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Less Gun control

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Started: 4/21/2013 Category: Politics
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I believe that all weapons should not have any more control than they already have. Now you may think that all people that share my beliefs want everyone to have a gun. That's not true. I believe that people with no criminal record should have the right to protect their homes and families. People with mental disabilities and criminals should not have them. They are the ones causing mass shootings and us to live on fear. 2 blocks from my house a man took bath salts and left his 2 year old kid. His neighbor helped him fix his computer beforehand and he went crazy. He then went to his neighbors house and burned down their front door and back door. He waited outside with a gun. Luckily he got impatient and left while his neighbors family escaped. But before he shot ten rounds into the air. I went and got my gun and was ready. Ready to protect myself, my family, and my community. The police show up after the crime is done but the law abiding citizens of this country are armed and ready to fight crime everywhere. We're not just rednecks shootin' up trespassers. We are going to protect America from any dangers, especially ourselves.


First of all, the man that lives 2 blocks away from you would most probably not have a gun if there were tighter gun controls, and therefore not going off on a 'massacre'. Secondly, what do you classify as being criminal and disabled? In seems every person that commits any form of shooting in America is a criminal and is at the very least mentally disabled. The fact is that in America there is a lack of faith in Law enforcement and their capacbilities, but by all means gives no right for every tom, dick and Harry to have an assault rifle and shotgun.

Plus, if every that is committing these so called massacres is either a criminal or is disabled, how do you explain the 6 year old that shot his four year old friend a couple of weeks ago? If it was a one-off incident, yes you could blame a 'lack of parental responsibilty'. I believe the American government, through its foreign wars, has created such a police state whereby fear is on the back of every citizens mind. However, this blame must also be shared with such a lenient gun policy.

You would think that Weapons would be smuggled from a third world country like Mexico into a well-developed country like America. However, it is estimated by W.O.L.A. that over the past 3 years, 70% of the weapons seized are smuggled from America.

Why is it that you need a gun to defend yourself?
For e.g.: You wouldn't need a gun if someone was being rascist and you needed a gun to protect yourself from rascism.
The only reason anyone would need a gun under the facade of protection is because someone else has a gun. Why does that other person have a gun? Because another person has a gun? And why does the latter person have a gun, because another has a gun.............

The cycle needs to be broken. Citizens need to take the first step to greater and wider peace by putting greater faith in tighter gun laws and law enforcement.

I udnerstand what your coming from regarding self-defence, but you must understand that if everybody had that reason, every single citizen would be armed in defence of the next armed person. If most of these people did not fear the next person with a gun, they wouldn't have a gun, and this is where the government must step in.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok. FYI, that man I live by that you seem to know all about had a hunting rifle. Plus his record was clean so what law of yours wouldn't prevent a law abiding man from getting a hunting rifle. And that six year old had no intention of killing his friend and I'm sure he is scarred for life because of it. But yes that was lack of parental responsibility. And about your whole "70% of guns from third world countries", in Mexico, it is illegal to have a gun. So tell me, how are the police doing there? How good of a job are they preventing murders? And an individual like yourself might blame it on the drug war, but the truth is, people can't protect themselves. They can't defend themselves and families from the people with guns. And if 70% come from there, then do you think that if guns were outlawed or not available for purchase that it would really stop the criminals from getting them. Then you would go all BP on us and say "Whoops. Sorry." Well then welcome to Mexico amigo, because that's what it would be like. And why would you need to defend yourself from "racism"? You need to get your evidence correct and fast. And I'm sure everyone wants your vision of peace. I mean who doesn't? But what about the people that have no intention of that and have the outlawed guns. I too understand your point but I'm saying that it won't work like that. They could never get all the guns from the good citizens of this country, and especially the bad ones.


I understand what you are saying, but you missed my point. Like I said, I don't blame the citizens for having guns, I blame the government. However, let me ask you this, what future do you see for America? Do you believe that by defending yourself, all the "bad guys" are going to be killed with the guns of all the 'good guys'?

The point that I was trying to make is that the cycle needs to be broken. Yes, I am with you, that those criminals would still fimd some illegal way to weaponise. Plus the issue here is gun "Control", I am not for the complete abolition of guns. But if you like at the facts in 'the guardian', the US has the highest gun rate ownership in the world. It is stated that the US is home to roughly 35-50% of the world civilian-owned guns. An average of 88 per 100 people. Enough to weaponised all of Nato's armed forces over 5 times. Is this a society that what you want? Let's say it is alright for people to own A gun. Man, be honest to yourself, civilians are becoming collectors now, not owners. Out of this rate, over 50% admit to owning more than one gun, and 5% of these say they have created a haven for weapons at the home with 30-40 pieces.

Its become a necessary household item, just like food. It is amazing how so many civilians are armed, and when one of them commits a crime, he becomes a criminal straight away. They forget that this criminal was a civilian just like all those other baffoons calling for loosening gun control. What is to say that none of them will have a brain snap?

Now think about it for a second. If the majority of civilians did not own weapons, law enforcement can act to differentiate between civilians and criminals. We hear everyday that somebody has had some sort of 'mental impairment' and gone on a killing spree. Let's take the guns away, so those people may or may not become mentally impaired won't start killing people.

