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Letter Writing has truly become obsolete.

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Started: 1/4/2015 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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How often do you sit down to write a letter? Not very often. Email is a faster, more efficient way to get messages from one place to another. People no longer use writing letters to send messages... Mainly because email saves time and energy. Walter E. Kowtoniuk, a graduate student at Harvard said, "Why would anyone write a letter? It simply takes too long. You have to write it, print it, find an envelope and stamp, get to the mail drop and then wait for a response." Email is instantly delivered. The same thing applies to tenting and making phone calls. Even when writing an email or text message, you have spell check to correct you so there is no worry about making a mistake. So why bother to waste time and dwell in a lost art?


Obsolete:no longer in use or no longer useful

Standing Out
In this day and age, technical communication is much more prevalent among the world than "snail mail". Therefore, more messages are being sent via technology which makes getting your message to the recipient much more difficult. To make my point I will use an example. If one was to try to communicate with Matthew Santoro( via twitter, it would be lost in the sea of other tweets sent to him. However, if one was to send a letter to Matthew Santoro, he is more likely to read it as it stands out. Infact, he has a segment in which he reads and responds to every letter and package sent to him ( . If one was to send him a letter, it would have been read and responded to while a tweet would not have. He seldom responds on his twitter page(
Final Remark
Letters are not obsolete as they have at least one current use.

Debate Round No. 1


Conveniecne is the key
What you say is true. However, most people are not writing to popular youtubers on a daily basis. Further, maybe instead of a tweet, someone could easily send a text. The example you used does not apply to the average person. True, writing a letter to someone does really stand out. However, most people need a reply as soon as possible. People in the 21st century are looking for convenience, and "snail mail" does not meet the standards. People find texting to be easily done.
Just because something stands out does not mean it is still present in today's society.


You're now arguing that technical communications are more efficient for communication than letters. I urge you to look at the title YOU chose for this debate. You chose the words "truly" "obsolete". I then argued that there is at least one use for it, therefore disproving the statement "Letter Writing has truly become obsolete." Please don't disregard this as semantics. Truly obsolete and inefficient are different. I believed both you and I were debating obsoleteness which is why I wrote the arguments I did.


"However, most people are not writing to popular youtubers on a daily basis."
"Just because something stands out does not mean it is still present in today's society."
This doesn't just apply to celebrities. Texts are infamous for harboring poor spelling and shortened versions of words. This propensity to write poorly in text messages, has many taking the text for its absolute surface value. The function of letters is not just to communicate but to communicate meaningfully.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by sherlockholmesfan2798 2 years ago
I really do apologize for the lack of depth in my argument. However, in my defense, I found the 1000 character limit very restraining. In fact, I only had 4 characters remaining when I turned in my argument. I will abstain from going in to debates with small character limits in the future. I ask for your forgiveness and to keep this in mind when voting.
Thank you.
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