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Legalize marijuana

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Started: 3/4/2014 Category: Politics
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Thought you might want to debate someone that will put up a fight! Restate your argument in a way that explains the benefits of prohibition!


Thank you for hosting this debate and I am glad to have taken this challenge. There are a plethora of reasons to keep marijuana illegal; not only does it take money away from quality people that deserve the money, but it also makes smoking marijuana safer.

First off, we need to understand that, if marijuana were to be illegal, the government would tax it; you can see examples of this through alcohol and tobacco industries - there would be nothing stopping the government from commandeering the marijuana "industry". Let's take this information and start to draw some negatives from it.

If the government were to start taxing marijuana, we can also assume that they would produce it, as well - the reason for this is that, they would want to control the market over the freelance dealers that they would be getting the /most/ profit for the /least/ quality. So, you can expect that the farmer being paid to grow the crop doesn't know what they're doing, how to do it, or the more appropriate way to grow the plant. ...and the reason that people would still pay for their low quality marijuana is convenience, variety, and social aspects.

It's convenient because there would be marijuana shops around the nation; it would be easily accessible, easier to procure than getting it from a freelance dealer, and it would also save people a lot more time. It's variety would be the part to rake in all the customers; there would be so many blends, flavors, and sizes that it would be silly to go to a freelance dealer that has less than half of the items they have at the smoke shop. Finally, it's social aspects would include going to a smoke shop because you can and because you want to impress your friends - which would actually happen more than you would think.

With this being said, you would have a health risk on your hands, right off the bat. The farmer that is being paid to do this obviously doesn't have a passion for producing marijuana and they also don't have a passion for selling it, innovating it, and making it healthy. I mean, look at the way they treat are food just for a bit of extra money - genetically modified and probably not 100% food.

After your health risk, you also have your marijuana being taxed. So, that dime bag that you used to get from your freelance dealer for $10 is now $15.99 + tax. This is giving money to the government and taking money away from the individuals that truly need it - the freelance dealers. Not to mention, this is money that will be circulated throughout the nation - this is the money that the people need because America, in no doubt, it very close to having a second Depression.

Moving away from the negatives, let's focus on the positives of keeping it illegal. Going back to the freelance dealer; this is someone that obviously has a passion for marijuana. They could have chosen any other path in life, however, they chose to produce marijuana and give it to the community. Sure, they get profit for it, but I can assure you that there's more to that passion that just income.

With dealers, you dedication to quality and quantity. They're probably in their grow op trying to experiment with different combinations to get the greatest marijuana possible; even if this is the minority of dealers (which doesn't seem to be so), you can still expect the weed to be a lot safer than having the government take it over.

I think that the massive money circulation, safety and health benefits, and positive influence on jobs outweighs whatever positives there may be to having it legal. If you really want to debunk some of the reasons that people want it legal:

"I want marijuana legal because 1.64 million people are arrested for drug charges and most of them were based on a small amount of marijuana in their pocket."

You can decriminalize something while illegal. You could simply decriminalize the act of carrying around marijuana or smoking it in your house or other private areas. This will keep people from going to jail (for something totally silly, I might add) and would still allow for the circulation of money among the people.

"I want marijuana legal because it would yield billions of dollars annually."

While this is true, it's also very askew. The amount of yield that would come from legalizing marijuana, itself, would be $8.7 billion annually, whereas the legalization of other drugs would yield a good $38 billion. If the government really wanted money, they could start producing things in hemp and legalize all "hard" drugs (i.e. Meth, Cocaine, Heroin), this also includes prostitution.

Marijuana gives too much to the people to legalize it. If it were legal: it would be unhealthy, unsanitary, a loss of money from the people, and an incredible amount of dealers would be kicked out of their business with nothing else to do. All-in-all, the legalization of marijuana shouldn't happen if people wish to reap the rewards of it being illegal and being dealt freelance.
Debate Round No. 1


You use many hypothetical scenarios to postulate the outcome of ending prohibition! I think you are forgetting several issues that are born from "the war on drugs"! This is a list of my concerns!

