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Liberals and conservatives should meet in the center to create a public option for healthcare.

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Politics
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I believe healthcare is a right, but should not offer free healthcare to rich people. I thoughgt progressives hated corporate welfare.


Health care is not a right. Health care is a service. The rhetoric involved in the campaign for the "right of health care" attempts to camouflage the morals and ethics of diverting financial liability of those who can't afford the service to those who can. Furthermore, the presumption that health care is a right presupposes that there's an a priori entitlement to either of two things: (1) the labor of physicians, nurses, and other health care workers, or (2) in the absence of contract or transaction, the money and/or other assets of others. If health care was in fact a right, does that not allow labor and resources to be exploited even by force? And how does one resolve the moral/ethical issue in imposing this right by forcibly including dissenters?
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