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Legal age should be lowered to 16

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Started: 1/9/2017 Category: People
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Legal age should be lowered to 16 is a major issue being debated all over the world. I strongly believe that 16 is too tender an age to allow teenagers to be given legal right. At this age they merely have the sense of judgement and as said and observed it is an age when most of the teenagers move off track and tend to do wrong thing. Then how can they be given legal rights? If you disagree with me then you need to present proof so as to!


I will gladly accept this challenge and I thank Con.

Since you didn't post a structure preference, I guess I will start with asking for clarification on what exactly you mean by "legal rights" as we all rely on our legal rights, no matter what age.

Here are a few rights we have in the UK, once we have turned 16;
~ we have the right to have sexual relations with anyone over the age of 16 and under the age of 18.
~Drink wine/beer with a meal if accompanied by someone over 18
~Get married or register a civil partnership with consent
~Drive a moped or invalid carriage
~Get a National Insurance number
~Join a trade union
~Work full-time if you have left school
~Be paid national minimum wage for 16/17 year old
~Join the Armed Forces with parental consent
~Change name by deed poll
~Leave home with or without parental consent
~In certain circumstances you must pay for prescriptions, dental treatment and eye tests
~Choose a GP
~Consent to medical treatment
~Buy premium bonds
~Pilot a glider
~Buy a lottery ticket
~Register as a blood donor, but you won't be called to give blood until you're 17
~Apply for a passport without parental consent

All of these are our legal rights once turned 16.
I understand not all countries have all these rights, and I will gladly argue (with evidence) that these rights are rational for the age of 16 if there are any of them that you disagree with.
I will also argue any other legal rights issues you have as well (i.e. legal drinking age- this is 18 in the UK.)

Please clarify and I will be more than happy to respond with evidence that "legal age" should be lowered to 16 (within reason of course).
Debate Round No. 1


Hi. Thanks for accepting my challenge. Actually I do mean all the legal rights that you stated because it's a general debate and it takes in all areas you stated. Thanks


Although I will try my best to argue my point, I do really need specifics as like I said, no matter what, the age of 16 you will have legal rights, i.e. It is your legal right to go to school. So to say "16 is too tender an age to allow teenagers to be given legal right." is rather confusing as to what you actually mean.

I will start off by saying, a teenagers influences will depend on their environment, a lot of things, young teenagers will do weather they are legal or not, lowering legal age would reduce the amount that teenagers breaking the law, also lifting weight off their shoulders.
for example, drinking alcohol, even in the UK the legal age for drinking is 18, however, most teenagers will drink, weather its heavily or lightly. Some will even be drinking at the age of 12, and I'm not talking about just a glass of whine on special occasions with the family, some teenagers will host house parties in which alcohol is very available to them. At the age of 16, (although you claim; "At this age they merely have the sense of judgement "), they would have a much better judgement than that of the age of 12 as they would most likely be used to drinking and know how much they can take before they are too drunk.

At the age of 16, we are allowed to start smoking, of course I am not saying that it is a good thing that such a young age would start smoking, however, most start at an even younger age in secret, usually around 13, it is best that the child did not smoke in secret and an adult knows. To buy cigarettes you must be 18. Using this system, it makes it easy for adults to control how much the teenager is smoking.

By the age of 16, teenagers would have completed their sex education course. They would know "what's what". They would know how to be protected and so on so forth. I believe 16 is a perfectly fine age to be given a legal right to have sex. By this age they are able to decide weather they feel ready to have sexual intercourse or not. Most teenagers during this time find that they are in a 'serious relationship' and are more than happy to have sex with their partner.
what we need to understand is that attitudes to sex have changed since the past. It is no longer seen as a big of a deal, there are some people who wished they had waited a bit longer before having sex, but most of these people had sex at again, a very young age (13/14/etc).

another reason for some legal rights to be lowered to 16 is that; 16 is the age that teenagers wish to experiment and try out new things, it is best to do these things whilst they are young as if they did these things at the age of 35, they are likely to ruin their lives and careers. In other words, they will have experienced that specific right and will not feel the need to be curious about it and "suffer" not trying it out. It is all part of growing up to try out new things, it is in fact part of the personal life cycle.

Another reason is preparing for the future, i.e. Being able to get a job, go to college (ready for uni), leaving home, etc. Things like this will prepare he teenager for the future so that they are ready and prepared by the time they turn 18 to face the world as a mature adult.
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Posted by love3014 6 months ago
The age of consent should be reduced to 10-12 years
Posted by 21frykahla 1 year ago
I think 18 is still to young it should be 21 is agree with isarica_2001
Posted by isarica_2001 1 year ago
I will like to debate but I have the same point, I think major age has to be increased, in USA it is good, 21 years but in my other country: Colobia it is 18 years, I think it shall be 21 in al countries! Good luck con!
Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
I suggest you Google " Brain development in young people "
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