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Liam Neeson currently outdoes Chuck Norris on a "Bad A**" Scale

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Started: 1/24/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello, I'm looking forward to a great debate & I can't wait to see what my opponent has to say. To begin I will simply add in my main reasons. (This is a just-for-fun debate of course).

1. Chuck Norris is getting too old & overrated.

For as long as I can remember I have always seemed to hear a Chuck Norris joke at least 3-5 times a week. This has been going on for years & years. I personally think the Chuck jokes have simply gotten too old & I feel like we need a "New Chuck Norris". I feel Liam is the perfect fit.

2. Liam Neeson has played more "Bad A**" roles on television (I will only name movies from 1990 to today)

A. Danny Scoular in The Big Man

B. Peyton Westlake in Darkman

C. Rob Roy in Rob Roy

D. Michael Collins in Michael Collins

E. Jean Valjean in Les Mis"rables

F. Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace

G. Charlie Mayo in Gun Shy

H. Vasili Arkhipov in K-19: The Widowmaker

I. "Priest" Vallon in Gangs of New York

J. Henri Ducard/Ra's al Ghul in Batman Movies

K. Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia

L. Carver in Seraphim Falls

M. Bryan Mills in Taken

N. Zeus in Clash of the Titans

M. John "Hannibal" Smith in The A-Team

O. Damon Pennington in The Next Three Days

P. Dr. Martin Harris in Unkown

Q. John Ottway in The Grey

R. Admiral Shane in Battleship

That's 18 movies that I personally would consider Liam to be playing "Bad A**" characters...

Like I said, I'm looking forward to a great debate & I can't wait to see what my opponent has to say...


"Chuck Norris is getting too old & overrated."

I would like to counter this with saying that I believe Liam Neeson is not only getting too old (he is age 60 and nearing retirement but also overrated considering that it was nearly impossible for me not to see blasted on a billboard anywhere "Taken 2" when it was the craze and in fact virtually all his movies, and he himself has head-over-heels fans making sites such as this all over the internet.

"Liam Neeson has played more "Bad A**" roles on television (I will only name movies from 1990 to today)"

A Bada$$ scale is a measure of quality, not quantity. An unfortunately, other than Star Wars and Batman Liam Neeson's movies has rather pathetic, artificial fighting compared to the brutal martial-art fuelled action films of Chuck Norris.

Let me name all of Chuck Norris' movies one by one.

2012 The Expendables 2

2005 The Cutter
John Shepherd

2005 Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (TV movie)
Capt. Ranger Cordell Walker

2003 Bells of Innocence

2002 The President's Man: A Line in the Sand (TV movie)
Joshua McCord

1993-2001 Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series)

Cordell Walker

– The Final Showdown: Part 1 (2001) … Cordell Walker

– The Final Showdown: Part 2 (2001) … Cordell Walker

– Blood Diamonds (2001) … Cordell Walker

– Reel Rangers (2001) … Cordell Walker

– Unsafe Speed (2001) … Cordell Walker

2000 The President's Man (TV movie)
Joshua McCord

2000 Martial Law (TV series)

Cordell Walker

– Honor Among Strangers (2000) … Cordell Walker

1999 Sons of Thunder (TV series)

Cordell Walker

– Thunder by Your Side (1999) … Cordell Walker

– Lost & Found (1999) … Cordell Walker

– Fighting Back (1999) … Cordell Walker

– Moment of Truth (1999) … Cordell Walker

1998 Logan's War: Bound by Honor (TV movie)

Jake Fallon

1996 Forest Warrior


1995 Top Dog

Jake Wilder

1994 Hellbound

Frank Shatter

1994 Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion

Ranger Cordell Walker

1993 Wind in the Wire (TV movie)

1992 Sidekicks

Chuck Norris

1991 The Hitman


1990 Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

Col. Scott McCoy

1988 Hero and the Terror

Danny O'Brien

1988 Braddock: Missing in Action III

Col. James Braddock

1986 Firewalker

Max Donigan

1986 The Delta Force

Maj. Scott McCoy

1985 Invasion USA

Matt Hunter

1985 Code of Silence

Eddie Cusack

1985 Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

Colonel James Braddock

1984 Missing in Action

Col. James Braddock

1983 Lone Wolf McQuade

J.J. McQuade

1982 Forced Vengeance

Josh Randall

1982 Silent Rage

Sheriff Dan Stevens

1981 An Eye for an Eye

Sean Kane

1980 The Octagon

Scott James

1979A Force of One

Matt Logan

1978Black Tigers

John T. Booker

1977Breaker! Breaker!

John David 'J.D.' Dawes

1974Slaughter in San Francisco

Chuck Slaughter / Chuck Norris

1973The Student Teachers

Karate Instructor

1972Way of the Dragon


1968The Wrecking Crew

Man in the House of 7 Joys (uncredited)

My contentions are as follows:

1. Norris follows his own fighting style while Neeson does nothing more than mimic pre-made CIA styled ones, overused in virtually all modern day secret-agent action movies.

Norris created the martial art Chun Kuk Do, which is based primarily on Tang Soo Do and includes elements from every combat style he knows. Like many other martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by. These rules are from Chuck Norris's personal code. They are:

I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways.

I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements.

I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family.

I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile.

If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing.

I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.

I will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness.

I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times.

I will always remain loyal to my God, my country, family and my friends.

I will remain highly goal-oriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country and myself.

Like most traditional martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes the practice of forms (or kata). The majority of the system’s forms are taken from Shotokan, but also includes 1 organization form, and three weapons forms from Isshin Ryu.

Pyong An Cho Dan

Pyong An Yi Dan

Pyong An San Dan

Pyong An O Dan

Heian Godan

Bassai Dai

Kanku Dai


Tokumine-No-Kun(Bo kata)

Urashi Bo(Bo kata)

Shishi-No-Kun-No-Dai(Advanced bo kata for 3rd degree black belt)

UFAF Form 1(part 1, required for red belt)

UFAF Form 1(part 2, required for black belt)

2. The role that Chuck Norris, consistently plays, is that of an inventive crazy man amongst hugely trained martial artists whilst Neeson merely plays a highly trained assassin against many inexperienced fighting newbies.

In basically every single Neeson movie he is almost always an extremely highly trained assassin of some kind who always, for some reason, fights newbies. It's not even in Taken, where this is most blatantly obvious, but in Star Wars (where his defeat is by pure luck of Darth Maul's blade with him, during the whole movie only fighting idiotic droids) but also in Batman, whereby he just happens to be the most highly recognised, feared and well-off fighter of all the villains of Batman Ra's al-Ghul who, for the vast majority of the movie was only fighting amateurs.

On the other hand, Chuck Norris in every single one of his movies has been an EXTREMELY out manned, outnumbered or outgunned fighter who gets through by his pure hard-core bada$$ spirit.

3. In all of Chuck Norris' movies the only person to genuinely beat him off was the highest ranked Kung Fu martial artist/actor of all time. Liam Neeson, in both Star Wars and Batman is fought off by a less-ranked fighter.

Debate Round No. 1


Parksterthejenkins forfeited this round.


Aww don't pull a Neeson on me...
Debate Round No. 2


Parksterthejenkins forfeited this round.


Chuck Norris doesn't lose debates, he lets you beat him or actually tries.

You just got tried on.
Debate Round No. 3
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