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Lelouch Vi Britannia of Code geass is dead

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Started: 10/1/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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FIrst round is acceptance from Con, to go against the statement that Lelouch Vi Britannia is dead at the end of Code geass.


First i am glad that Brian123456 has posted this challenge. To begin I do not agree that i must accept that Lelouch Vi Britannia is dead at the end of Code Geass because that is not what the resolution states. The resolution says "Lelouch Vi Britannia of Code Geass is dead", and it does not say anything about the ending of the anime. So following the resolution the statement is an absolute saying that Lelouch is dead the entire time.I ask my opponent to accept the terms of the resolution itself not "his" interpretation of it. thank you
Debate Round No. 1


I accept con's terms.

FIrst, I am glad that Con tried to find a loophole into this debate, however, I can still breeze through this debate with ease.


With accepting con's term of Lelouch be dead the whole entire time, I want con to accept the term of dead as:
Dead: A state of death in reality.

(Assuming Con does accept)

FIrstly, At the beginning of Code geass R1, Lelouch accidentally gets himself in trouble with terrorists (rebels) and eventually finds himself running away from the Britannian Royal guards. However when in the scene where Lelouch gets caught due to his phone; C2 saves Lelouch's life. Then Lelouch gets geass from C2. After that event, several episodes later, when Cornelia invades the ghetto, C2 tries to stop Lelouch from counter-invading Cornelia by pointing a gun at Lelouch, threatening to shoot Lelouch, but Lelouch replies by saying that he was dead already, that he was living a fake life, because C2 saved him and gave him Geass.

I don't really know the specific episode but I believe it's episode 6-9 between the two episodes, one of them contain the reference I am talking about.


I thank the Pro for there arguments and thought that was put into this debate

To begin i do not accept death as a state of mind like my opponent is saying the term dead means no longer alive meaning the body no longer functions and is at a permanent end.

Secondly if i were to follow my opponents definition of death as a state of mind. The quote my opponent refers to is actually used in the context of Lelouch feeling dead in the with his boring life at the start of the anime and that C2 gave him his life back meaning his mind was no longer in a dead state so through the entire anime he was still not absolutely dead but only "dead" in one instance.
Debate Round No. 2


I believe I specifically implied that, if I accepted Con's side of the argument, Con had to accept my condition.

So, I will not accept con's condition, if he does not accept mine.


If you accept my conditions or not it is none of my concern. The fact is that you cannot change the meaning of something to fit your situation and arguments better what any judge or voter of this round needs to know is that death has a meaning and that is a body that has met a permanent end .

And not only did i successfully reject my opponent's conditions i also addressed them as if they were justified which they are not.
Debate Round No. 3


Then I do not accept Con's condition, therefore leaving the topic of this argument,
"Lelouch is dead at the end of Code geass" as you can see on my first post I specifically said that, since Con accepted this argument and assuming that read my 1st post then, it should be a mere fact that Lelouch died at the end of Code geass.


Your original topic was quote "Lelouch Vi Britannia of Code Geass is dead." no where in that topic does it say "at the end of Code Geass" ergo i am only required by the topic to give at least one example in which Lelouch Vi Britannia is alive to win this debate. That example can be every episode of R1 and R2 excluding the last episode, and that is why i win this debate. i thank my opponent for a fun debate over an anime i thoroughly enjoy
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: I did not find Con's attempt at a semantical argument compelling. He seems to concede that Lelouch is dead in the final episodes, wanting instead to argue that Lelouch "is" alive, and giving the case that for the majority of the anime Lelouch "is" alive. Unfortunately, not only is such a semantical case frankly dishonest, it also doesn't actually address the motion--based on Con's arguments, it can be said that Lelouch is alive--and that Lelouch is dead, depending on the episode. Since Con seems to concede that Lelouch "is" dead in the final episode, the resolution is affirmed. Con, semantical gambits are very dangerous--you have to really have your ducks in a row. I was tempted to award conduct, too, but I'm a bit on the fence about it. Arguments, at least, to Pro, for Con's concession in the final round (he excludes the final episode, by implication granting that in the final episode Lelouch "is" dead, thus affirming the resolution). As always, happy to clarify this RFD.