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Legal euthanizing of humans

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: People
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I want to debate on whether the people of the law should legally euthanize serious criminals. I OPPOSE this law. People who kill do not deserve to be killed. We are not living in ancient times when an ear for an ear was the law. No family should see their son,daughter,mother,father,wife,husband ect. Lie on a human shaped table strapped down and then given a shot like when you put down animals . They don't deserve to be put in front of a firing squad and shot at.THEY DON'T DESERVE TO DIE!


This is an issue that ties in with the Death Penalty, and it is a tough subject either way. I look forward to a civil debate

Although we do not live in ancient times there are people out there who have done horrible things and killed many innocent people. These people are then caught and impose a massive cost on the system through court cases and years of jailing costs. While debating if someone like Jeffery Dahmer "deserves" to live or not is an opinionated matter I would say that if it were your child raped and killed you may want to see the perpetrator executed for his crime.

I will let my opponent make his opening argument and am looking forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I am girl (for future reference) and I too am glad for this debate. Let me ask you this: What happens when an innocent person gets charged with the death penalty? They get killed. The government makes mistakes, all the time. Why should someone die for making a mistake? If they killed someone or many people, yes they should go to prison. Have you seen the inside of a prison? I have, but not as a criminal, as a documentary watcher. Jail is punishment enough. Especially in the high risk of endangerment to others section or the self harm section. Or if you want to go further in the punishment, take the criminal to a an asylum. Where they would never see the light of day outside the walls. These people were once innocent. The government is killing these people. Should the government be put to death for murdering people. Everyone forgets that criminals are people. They are people with something wrong in their brain . They don't need to die, they need help. They can get help in prison, but nobody deserves to die.


Sorry for the confusion :). I number things because it makes to easier for me to follow, hope you don't mind.

1. Yes, the legal system is flawed and mistakes can happen. However when the death penalty is whipped out that generally means the perp is guilty as sin and has done something unspeakable. This deals with law reformation and is outside of the debate though. While I agree an innocent person should never be executed, the extremes one has to go to to even be considered for execution is rare to say the least.
2. I debate jail being a serious enough punishment. Ya jail sucks, but in Jail you can go to school, read good books, watch tv, work out, buy candy bars, and so on. It is not the "hell" people make it out to be. People think jail is the worst because it represents the loss of freedoms. But a jailed American lives far better than a free person in Somalia. Does someone like Jeffery Dahmer deserve to live better than a Somalian?

Ok no more numbering

There is a man named Peter Scully (I am being generous to refer to him as a man). He ran a child porn ring and made tons of money off it. Now this wasn't you average pedo stuff- No this was murder porn. Peter and his "partners" would film themselves brutally torturing 5 year old girls. I won't go into what they did but think of the worst things you can do to a person, the absolute limit of what someone could do in terms of torture, and it was still worse than that. Finally after years of search they caught Peter. Now Peter has confessed to all of this, and is red handed guilty. Should he be allowed to live? NO! NO WAY. This man is not human. He took someones daughter- raped and tortured her in the most horrid ways possible and sold the tapes. And he did this 100s of times. See Daisy's Destruction for details if you want to ruin your week.

When someone does something that horrible, that sick, that sadistic they lost their right to life. An indivudal who does that does not deserve to eat 3 meals a day, does not deserve to enjoy themselves with a good book, does not deserve to know the joy of human interaction. The best a person like that deserves is a bullet to the head.

I am not saying that every killer deserves to be put to the sword. Most killers do not. But the death penalty needs to remain so that we can punish the most extreme and sick people we encounter.

I won't debate each death row case and if it is valid or not. Many are invalid I am sure. But there are circumstances where it is not only justified but needed.
Debate Round No. 2


Wow. Very descriptive.
Yes, while that guy is not a nice man, he could be locked up in a high security prison. He still doesn't deserve to die. High security prisons don't allow barred windows, candy machines, soft blankets and pillows. The toilet is as good as a hole in the ground.
You made the point about a daughter being raped. I am a daughter. What that man did was horrible. But he was a son, to a mother and father. While you argue someone's daughter, this man was someone's son. Okay, wow. Just looked it up. But still. this man was a sick sick man. He needs help. Sick people are still their parents child. They wouldn't want their children to die.
Also, while mild prisons allow books, nice meals and human interaction, high security prisons do not.

The death penalty isn't usually a bullet to the head. Its usually a painless injection, like falling asleep. It's sick that someone can knowingly kill someone. While animals get euthanized, humans shouldn't. Go to youtube and look up death penalty. Hopefully you will find the video i watched a while ago, where a man got the injection while his family watched. The mother broke down outside the room, after the man died. Funerals are sad enough without them being for someone who was killed. ( thinking about suicide and homicide deaths too)
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Posted by BackCommander 1 year ago
I have a hard time accepting that death should be removed as a punishment. If I ever snap one day and kill a bunch of people, I'd prefer they put me down so those I know would remember as I am, not as the madman I became.
Posted by Debator3678 1 year ago
Am I? Death shouldn't be a "capital punishment" it shouldn't be a punishment at all. Being in prison or Bing in a asylum is enough punishment
Posted by civiero 1 year ago
You seem to be confusing euthanasia and capital punishment.
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