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Lego Universe shouldn't go offline

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Started: 12/12/2011 Category: Entertainment
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Lego universe should stay online because
1. It is one of the only clean awesome games that can be played with friends online.
2. You can build anything you wont, and add behaviors to the things you build. For example making an air plane fly.
3. It teaches you to be creative.


Before I address my issues on why Lego Universe should be shut down, allow me to ask for clarification on a few of the statements you have displayed. As well as display my rebuttal to your points.

1. What do you mean when you say it is a "clean" game? Are you referring to its rating? Please clarify the statement. It is not one of the "only games that can be played with friends online" all MMO games are multiplayer therefore can be played with the accompany of friends.

2. There are many games and programs that allow you to build and craft anything you want. The removal of this game in particular will not have much effect on "creation" or "building" games, it will not destroy the genre of this type of game because there are many others like it. The only damage it will cause it to fans of the Lego series and the Lego company it self, more towards the fans of this game.

3. It does in no way teach you how to "be creative" humans are creative by nature. Look at all the inventions and displays humans have created. Better yet look at society at a creative standpoint. Lego Universe is only a program for people to display there creativity, based on the use of Lego. Referring back to my second point due to the large amount of other "building and crafting" games the loss of this game will only have an impact on Lego fans.

Now for my main reason why I think Lego Universe should go offline.

1. This success of this game is geared towards the fan base of Lego. The removal of this program is because of the fan basis. With the basis being so low the company (Lego) cannot acquire the revenue that they need to sustain the game and make profit. Therefore the best option would be to close down the game. To keep the game online would not be beneficial to the company. Ultimately having the company (Lego) loose profit and making them one step closer to selling the name and closing down. I am assuming that you are a Lego fan and I am certain that no Lego fan would want the downfall of the company.
Debate Round No. 1


I think a clean game would have no Cuss words, blood galore, and graphic pics. Also Lego makes lots of money off of selling toys and games. Do you have a list of the other games that you talked about before? I would like to see it.


1. Thank you for the clarification, I now understand that you are referring to the rating of the game. The point that the game is clean and should not be shut down for "being clean" is a minimal statement. There are hundreds of "clean" games out there with or without aspects of creation (I will further explain this in my third point). When we look at the reason that this game is being shut down is because the decrease in fans. When we look at it in a financial stand point, the game being "clean" or not makes no difference (for the reason of its closure). To some Lego fans viewing the game as being "clean" could be a bad thing. Allow me to create a scenario, some of the fans may want the violence, vulgarity, gore, to be present in Lego Universe, but with the absence of it, it may have caused some of the previous fans to stop playing, as well as shun away the players who would want that in a game. Now we are not here to argue about the types of players indulging in this game, I am just trying to display that the game being known as "clean" is not a valid reason to keep the game operational.

2. Yes Lego does make a large profit selling its toys and games. I do not understand why you would say such an odd statement in your defense. It is a slight contradiction, if anything it applies more towards my final point...You are talking about the revenue that Lego gains from selling its product. Lego Universe is (I say this loosely) a product. Now lets use some common sense here, if you were to sell a product and after a long period of time you noticed that fans began to loose interest in it and you began to loose profit, wouldn't you take the product off the market (In this case shut down the program)? Yes you would, and this is what Lego is doing, they found that there products profit is decreasing because of the fan basis so they have decided to shut down the game before they loose anymore money.

3. Yes I have a list but before I display my list I would like you to take in to consideration the real genera of this game. It is an MMO with the aspect of creation, If I were to create a list of games with the MMO genera I would be here all day, and since you are referring to the creation part of the game I will construct a basic list, based on the creation aspect. Roller Coaster Tycoon series, Spore series, Sims series, Little Big Planet series, Minecraft, Halo forge, Farcry2 map creation, Tony Hawk skate park creation, and Mod Nation Racers. This is only a few of them there are many more. Now as I said before the game is an MMO with the creation aspect now the games I listed all have the creation aspect to them as well.

My main argument still stands the game should go offline to further the "lifetime" of the Lego company.
Debate Round No. 2


I just went to the Lego message boards and found out that way over 59,000 play lego universe. I counted 59,000 and then stopped. With so many people lego must not be shutting down. They said that they were shutting down because of a lack of people. That doesn't look like they are lacking anything. Basically I'm done with the debate. You can count it as you win i don't care anymore because I now know that It won't go offline


1. Alright over 59,000 indulge in the game Lego Universe. Now how many of those accounts are presently active? We don't know that, and since Lego Universe is shutting down due to the loss of players we can assume that most of them are inactive. We can also assume that the amount of players had decreases drastically over the years.

2. We are talking about an MMO here. 59,000 players for a MMO is not a large number. Look at games such as World of Warcraft, Warhammer online, and Eve online. Some of those games have over 10 million players... 59,000 players isn't a large amount for an MMO. If anything Lego Universe probably had double the amount of players to begin with.

3. Lego has already announced the closure of Lego Universe to say otherwise is just a useless gesture. To you that may not seem like a lack of players, but to the company it is. Have you monitored the increase and decrease of active players who play Lego Universe? I didn't think so, only the company has. If the company has noticed a rapid and constant decrease in active players they will eventually result to terminating the program, before they loose anymore revenue.

4. Yes we are both done with the debate due to it being the final round. I wish not to address the ignorance that you've displayed with your last comment but I must, with the circumstances that are present with Lego Universe and the president of the company announcing its closure, (as well as offering one free month as a parting gift, and displaying that it will indeed close on the site) we can concur that Lego Universe will in fact go offline and shut down. This may be depressing and aggravating to the fans of Lego Universe but it is to only better the company. Non the less I enjoyed debating with you about this issue, and I want to thank you for the opportunity.
Debate Round No. 3
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