (U.S. Congress 1996).
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Andy99 4 years ago
TO 'anonymouse'

Please dont use racist remarks, legal immigration has nothing to do with racism, it affects everyone. Please keep your 300yr old grudges to yourself. What happened hundreds of years back is not our problem right now, lets fix the issues we have today and then you can travel into the past and fix the issues of those times.

You said anyone can buy a green card for $500k, you made my argument !!! That should be stopped.
Posted by ararmer1919 4 years ago
God your freaking stupid mouse
Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
alot of the "legal" immigrants to the u.s are nothing more than compradores that helped the u.s regime wreck their original country. for example, alot of the thugs who helped the u.s regime overthrow the soviet union, and suck the soviet economy dry. alot of them are now u.s citizens. and the u.s regime loves these kinds of thugs. so of course "legal" immigrants will hurt americans. people who set immigration laws are corrupt thugs themselves. "legal" immigration is actually a huge scam. $500k and you get a green card. america paints this picture of itself as some sort of utopia. then people get here, and realise it aint all that its cracked up to be. and something you should also consider is the made in america stuff is actually made in prisons by slave labor. outsourcing hurts americans? give me a break. what about the ones being exploited american multinationals? i guess they dont matter.
Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
the white man's invasion also hurt native americans
Posted by Andy99 4 years ago
Yes legal immigrants are citizens also and they will be impacted too. This is about slowing down current legal immigration (not about legals who became citizens). Its surprising that everyone is talking about what the legal immigrants are going through and none of you are talking about the middle class. Not a single comment on how it impacts the middle class !!!

Please vote based on whether you would want to limit legal immigration till unemployment rate goes below 5%
Posted by freya_d 4 years ago
Con has some good points. We shouldn't limit the amount of immigration in America, this goes against everything America stands for. It should not be a first come, first serve country. My vote would be for Con.
Posted by StarTrek 4 years ago
I agree with the PRO.
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Vote Placed by mikicat10 4 years ago
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Total points awarded:11 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro and Con both made good points
Vote Placed by DeFool 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I would have liked a more aggressive challenge for some of the more questionable statements made by PRO. (Such as the argument that "citizens should be favored over immigrants." Often, legal immigrants are citizens.) Nevertheless, CON convincingly argues that all immigration cannot be halted - and PRO never forms a coherent argument why it should. We see only opinions. They are heartfelt and impassioned opinions, but cannot win the "Arguments" score. The subject covered specifically legal migration into the United States.
Vote Placed by Mikal 4 years ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Both sides failed to argued this well. Con however did make better points. Granted I was confused about what she was trying to say, but I had to use context clues. If legal immigration is done illegal, that is where it will hurt the economy. If we allow some of the people whom are seeking to come over (some of which who have degrees) or as Con stated (are willing to work harder). The issue with Pros argument is that he is assuming illegal immigrants are taking jobs. The jobs uneducated legal immigrants do, most Americans would not try to do. Take a look at Georgia, this is where either illegal or legal immigrants literally pick all the food in the state. No american whom has experienced a lax lifestyle would even attempt work like that, and would try and draw money from the government before they were forced to. For pro to meet his BOP he would have to show that illegal immigration is costing average Americans jobs they are seeking and back it up with sources. He failed to do so.