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Legos are better than video games!

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Started: 7/10/2016 Category: Games
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This is a little fun debate on whether or not I should spend more of my time in playing with Lego's or video games. I will try to make this good, and spend most of my effort in doing so! Thank you for debating me.

1) Saves money

When you play video games, most people go through it pretty quickly, as they get tired of it very soon. However, Lego's give you the ability to cherish what you have and don't lose the pieces since you have a set/fixed amount each time you buy a set. This will let parents save money, and over the years, the amount of Lego's will build up so you will have a variety to choose from. You can incorporate your previous bricks that you have bought and put it together with the newer pieces.


Thanks to my opponent for posting a fun debate - looking forward to it!

Opening Arguments

I would like to start out by addressing Pro's opening argument and then moving on to a few of my own.

Saving Money

Pro argues that Legos save money as opposed to video games due to reusability. However, Legos incur a very high start-up cost. As of 2014, "on average, one Lego piece costs 10.4 cents." (1) By contrast, using the Steam player average of around 75 hours and the initial release cost of $60 USD, Skyrim costs approximately $0.01 per minute. (2) Obviously this is a slight apples-to-oranges comparison, given that the items in question are different mediums. However, video games obviously come in at a very reasonable price point in comparison to Legos. Additionally, many players were able to purchase Skyrim at its current price of $19.99, or even at a discount of -75% off the current price ($4.99, putting the total value of Skyrim at around $0.06 per hour). (3) Skyrim, of course, is only one example. Fallout 3 averages over 100 hours (4), as does The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In addition to the initial low purchase cost of many games, massive amounts of extra content are produced for gamers at no extra charge in the form of mods. Currently, Nexus Mods hosts approximately 48,000 mods for Skyrim alone, many of which are additional quests, characters, and locations, massively expanding the world and replay value of Skyrim. Fallout 4 (released late 2015) has 12,600 mods already, while even the significantly less mod-friendly Witcher 3 has 1,400 mods. (5) This available extra content adds huge amounts of monetary and replay value to games. No such free additional content is available for Legos.

Building Content

Pro may argue that Legos provide for a "sandbox" building experience in which the player is limited only by his or her imagination. However, many video games can provide the same experience, some to an even greater extent. Minecraft is essentially a digital version of Legos. It contains brick-like blocks that can be added in any configuration to build all sorts of structures and artworks. With both a survival mode to add a gameplay element and a sandbox creative mode to allow unlimited building with all block types and mobs, Minecraft provides limitless opportunities for building and innovating. In addition, Minecraft's redstone mechanic allows for more complicated builds with moving parts, circuits, and other fun projects.

Video Games Build Mental Skills

According to a 2015 Business Insider article, "Studies suggest that mainstream games like 'Call of Duty' may improve our cognitive abilities." (6)

Due to short round times, I will continue my arguments in the next round. I look forward to hearing from my opponent.


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Thank you for understanding, will be back soon when the thing works!
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