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Lelouch vi Britannia would win against Eren Jaeger in a fight.

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Started: 6/21/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass) vs Eren Jaegar (Attack on Titan)

This fight will be as if they never met before, so they do not know about the other sides strengths or weaknesses.

If Eren Jaegar can use his Titan form then Lelouch can use his Knightmare.

Round 1-Acceptance
Round 2-Initial Arguments
Round 3-More Arguments and Rebuttals
Round 4-No Arguments, Finals Rebuttals, Conclusion

Use sources!

This is my first debate, so sorry if I make any mistakes or errors.


I have accepted your debate. Lelouch shall fall to the Titans!
Debate Round No. 1


To start off I will address Lelouch's skills.


Lelouch's Geass allows him to command anyone to do anything upon direct eye contact. It can be reflected as it is an optical ability.. His Geass has an approximately effective range of 270 meters. The subject also does not have memories about before, during, or after the power is used.


Lelouch is highly intelligent, calm, and sophisticated. He has high charisma. When in battle he is cold and tactical, not caring about the deaths of any soldier or civilian.

==His pistol==

Lelouch, has a pistol that he carries around with him. The guns of Code Geass are different from guns in real life as they use electromagnetism instead of gun powder. Pistols are usually seen with a laser attachment.

Now, Eren.


He is hardheaded, passionate, and compulsive.

==Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear==

Handgrips , Piston-shot grapple-hooks, Gas powered mechanism, Iron Wire Propeller with Plug in Blades.

===Eren (Human) vs Lelouch/Zero (No Knightmare)===

Eren's compulsive nature would cause him to jump right into battle while Lelouch would be more cautious and wait back. As Eren's weapons require a close range Lelouch can both use his pistol or use his Geass before Eren could get close to him. In this fight they would not know each others strengths or weaknesses so Eren would not know about Lelouch's Geass, causing him not to be on his guard for that. Since Eren would not know about the Geass he would be vulnerable to it while charging at Lelouch, where Lelouch would only need to command Eren to die and the fight would be over.

==Lelouch's Knightmare Frame, the Shinkiro.==

It can turn into a jet or a submarine to travel in the air or under water. It contains the Absolute Defense System, the strongest shield in the world. It has 2 wrist mounted Hadron Canons, which is similar to a particle canon. It has a Chest-mounted Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon. It contains 2 Slash Harkens in the knees.

==Eren as Titan==

15 meters tall. He is well proportioned and seems more physically fit than the typical Titan.

===Titan form vs Knightmare Frame===

Based off of the battle between Eren and the female Titan ( we can tell that Eren is not strong enough to break through the Female Titan's hardening ability. Based off of this we can draw the conclusion that he would not be able to get through the Shinkiro's Absolute Defense System. We can also see that the Shinkiro's weaponry is devastating ( Shinkiro can also fly, meaning that it can stay out of the range of Eren. With Lelouch not caring about the lives of anyone he could easily use the Shinkiro to kill Eren as a Titan, not even caring much about the damage he causes. Eren would have to find a way past the Shinkiro's defense in order to do anything to Lelouch. This would end with Lelouch in victory.


==Geass Counter==

Lelouch's Geass can be countered by a simple pair of sunglasses. Assuming neither knows of the other's abilities, Eren likely wouldn't notice this. The more competent people he travels with (Levi, Misaka, etc) would easily notice such a thing. Given the information on his powers, Hange Zo" would easily be able to come up with a counter measure for Eren to use. Also! Eren in titan form can avoid direct eye contact all together, as he is simply controlling a giant puppet. Lelouch's Geass with requires direct eye contact can be disrupted by simple sunglasses (Note: Mao) as well as Eren's titan form.

== Personality Counter==

Lelouch cares deeply for his sister. All Eren would have to do is exploit this weakness. Once again, Eren travels with very skilled soldiers. These soldiers could easily track, and survey Lelouch's actions in a drawn out war. Such tracking would eventually lead them to Nunally, Lelouch's greatest weakness. Lelouch is also a fairly weak strategist. His most notable victories can be accounted to Brittania's blatant idiocy. They kept sending a pilot with a prior history of failure to carry out the same mission, never informed their soldier's of the enemies abilities, and allowed their underage nobility to manage major military operations. The tacticians on Erens side could easily out wit him, and their soldier's spirit can best the Black Knights.

==His Pistol==

Nullified by the Titan ability's damage threshold.


-Eren is almost always followed by a trained group of soldiers, while Lelouch has no protection outside of a single ninja at school.

