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Legalize all drugs

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Started: 9/9/2008 Category: Politics
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Two rules firstly.

1.Quote research
2.Don't use propoganda

Drugs should be legal, there is no moral or logical reason to make them illegal.

1.They can be taxed, more income that people would be happy to pay.
2.Many of them are harmless in the short term.
3.We've wasted more money on the war on drugs than we would have simply TREATING addicts and ignoring casual users.
4.Most of these drugs are only psychologically addictive (Weed, Shrooms, etc) and are no more dangerous than chocolate.
5.There is actually little conclusive evidence supporting many of the claims made by anti-drug persons. My own father claimed marijuana causes testicular cancer (when most research has actually shown is cures cancer, or prevents it)
6.By taking the illegality away we would destroy the underground drug markets, all of the drug related deaths around the world would CEASE to exist because drug cartels no longer have power since clean industrial production would be created.

I'm not saying let's give needles to every 12 year old. I'm saying educate them about the REAL risks. Educate them on the long term affects. Make it impartial.

When americans turn 18 they can...

join the army.
drive a car.
own a gun.
drink (at 21)
buy cigarettes (which are worse than most drugs most doctors would agree)
use a prostitute. (where legal)
buy explosives
buy fire works
and do all other kinds of things...

many of these things are MORE dangerous than most drugs and can kill you quicker!

yet we don't trust ourselves with some recreational drugs.

I invite anyone to disprove me. But when it comes down to it, what people do with their bodies is NO ONE's BUSINESS. I'm not defending meth heads, but I'm following along the principle of personal liberty.


If we were to legalize all drug it would be chaos. A lot of people would OD and died, and just imagine the legalizing of crack. If we legalized all drugs anyone could get pain killers from the pharmacy and get messed up and do something they would regret. the legalizing of all drug is the worst idea in the whole thought process of anybody alive. A lot of people know what the symptoms of drug use are. The children that have to see and be around them think they have to do them to to fit in. This is wrong and this is why we have a control on them and making them illegal if they are a bad drug. we are teaching the children that are younger to use drugs. They would use them because they look up to use. We should not legalize all drugs because of the affect on society and the people and children in it.
Debate Round No. 1


I want to establish a few premises.

You can't stop people from using something you can make out of plant material and OTC medicine. It's unrealistic to expect it.

The government has no right to tell me what to do with my body.

Most drugs don't make you act as erratically as you make it out to be.

Also, "get messed up and do something they regret" There are plenty of LEGAL drugs that do that...such as...alcohol? There can't be a double standard and this argument is officially debunked.

Now then...

"A lot of people would OD and die" Actually not...Marijuana, Shrooms, and the other soft drugs, it's hard to OD on them...

Next....let's examine WHY people OD. Heroin addicts die because they think the purity of their heroin is lower than it may actually be, and then they use more than they need. Thus they die.

Kids don't do drugs because older people do drugs, kids do drugs because they are fun. For the last 60 years we have been telling them to not do drugs. News flash IT HAS NOT WORKED.

Yes there are ramifications to letting our society have drugs, but let's look at the drug war...

Hundreds of billions of dollars wasted
Millions of non-violent offenders being put into over crowded jails
drugs are now cheaper and more availible than has ever been ever in history.

Instead of making drugs illegal...why don't we regulate them....and educate our populace about the real facts of drugs.


bunnysaregood forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent gave up...I don't need to say I?


children learn from looking up to the adults on how to do stuff. so lets say you are sitting in your living room shooting up, your kid walks in and what to you do. they have seen it now and later in life when they can get it they will more then likely start using and become an addict. I stand my ground that all drugs should not be legalized because of the effects of some. take for instance meth. it is like taking acid and swolling it or taking a lighter and burning the underside of your nose. it is a nasty and horrible drug that kills quicker ten any. also cocaine is extremely addictive and it burns around the bottom of your nose. if we legalized drugs crime will go higher then it is now and the world will generally go to hell. I stand behind that drugs should not be legalized due to the dangers and the death rate.
Debate Round No. 3


Harboggles forfeited this round.


to legalize all drugs would be the end of life as we know it. it would put a lot of creeps back on the streets. crime rates will go up to probly 4 times what they are now. the reason we have a law against them is to keep the citizens safe. most accident either vehicular or not are caused by drug related things. also the reason that we have laws against drugs is because it cause people to do goofy and dangerous things. PCP or angel dust cause you to get butt naked and climb to high heights. meth makes you smell like cat pee and will make you look like crap in the end. cocaine makes you tweak a lot and can make you do something without anything being remembered. drugs cause people do do certain thing that is a threat to society. so I end this debate with drugs being all legalized would jeopardize the safety of all people and other thing around the person doing them. I think they should not be legalized at all unless for a medical reason like pot is.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Derek.Gunn 9 years ago
I've got to say, it's a bloody scary idea.
Particularly when confronted with the effects of methamphetimines.
There has been broad and (I believe) impartial education here in NZ.
On TV, on radio in schools... and there are still cases of kids being given "ice" around schools.
Everyone case seems to describe it as "instantly addictive".
And the lab busts and precursor intercepts keep getting bigger:

I can only think it would resemble a scene in a zombie movie, except the zombies are addicts and there is no quick easy happy ending.
Posted by amoller 9 years ago
All bunnysaregood arguments are the same ones the Prohibitionists argument were for making alcohol illegal. Stats proved them very wrong. Alcohol abuse was much more rampant during Prohibition than at any other time in American history. It was the direct cause of the rise of a good portion of organized crime too.
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Reasons for voting decision: CONDUCT: Both were lacking... ARGUMENT: Pro's case relied on the statement "most" a little too often, when he was wishing the change to be for all. Thus BOP failed.