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Let's have a rap battle

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Started: 2/7/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm coming back from a challenging debate so let's have a rap battle.
We can use information from each others profiles
If you have no information on your profile(big issues, sports teams, books, interests etc.) do not accept this battle.
You can go as harsh and raw as possible, but try not to get this debate removed.7

If you want to debate give us a taste of what you can do. A few line rap, insult, whatever.

Alright squonk round two, let's go. You can start.


I came here to wreck a ho
My rhymes are impeccable
You think you can diss me?
but I'm un-disrespectable

This ain't even a battle
I slap you back to Seattle.
& if you looking for beef,
I cut you up like some cattle

We debated, you lost
You got rolled up & tossed
Left your a$$ in the dust
Choking on my exhaust...

"EdgeOfTheInfinite" you'ze an infinite b!tch
I got infinite rhymes; you suck infinite d!ck
Now I know that you a dyke, and I'm OK with that sh!t...
But if I took out my penis, you'd go in for a lick
Debate Round No. 1


Alright squonk, you want a battle?
Bring it on
I'm gonna give you a lesson on brain over brawn
Cause you seem to think with your dick instead of the thing between your ears
It's surprising we're separated by 8 years

I mean I'd expect your disses by an autistic 8 year old
Going on about how I "just got told"
Maybe I'll slap you from Seattle to your redneck town
Let you fck your sister before I come around

Don't be taking bout you infinite d!ck
Boy, your balls haven't even dropped yet
Just two dots and a stick
It ain't even your fault
That your sister's your mom
Preaching bout how we need to ban Islam
But leave the debating to the people who can count to three
I don't even need to fck ya mother
You're doing it for me.


You rhyme without rhythm, precision or style
Took enough time? You were given a while...

It’s been like, 3 days. This is all that you got?
Well get on your knees. You can suck my “two dots.”

You’re losing again and I’m choosing to win.
I’ll c0ck-slap your face ’til I’m bruising your skin.

& Call me autistic? Your rhymes are simplistic.
15-year-old dyke, you must like getting fisted.

I think with my d!ck...Yep! I think that it’s thick.
You think like your head just got hit with a brick.

I bet you’re a fat-a$$. You might be a whale.
That’s why you will never get f*cked by a male.

I’m clearly the victor. Don’t even respond!
Don’t f*ck with the big fish; get out of the pond.

Debate Round No. 2


You'z a weak @ss guppy swimming in my ocean
If you're such a "big fish" you just got a demotion
Cause you're in my part of the sea
And I'm the king of this b!tch
Everybody stand back
Let me wreck this dip sh!t

You c0ck slapped my face?
Man, I didn't feel it
So god damn small
didn't even see that sh!t

But I bet your pretty @sshole be prime bait for my boys
Leave you fcked up on the ground
Unable to make a noise

But see I'm 15
Got my whole life in front of me
'Nough time to fck your b!tch
And drive off in my Ferrari

Cause Imma finish high school
Get a good job
You might get lucky and be a soccer mom
You are literally the posters they hang in school
"Don't be like this guy, he's just a b!tch @ss fool"

So here's my order waiter
End the pain now
Just drink the bottle of bleach
And take your final bow.


You don’t have a Ferrari.
Let’s get real here.
I read all of your verses;
there’s no appeal here.

How do you plan to f*ck my b!tch
when I don’t even have one?
To f*ck a b!tch, you need a d!ck
and as a b!tch you have none.

You probably have a swollen vadge
that’s riddled with disease.
The only virgin in the world
with all the STDs.

You say “I’m suicidal!"
…You attention-seeking goof.
Well if you’re suicidal,
Please jump off a f***ing roof!

I seriously mean it.
I’m not saying it to diss you.
If you killed yourself, you know,
you have no friends who’d miss you.

You plan to finish high school,
but you’ll probably fail math.
You should pop some crazy pills
and take a f***ing bath.

Go cut yourself and maybe
read a book on “How to Rhyme
Next time, try to think
before you write another line.

‘Cuz everything you say
is coming off as kinda corny.
That sh!t you said about my @sshole
made me kinda horny.
Debate Round No. 3


OHHHHH, looks like I'm victorious. Good battle.

Everything I said was in fun.
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
17 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by 22angry2k 1 year ago
@squonk won this rap battle with the final piece in round 4
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 1 year ago
10)I was anorexic for like a day and then I got hungry
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 1 year ago
6)Possibly mentally ill
7)Suicidal, but don't worry about triggering me or nothing
9)Not many friends
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 1 year ago

1)I'm a virgin
2)I'm a nerd
3)I'm not good at math
4)I might be autistic
5)I'm a compulsive liar
Posted by squonk 1 year ago
Here's some ammunition for you in the next round. All this $hit is'd be funny if you can use some of it against me:

1) I live with my parents.
2) I'm 5 months sober, but I used to be an alcoholic / smoke crack & crystal meth.
3) I don't have a car.
4) I dropped out of high school.
5) I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
6) I'm a waiter at a breakfast restaurant.
7) I don't have a girlfriend.
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 1 year ago
Don't matter.
Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
If you disagree with my opinion on who won, maybe you should rap battle me. I disagreed with you, so what? That shouldn't of disqualified me from this rap battle.
Posted by squonk 1 year ago
Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously, please. I may threaten to kill you in this rap battle. Repeatedly. I'm not serious. It's just for fun.
Posted by squonk 1 year ago
Last time we debated, your b!tch a$$ got schooled
I called you a nerd. You just sat there and drooled
Go cry somewhere else, you fat pu$$y whore
And on your way out, could you please shut the door
You claim to be Female, you must be a dyke
I'll shoot you in the f*cking face and steal your bike.
Posted by EdgeOfTheInfinite 1 year ago
Not you. You're okay. The other guy. He voted for my opponent my other debate in which my opponent acted like an idiot calling me a nerd.
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