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Let's Rap/Rhyme

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Started: 6/19/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I can't think of a debate, but I feel like participating in one. So Lets rap.


How do you want to start this?
Debate Round No. 1


my name is gedet on
my ryhmes'll leave you stiff in your towns morgue

but lets not be so gruesome, lets stay on track
how in the heck am i going to configure this attack

well first off, guy im sorry for you
if I lived in your town, id be crying too

but lets digress and be a little more mature
your job is to shovel cow manure?

thats it im done, im leaving for the door
i hope your ready son because you're done for

i am so bad


So, You may not be ready for the master flow,
but I'm sorry kid but I have this master flow
I don't want to be mean so let me say this quick you just can't mess with another white kid
You may think your smart with all your rhymes but just listen,
if you've got the time you may learning something from this after all
I'm TheDaedricMaster I'm new to this debate thing and I'm sorry if you can't win this battle but don't worry you'll have another chance to gain the respect that you neva had, just keep tryin and you got the hang of it and we will see who has the best rhymes, oops it seems my time is up so let me get out of here, but I'll be back soon so please don't frown,
but in 14 hours this debate will be ova and we will see who's the best.
Debate Round No. 2


at first i was worried

but now it ain't so
I had this battle won straight from the get go

now I understand if you cower away
It'd be just like another check on a pay day

But hey, if thats not your game, im here to retort
just know that you're in the kings court

you're the jester
im the corporate investor

you're doing good at making me laugh
but get out before I call the security staff

cause this is my debate and were through
now I think its about time that you withdrew



As I climb these skyscrapers of your own rhymes,
let me give you a reality check, lets me some of your real rhymes,
cause I'm the Donald trump of rhymes, even before this war was started you were already fired, now lets see you retort it
cause this is, this ain't no place for your sketchy words
you may be gedet and this may be your debate, but I'm the master so lets debate
I've got a 401(k), what's you got that little cardboard box
cause I'm like Nationwide I ain't on your side, Now lets hurry this up quick it cause your bedtime
Now let the grownups rhymes.
Debate Round No. 3


Listen, you're living in a fantasy world
it's as his whole mind has been viciously whirled

For I am Dr. Gedet of sanatorium
As I am your doctor, please refrain from the opium

It is bad for your mind as clearly displayed here
Now do us all a favor and please disapear

I've prescribed you some drugs, to make your mind clear
Please, open wide you've got nothing to fear

These will take away your delusional fantasies
Now please stop reading Donald Trump Biographies

Now do you want to be put in solitary confinement?
Or should we go ahead with the mind realignment?

You know theres drugs that will make you a normal human being
And will stop you from the world you appear to be seeing

Which is filled with delusions, we both know that
Now please, stop beating yourself with a baseball bat.



Your a doctor yeah right,
You just cut that PHD out of a cereal box and don't worry kid for I will prescribe you the right drugs,
because we all want to live in a fantasy world, where there's no drugs or war so give it a whirl, these drugs you perscribin are just the problem that the world doesn't need, now sit back and I'll get you some sweet herbal tea,
and what about living in a fantasy world, cause your the one that started this rap/debate so does that mean you want to be a rapper someday, well sorry kid that ain't gonna happen, cause your rhymes are more vile than vipers venom now please just keep sucking on that lemon while I finish up giving you this lesson, because while you've been popping pills and dealing drugs I've been with the cops just searching for you thugs,
now while after I've locked you up for drug possession take a minute and look back at your life and where you've fallen and couldn't get up but that's just the thing you always need someone to help you I bet these aren't even your own rhymes you have someone helping you and still they suck now let me get out of here before I finish you off.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by som1udntno 6 years ago
Lets just agree to not report anyone who swears and/or uses racial slurs.
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