-Eren can draw upon a greater number of allies. Along with the military of the Walls, Eren could also request the aid of Lelouch's enemies, Britannia.

-Eren is in better physical shape. He also has better training. If the fight came down to a close quarter's fight, Eren would win.

-Lelouch's shield's weaknesses according to the Wiki:

"The Absolute Defense system has four known weakness.

The Absolute Defense system must be turned off for weapons systems to be used.
A high intellect is required to calculate the optimal positioning of the shields.
Continual pressure from high-yield weaponry (like continuous point-blank exposure to the Mordred's Stark Hadron Cannon) will severely deplete energy reserves, and drastically decreasing the strength of the Absolute Defense System's shielding.
An attack of high enough force over a small area (as shown by a salvaged half of the Excalibur) overwhelm the shielding at the point of contact, sapping the efficiency and effectiveness of the shield, which will lead to a structural collapse of the shield."

Eren would simply have to continuously punch Lelouch or wait for his shield's batteries to run out.

-Eren has an almost Wolverine healing level. No matter what Lelouch does, Eren would still have enough time to regenerate. ( In the clip, he grows a new set of teeth after having them all kicked out.

-Eren's team handles large and overwhelming enemies on a daily basis. (
Debate Round No. 2


=="Geass Counter"==

Mao did not use sunglasses as glass does not stop the Geass power, as Lelouch explained in the video I provided, Mao turned his headset so the top was covering his eyes. You can see that clearly in this picture.

Also, Eren does not normally wear sunglasses, so it would not be expected for him to have any. Another point is that Eren's Titan form is him controlling a Titan that has a will of its own (as you can see when he first transforms to move the large rock and goes berserk). Lelouch might not be able to use his Geass on Eren, but he can on the Titan.

=="Personality Counter"==

Lelouch does care deeply for his sister, but can it be expected that Eren could find this out? Also, at the end of R2 Lelouch prioritized the Zero Requiem over his sister, showing that he does have the ability to put his sister second. Also, Lelouch's strategies were not very weak when you consider him fighting his brother Schneizel or when he was taking over the world every step of the way.

You are now also making this an Army vs Army battle, in which I then have access to the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. ( which alone would desimate the entire army you would have access to (

=="His Pistol"==

It is only nullified while Eren is in Titan form, but if he is a human he is exposed.


-Towards the end of R2 he was hardly ever at school, and even when he was he had Rolo as protection. Rolo's Geass would allow him to assassinate every single one of your soldiers ( as Rolo's Geass allows him to change the perception of time, meaning that to you time is stopped.

-Brittania's philosophy of the strong survive and the weak die would make it extremely unlikely that they would help Eren in this situation, especially when Brittania's king has no interest in wars.

-If Eren would end up in close quarters he would almost certainly be put under Geass, stopped by C.C., stopped by Kalen, or (if this is Lelouch as Emperor, negating the Brittania as an enemy point and just exchanging the Guren for the Lancelot Albion [] which is shown right after in the video) Suzaku would protect him. Suzaku is a trained soldier, very fit, and the Geass put on him with the order to live makes him a devastating opponent.

-Eren would not have time enough to bash on the shields as Eren cannot fly. Lelouch would easily be able to fly up and get out of range of Eren and use his Hadron Canon or his Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon.

-Even though Eren can regenerate he is not immortal. As a Titan they simply need to attack the back of the neck and as a human they simply need to kill him. Using the Hadron Canon against the Titan would easily do this.

-Eren might have access to an army that deals with many enemies, but they are all exposed. Eren is the only one with a Titan form. The Guren (or Lancelot) at the 9th generation could kill every single soldier in Eren's army without any problem.