1. We could use the tax revenue to fund the education of marijuana. Also to fund Obama care! lol
2. The government spends money it does not have to enforce the futile attempt at ending the trafficking of marijuana!
3. Money that could be taxed and used to help our country get out of debt instead is used to fund other illegal activities!
4. Access would be more controlled so you would not have to buy from someone who might sell other drugs!
5. It could be a reasonable alternative to alcohol!
6. Lift the stigma and allow medical marijuana be easily accessed!
7.We live in America. Where freedom to self destruct is protected by the constitution!
8. Criminal records! You mention decriminalizing which would be a step in the right direction!
9. We should be able to grow our own! There would be a great increase in everything that takes to grow (lights, seeds,fans)
10. This is a free market society! Marijuana should be treated like alcohol! Sold by competing companies!

It seems that many of the issues you present can be headed off with proper planning! The problem is that people are so divided and many vote against it because of the dogma that surrounds such an innocuous plant! I'm anarchist/ liberalism! I don't believe that I even need a government or laws! I am happy to live my life without breaking my own code of ethics. So it is hard for me to be a part of such an immature solution to try and control everything! So the only ground I can give you is that as a country we are still children that need mommy and daddy to protect us and tell us what to do!


1. You think the tax revenue that is earned by legalizing marijuana would be put forth in the education of marijuana? Absolutely not. Even if that were the case, marijuana would not yield that much of a return to even warrant education around the nation for marijuana. If you're going to get the most out of your tax revenue, tax the harder drugs/prostitution - bigger yield, bigger profit.

2. Actually, the government spends more money trying to end the trafficking of harder drugs. There's not much war against marijuana itself, as it's more aimed towards the stupider drugs (i.e. heroin, meth, et cetera). Most of the things you hear about people being arrested for selling marijuana is on the dealer's fault - people need to stop being stupid with how they dish out marijuana.

3. I'm not sure what you mean here; regardless, tax the harder drugs/prostitution.

4. Access would be more controlled, but far more dangerous. Take our food, for example: the government pumps so much of inedible material into our food so that it can yield the biggest profit for the least amount of supplies. You really think the government would stop there? The government would halfass the production of marijuana and would make it incredibly dangerous. Plus, you have to realize who's buying the drugs and where they're buying them from.

In this specific situation, the people that smoke weed are teenagers (15-21). They're probably scoring it from their local High School pot dealer who doesn't have access to harder drugs or is too high out of his mind to even consider going to other drugs. There's little danger and high profit for people who sell marijuana, especially if they're doing it well. No need for other, even harder, drugs.

5. You're right, it's an alternative to alcohol, but will this chop down the consumption of alcohol? By very little and, even then, you're still driving under-the-influence. I'm all for smoking marijuana and doing with it what you want, but you shouldn't be behind the wheel under /any/ substance. Alcohol's main destructive cause is car accidents, therefore I don't find marijuana to be a safer alternative in that specific situation.

6. Medical marijuana is accessed easily if you have the proper credentials.

7. I agree - however, breaking that rule is a capital idea in this scenario. There are far too many benefits from keeping it illegal - decriminalization, however, would compromise between our two differing opinions. It would allow people to get off with smoking and having a good experience, but would also keep the money to the people.

8. Decriminalize it and there wouldn't be any criminal records.

9. I agree, but you can buy all those materials at the store without them being illegal. You can also grow them in your house without any cops snooping around. It's honestly not that hard, at all, to grow and sell marijuana without being caught - just don't be an idiot about it.

10. I don't think you're understanding the point I'm trying to make - this would make it unhealthy and completely irresponsible. Allowing the government to come in, traipse around an already healthier marijuana community, would just turn the quality marijuana you get from a passionate grower into something that is laced with tar and other addictive substances to keep you buying more.

I'm an anarchist, as well, I'm glad to see that we share similar views on something. However, I think you should realize, as an anarchist, that there are certain things that belong to the people - this money being one of them. There are many, many positives to keeping it illegal and this can stem from safety to money circulation. Legalizing it would just cause it to be corrupt and plagued - surely you know how the corrupt our government is.

Do you really trust the government to have an upstanding reputation with the sales on marijuana?
Debate Round No. 2


This brings us to: Why I am anarchist!

