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Legalize Arrenged Marriages

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Started: 5/11/2013 Category: Society
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Legalizing arrenged marriages will gives the couple many advantages!


I ACCEPT! I think arranged marriages are bullocks because it had the purpose of bringing two families or countries closer together, we now can do that without ruining the lives of two people. It also is a human right violation, freedom and all that.
Debate Round No. 1


The Advantages:

Its not always that arranged marriages are successful or love marriage are successful. We see that most of the arranged marriage are successful for some reasons. When its an arrange marriage, the parents do support the relationship and they try their best to keep the relationship live as it is their responsibility too. Arranged marriages are good, if you believe in astrology and horoscope. I have seen that some really grow good, life changes after getting married and some vise versa. In arranged marriage, the boy and girl will be from the same religion and caste, so they have the life style, food and culture. In arranged marriages, the girl is more protected as the parents care for a girl who married according to their wish.

There are several advantages that come with arranged marriages. One advantage is that arranged marriages are less forced in today"s society. Many societies around the world see that Islam in particular enforces arranged marriages. Most people in the Islamic faith know that in order for two individuals to get married, the marriage would only be possible if the two individuals like each other. With keeping this in mind, the parents would only arrange the marriage if both individuals give consent. Another advantage is the risk of incompatibility is eliminated. Arranged marriages ensure that two people are perfectly matched. Family members would ensure that factors such as culture, religion, and language are all the same. Family members would also ensure that the matched individual for their child would come from a similar socio-economic class. These identical factors would help make communication between the two individuals easier and understand where they both come from. These factors would also ensure that decision-making would be easier between the couple, especially when it came to the future of their children. When both individuals have almost everything in common, there would be more chances that the marriage would be successful.

Another advantage is that divorce is at a low risk. Since most arranged marriages take place in eastern societies in particular in south-Asian countries such as India, where divorce is almost unthinkable. Most religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity discourage divorce, but do permit it. Since both individuals come from the same background, they would share the same views on marriage and divorce, therefore less likely to divorce. Parents are careful when it comes to selecting their children"s partner, to ensure that the marriage will be successful and divorce would not be an issue.

Finally, another advantage includes support from extended family members. In traditional societies the couple would go live within the parent"s house of the male spouse. When times of difficulty arise, the couple can seek financial and emotional support from parents and in-laws. When the couple have children, they could rely on family members to look after the children when the two individuals have to go to work. Another benefit that comes along with support from extended family members is advice. When the couple are in arguments or have to make major decisions, they could seek advice from elder family members. When marriages are arranged, there would be co-operation between the parents"s of the two couples.


If my parents would decide who I would marry I would be more likely to rebel against that. And I'm probably not the only one who would do that. They probably run away if they absolutely don't agree with there parents decision, and that isn't fun for anybody. (The cultures in which this takes place at the moment this is of course not really the case, but if we would make it something that's ok in the west this would happen.)

You also take away the falling in love part of marriage which is the most important and if they are not compatible on a emotional level they just won't be happy, at all. It doesn't matter how well your astrological thing matches the other persons.

Also people in the west really like to get divorced and no one cares about that. Why would they care if it happened with arranged marriages?
Debate Round No. 2


"Isn't fun" who says that? The fact, Arrenged marriage gives us many advantages!
There are 10 advantages from arrenged marriage.

Paths become soothing when there is someone who accompanies you throughout. Life is a path which is combination of flowers and stones. The flowers congratulate you on your success while stones laugh at your failure. But success and failure seems significant when there is someone, whom with you can share your victory and defeat because if that special person is with you then those dangerous stones hurt less and those flowers smile more. It is not easy to find that "someone" in life because devoting yourself completely for that one person matters a lot. Marriage is one of the kinds that brings two soul mates together and unite their different paths as one. There are two types of marriage; love marriage and arranged marriage. The basic idea of love marriage is that two people choose to be together without involvement of third party while arranged marriage is something which is planned by two families to bind their children in a relationship. Success and failure of both types of marriage depend entirely upon the behavior and understanding of persons involved. So it is intricate to say which is more successful however I am more inclined towards arranged marriage. So here are some substantial points which explain the advantages of arranged marriage.