==Lelouch's Intelligence==

-Mount Fuji:
- Not how he kills his men and the enemies. Something a competent general would never do.
- Mt. Fuji is quite active recently, and sits on three tectonic plates.
-The damage done by an eruption of Fuji would have killed him... and every civilian below the mountain's path is sure to have been killed.
-The force required to cause an explosion of Fuji would have to be at least of earthquake level. Lelouch would have had to activate a detonation with the force of a nuclear bomb. Said bombs have the nasty habit of giving of EMP conditons
-He should have crippled his entire Army and the enemies.
== Lelouch as Emperor==
-If you want to pull this card, he has most of the world gunning for him at this point.
-If needed, it would not be hard to get a few of his enemies together to organize an attack against him. I,E, what Lelouch did to Britannia.
-If said thing were to happen, the E.U. would surely be able to craft another Damocles and stockpile warheads.
-With motivation, Australia could even be swayed (a neutral country).
-If using this time period, Lelouch has nothing beyond his Nightmare and Britannia's military.
-With the Nightmares of the Black knights, Australia, and the E.U., Lelouch would have quite the fight on his hands.
-Rolo is also dead
==Lelouch vs. Eren==
-If turned into an Army vs. Army fight, the Colossal Titan, Female Titan and the Armoured Titan would also come into play. They would most certainly attack the larger human stronghold, as their goal is to wipe out humanity.
-If the fight happened home turf, the Wall Military would simply have to evacuate to the massive underground section of the city. Due to the knightmare's sizes, they would be subjected to the same weakness a Titan would face.
-Given the facts of this battle, it can be assumed Lelouch know's Eren's abilities. I would expect the same vise versa.
-Rallied against Lelouch, the Black Knights (Know about Geass) would merely have to opt to share information with their allies.
-Due to Lelouch's tendency to lead key battles himself, he would likely try to attack them on their home turf. The E.U.'s more diverse and agile Knightmares ( would make short work of Lelouch in closed spaces.
-Lelouch's forces would also have to deal with an unknown enemy. The Titans. While the Wall Military's allies can brief them on the Knightmares, no one aside from the Wall and it's allies would know about the Titans and their variants.
Debate Round No. 3


lifemeansevolutionisgood forfeited this round.


I feel I covered this very well. Und minus Pro's forfeiture in this round, he handled himself well. As I have proven, Lelouch would lose to Eren; due to his own narcissism, and idiocy.
Debate Round No. 4
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Cie1_Phantomhive 2 years ago
Would just like to rebut your arguments in round 3, u claim that sacrificing his men to take out the enemy is something a competent general would not do. I would like to bring out the definition of competent (having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successful)(source by Google). Lelouch demonstrated the ability to be detached from his emotions and was willing to sacrifice his army to gain a tactical advantage. In a regular firefight, lelouch"s army could have lost more men than enemy compared to when he sacrificed his troops, this is actually proof of his competency.
-btw, current armies have emp shielding technology that is quite common, and in the future, it is not surprising to see that most, if not all military tech has shielding and would be unaffected.(
Posted by Natsu_Dragneel 3 years ago
This was a nice read.
You both thought of everything!
Just a thought, what if this war ended with both sides weakened enough for the titans to overrun humanity and win their quest to eradicate humanity!
Basically, this could end up being a much larger and more advanced "Peloponnesian War"
Posted by critht 3 years ago

You should do a debate with this guy. Lol
Posted by YamaVonKarma 3 years ago
No need for that. I'm not quite as pompous as many others here. I do wonder why none of the others in the comments took you up though.
Posted by lifemeansevolutionisgood 3 years ago
Thank you for accepting this debate, I hope you have fun.
Posted by toughenough 3 years ago
We can never know who is more motivated in the fight.
Posted by lifemeansevolutionisgood 3 years ago
True, so when it is Lelouch vs Eren it is Lelouch trying to use Geass while also not being physically adept vs physically adept trying to kill. If Eren goes Titan Lelouch would go into his Knightmare and a different type of fight would start.
Posted by ScrinTech 3 years ago
That's true but it still doesn't matter, If Lelouch takes control of Eren its game over and the end of that fight.
Posted by lifemeansevolutionisgood 3 years ago
Not true, Lelouch needs direct eye contact. If Eren is in Titan form he would not be making direct eye contact with Eren, who has control over the titan. Lelouch could use the geass while Eren is not using his titan power, but that is it.
Posted by ScrinTech 3 years ago
Kinda hard to say, but since Lelouch could just take control of Eren (via Geass) he could just make Eren kill himself as he did with so many other people, even the Titan form of Eren would be completely and thoroughly screwed. Since that's said Lelouch could just kill him with one look in the eyes, but then again Lelouch being dead and all... well, I think I've stated what I've needed to.
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Reasons for voting decision: I haven't watched whatever this weird show is, but I was able to analyze much of it. Pro was much more compelling that an overall greater intelligence combined with physical strength outweighs con's abilities and powers. Con relied a lot on hypothetical weaknesses, which pro stated weren't definitively known. Overall, even with the forfeit (If you argued another round, you may of convinced me), I am going to give Pro arguments, while awarding con conduct. Normally I don't score sources, and I wont here as well, but con, seriously, use sources.
Vote Placed by lannan13 3 years ago
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