I am tired of people thinking they can control everything! We all have different prerogatives and each want to pursue our own agenda's! That is why our country is so divided! We do not posses the ability to tolerate other opinions or leisure! We form groups to oppress these minorities! The entire system is designed with a shared illusion that it benefits us all! But that means we have forgotten the high price of the "freedoms" we cherish most! Our justice system operates on a rigid system that does not acknowledge circumstance or enlightenment! Our government is playing a dangerous game with all of us as merely a resource to perpetuate their carnival of banality! I want a complete restructuring that is relevant to the era we live! I want it to be re written by people like you and me! I want to live in a society that is free of demonizing and intolerance! I want to be a part of it and not just spectate while throwing my beer at the screen! Maybe then this would not all seem pointless! We could unify as one and work together as a team! Am I evolved or just too sensitive to the system that we all are victim to? This might seem arbitrary to this debate but you can see more where I am coming from... You want to know what I truly hate The Economy.. All of it (Jobs, money, mortgage, taxes, New Iphone every year..etc) The things I want to preserve are always in art form. Performance and entertainment seems to be the only benefit that comes from the madness we suffer today! You took this debate into a direction I have never seen before. But it still just illustrates how a$$ backwards everything is!

You keep bringing up how the government will take control and we will have no say in how we control it! This is primarily the issue! We have forgotten that America was built with this exact conflict in mind! We are the government! The people elected into office are suppose to be our puppets, not the other way around! We keep imagining how the government is afraid of what the people will do when they learn certain truths (or are given the right to grow in their house)! This is a significant problem. This disconnect between the people and its government! It is held together in a house of cards glued together by "foreign threats"! You know something! With how we roll.. we deserve to be terrorized! Not that I condone violence. I just know somehow my own ignorance and the illusion of my cozy secure life ,Has made me forget the blatant inequalities across the globe! Again this is all held together by fear of "other prerogatives"!

I know I took this in a whole new direction! But your opinion did change my approach because you do not argue out of pre conceived notions! Although you do hold to tight to your own predictions of ending prohibition! I thought it warranted a new debate! One that gets to the heart of our concern! You and I both know we can get marijuana with the governments permission! But this is not really why we are debating this! We both see how convoluted our entire system has become and how easily our elites can exploit it and us! Again I am fully aware that I am derailing this debate! Partly because I do not necessarily agree with you but I also have no evidence to deny your projections! So tell me what you think? Do you want me to continue a broad discussion about the real issues that we face as humans on planet earth! Or do you want to keep this dead horse debate going to appease the voters on this website? I am even willing to start a new debate and let you have this win if you do not want to continue this debate!

As far as this debate is concerned lets wait and see what happens with Washington and Colorado! Although if we are talking about medical marijuana! I believe it is worse than terrorism that some people are not allowed access to marijuana when they truly need it! I'm sure you can't argue the medicinal need for millions of Americans that are forced to take horrible drugs with terrifying side effects! Also Even if you like the guy who sells to you. You may not like where he got it from. Or where they got it from! (Unless your guy grows medical) If you live closer to northwest it is not much of a problem. But head closer to south east and you might be funding a human trafficking operation for all you know!


I agree with you, but in the current state of things (the government and the people), I still have to say that certain things should be kept illegal for benefits towards the people that are getting the short end of the stick. If you would have asked me back in 2011, I would have completely agreed that we should have marijuana legal, but the way the government has screwed the people has forcibly made my opinion change.

We live in a world that is run by the government, as unfortunate as that is, it's true. There's not much the people can do about it unless we hold a full-scale revolution, a revolution bigger than the one in Ukraine currently - this is a difficult feat, because unlike some other countries, our nation has been conditions, manufactured, and brain-washed to show that a government is necessary, safe, and a healthy attribute to a nation.

You have people on the right side, complaining. You have people on the left side, complaining. These people are too wrapped up in their own silly agendas, opinions, and logical fallacies that they're not focusing on how corrupt the government is. This is why we live in a nation where the government has complete reign over it's denizens - this is also why I believe that somethings should be illegal.

People need this money; people need to have something that the government cannot get it's hands on. This money is something that the government cannot get it's hands on. This is money for the people, the money that is desperately needed. I'm all for anarchy, believe me, I despise the government just as much as the next anarchist, but the people need money right now.

You want to call a revolution, so be it. Maybe after that revolution we can start keeping things legal; until then, we use prohibition to keep things safe and healthy.
Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Solomon_Orlando 4 years ago
I apologize, in the first line, I meant to put "not only does it give* quality people money"
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