As you said, trust in the law enforcement is critical, and you are right that this is lacking in America. I am not arguing that gun control should just be acted upon tomorrow and then stripping everyone of guns. I am saying that the future and prosperity of America and the maintenance of human existence depends on a process whereby gun control is easily tightened and to minimise the impact of criminal and 'mentally impaired' idiots which will eventually allow civilians to build rapports with law enforcement.

Somebody must bite the ice and take the first step, and it seems that civilians need to do this. Or, this will remain a society whereby people are known for constantly looking over their shoulder.......
Debate Round No. 2


The future of America in my mind is far different than yours as every two different views would be. I view America as a happier place. Not an America where the "good guys" can't defend themselves and the criminals have all of the weapons. How would taking away the rights of people with guns help end gun violence. 96% to 99% of people that commit murders with guns are people that were let out of prison and jail with early release, plead bargains, and bails. It's 1% of the time that some whack job who had a clean sleight and shot a person. The police show up after the crime is done. They don't magically appear when a bullet is shot.
Americans shoot someone 2.5 million times in self defense per year. Which is about 6850 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. Hows that for your statistics.
I'm wondering, do you want less murders by guns? Well of course you do, who doesn't? (Except the criminals) Well we have that. If you would read a map about concealed carry areas, you would find what you're looking for. Areas with stricter gun laws have more gun violence. Areas with less gun control have less gun violence. Which do you want? More or less violence. Choose one.
And your right, anyone could have a brain snap at any point, but would you like the police to return fire and kill that person after he has killed 36 people, or would you like a concealed carry American patriot stop the threat before he kills anyone. I'll tell you, I live about 10 miles away from the Aurora movie theater and go there commonly. If I or anyone else with a concealed carry permit had been in there, they would have neutralized the threat before all those people got killed. And you might say, "oh well what if that concealed carry guy went crazy?" Then another one would neutralize that person. Not every person with a gun is going to go crazy, but we're ready for whoever does.
Now think about this. If the criminals knew that there was a big handful of concealed permit carrying people, do you think that they would think that they could get out of their crazy moment with living. Creating a presence of protection from concealed carry licenses would stop criminals motivation to commit these horrible crimes.
If an intruder came into your house and you got a hold of the police that were 10 minutes away, what would you rather do? Hide under your bed, or fight back.
The government needs to trust citizens and not be afraid of them. We're ready to collaborate with police and protect our homes, our community, and our country.


Your argument right is the reason why so much violence is occurring.

  1. 'I view America as a happy place'. Let me ask you something, citizens have had the freewill to buy guns for decades now, and at what time in that period has 'America' been a 'happy place'? The problem is that you keep using the gun as a rhetoric and a protector. Your minded is so fixated on this ideology that weapons and guns have become a household item, equal enought to food and drink. It has becoome a widely inevitable and acceptable norm. The society that comes with guns is a society whereby people are living in a state of fear, looking over their shoulder. YOUR PROBLEM is that your perspective is very short term oriented. You keep stating facts and scenarios that are occuring. However, by saying that gun control is taking guns from 'good people', your forgetting the fact that it is gun 'control', and not abolition. The fact that it is a 'control' is to serve the purpose of maintaining restrictions on who can buy guns and enhancing licensing requirements. Over the long term, a society the way you imagine it, with every good 'American patriot' is going to lead to the abolition of any sense of humanity in America, with everyone holding guns, and not being able to differentiate between good and bad guys. INSTEAD OF THINKING HOW ARE WE GOING TO MINIMISE THE DEATH TALLY, WHY DON'T WE GO TO THE COMMON SIMILARITY BETWEEN ALL OF THESE DEATHS, WHICH ARE GUNS.
  2. It is the '1% Whackjobs': According to the FBI statistics, 14% of homicides and murder are carried out by strangers, and 15% of homicides are carried out by family members. This is a testament to the fact that your statistics are false, that 99% of murders are committed by people who have been let out of prison. Firstly, even if this is true, theny why do we need guns to protect ourselves from this. Why don't we try and lobby or make sure that these people that are leaving prison are monitored or are kept on preventative detention. Secondly, 15% of killings are made by family members, so again, how do we differentiate between these people? I understand that there is an increasing worry over gang-related deaths, but this is where the citizen must try and put faith in law enforcement. Again I repeat, the cycle of violence must be stopped, and it is the citizens who must take the first dignified step in order to ensure a safer environment for future generations.
  3. By saying that 'criminals have all the weapons', that is a false statement in its own rights. In fact, criminals do not have more weapons than citizens, it is rather the same, with an estimation that median household has more than 2 guns.
As I have said, the ideology that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun is an ideology borne on killling the human race. I believe that gun control should be first directed at breaking the chain amongst criminals receiving weapons, but this causation must also be broken amongst citizens.

I leave you with my last comment. Your future view of America is no different than it is now, as you do no wish for tighter gun laws. Are you happy with the state the America is now?
Debate Round No. 3
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