10- Financial security
Financial security is not always the priority in love marriage. But In arranged marriages Parents try to choose suitors who are financially, socially and educationally stable for their children. There is better chance of financial security in arranged marriage rather than love marriage because love marriage is driven by passion and emotions. Arranged marriages are mostly based on long term security and stability which makes life worth living.
9- Both families are satisfied with the relation
Arranged marriages are planned mostly by the families so both families remain satisfied with their decision. Families show positive attitude towards the newly married couple and try to help them in every positive way. Getting a perfect match is not an easy task but once parents find the perfect partner for their son or daughter, they become satisfied with their decision. And this way, all the people and relationships associated with the marriage become part of the ceremony with full enthusiasm and happiness.
8- Better understanding of lifestyle and Religion
The experience of parents in judging a person can help in making a marriage successful that"s why it is said that arranged marriage is more based on logic and thoughtfulness. Parents try to choose right person for their daughter or son who belongs to same religion, same background, same culture and same class which creates mutual understanding in the new relations. Both persons involved in the marriage adopt each others lifestyle very easily and that makes the relationship strong. Also, due to same belief, their actions and deeds resemble with that of other person which helps in developing sustainable relationship in sustainable manner.
7- Low rate of divorce
Life is uncertain, there is no certainty about future but hope is the elevating force that drives people to work hard in order to achieve successful future. Same is the case with arranged marriages. Arranged marriages are carefully formed. There is special importance given to intellectuality, finance, understanding and education that help in building the secure future. And hence, there are fewer chances of divorce.
6- Full family support
In west, marriage is family affair which is celebrated with full zeal and readiness. Arranged marriages are more organized in a way that parents keep account of everything I-e girl"s parents will try to find the perfect match for their daughter who can keep their daughter happy, relax and stable. So after marriage, even if the circumstances change and even the couple face any problem, their families act like soothing shadow that protects the couple from every problem.
5- Equality
Equality is really important for any relation because it keeps on nurturing the relationship in right direction. Equality is main component in arranged marriages. Both persons suit each other in every aspect; be it education or capability. Arranged marriages actually reduce lot of burdens. When a girl or a boy knows that they are going to get marry in arranged style, they don"t waste their energy for hunting a life partner for them. Rather they consume their energy and creativity on purposeful endeavor like education. So in this way, both persons use their talent and skill in nourishing their family hence problems are mutually solved and relationship is strengthened from its deep roots.
4-Each day is full of surprises
Life becomes joyful and lively when each and every day stores special surprises for you. Arranged marriage is the best way to get this fun. Since arranged marriage is negotiated by the parents, love is not the basis of their relationship at first. And because newly married couple is not fully aware of each others habits and ideas, it leaves them with full of surprises. They find new things; reveal odd and funny habits which blossom their relationship like a lily. It also happens that both persons find irritating habits of each other or don"t share the same thoughts about particular topic but both persons try to adjust in the situation and try to nurture their relationship hence love becomes prominent in their marriage with the passing time.
3- Arranged marriages develop into lasting love
Due to same culture and mutual understanding of each others beliefs, Arranged marriages get healthy and lasting. It is true that both persons are stranger to each other before getting into relationship but after marrying, these two people start feeling for each other. With the passages of time love, trust and affection become visible in the relationship. Research has also proved that, the feeling of love is more visible in arranged marriages as compare to love marriages because arranged marriages are rational and helpful for long term while love marriages are deeply based on passion and impulse.
2- Arranged marriages are well-planned
Arranged marriage is popular East while West thinks of it as stranger idea. Arranged marriage is believed to be safe because both partners complete each other in suitable manner. Parents make lots of efforts in order to get perfect match for their son or daughter. And this kind of thinking proves to be helpful in long term because practically speaking, love is not the only need in life but there are more important things in life with love which complete the life.
1- Stronger Commitments
Love is second place in arranged marriages but commitment is the first step. The newlyweds take responsibility of each other by staying committed to each other. They take mutual decisions which can benefit both of them and their families. They try to perform task in a way that it does not hurt the other person. They co-operate and compromise in order to make their relationship strong. And hence wise and mature actions make place of love in the relationship.



Something.Something forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Toharu 5 years ago
GOOD SOURCE that's my reason.
Posted by drhead 5 years ago
Pro plagiarized:
Posted by Devonal 5 years ago
Alrighty then ;)
Posted by Toharu 5 years ago
@Devonal Actually, I'm not from US. I'm from Indonesia. I'm only an amateur debater.
Enjoy this debate ;)
Posted by Devonal 5 years ago
This comment only has appropriate context if the creator lives in America. If he/she does not, than I look forward to seeing this debate unfold. But if the creator does live in America, taking part in this debate is absolutely pointless.

In America, arranged marriages ARE legal. Actually, in some parts of the country it can be quite common. It is FORCED marriages that are illegal, not arranged, and yes there is a difference.

An arranged marriage is when "a marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple"

A forced marriage is "a marriage in which one or both of the parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will."

So if you are in America, then maybe you should have checked up on your facts a little better, if you are NOT in America, and arranged marriage is indeed illegal, have fun debating!
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