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Life has no meaning.

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Started: 4/25/2012 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm of the opinion that life... meaning humans, wildlife, the Earth and perhaps even the entire universe has no specific meaning and is all just here because of some fluke of nature. Not a miracle, but just coincidence.

My opponent will disagree and hopefully argue that we are all here for some special purpose.


I would LOVE to debate with you. This is my first debate and I am really excited, before I begin I would like to say that in the end I would hope that we will turn out still liking each other. This is just something I like to do in my free time and in typical debates people tend to hate each other and I don't want to turn out like that. I respect your religious views, etc. but I still wouldn't mind trying to change someones mind about things. Now back to the debate.

First you stated that humans, wildlife the Earth and perhaps the entire universe has no specific meaning and is all here because of some fluke of nature. I guess I'll start with your first part of your statement and work my way down to the end of it. That means I will start off with the 'humans' part of your statement.

All humans have a purpose in life, whether it be making the Earth a better place to live in (Bill Gates shows us this with his technology and so does the owner of LG) or simply by keeping the human race alive (reproduction). This means everyone will have a purpose since everyone has to reproduce, so that our reproduction could turn out to be another Abraham Lincoln or Bill Gates so that they can change the world. We are also here to take care of our Earth, this means basic things such as; keeping the plants alive (farmers), making new houses for people (builders) or even taking care of the Earth wildlife (VET). Everyone has a solid purpose for their lives and these special, unique, abilities given to them (farmers, builders, VETs) so that they can do well is proof. We all live by our occupations and by doing that we help the lifespan of Earth expand.

Just like humans the wildlife has an important role for the Earth. They all contribute together in the background that us humans tend to miss that keep the Earth spinning. Although mechanized vehicles have replace animal power in industrial cities, animal power is still the primary source of mechanical energy for agriculture in Asia, as well as much of Africa and Latin America, according to a report issued by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. This means that billions of people are still dependant on draft animals for food or to make a living. Today, there are about 78 million Asian buffaloes in the workforce throughout the world. Animals have been helping us since the Bible days and before. They also have that animal cycle thing where an animal dies, the ants come in and such and such (I don't know much about the cycle). So yes, even the ants have a purpose on this Earth, if there were no ants then this world would have dead animals everywhere that stay on the ground for a longer duration. If you say that another animal would simply come and eat the dead body replacing the ants existence would prove my point more because that animal is doing the ants job. Everything that lives on or has lived on has a purpose on this planet and without one of these wildlife species then this planet would struggle to survive.

Earth and universe has no specific meaning:
This was a difficult one to answer since I don't know the specific meaning to Earths and the universes purpose. The only thing I could think of for Earth was because its the home to the living beings and plants. Earth is the only planet with a Sun just warm enough for plants, just warm enough for humans and just warm enough for animals. If not the Earth is in a perfect position for the existence of the Arctic and Antarctica for cold animals such as the polar bear. Earth is the only planet with oxygen and the change of weathers for everything living on it to live. I'm not sure what the purpose of the universe is but I'm sure there is and without it we would be lost. Actually now that I think of it the universe holds the Sun, and other planets. Without the universe, there would nothing to hold the Sun in its place and nothing to hold the Earth, everything would just keep constantly fall into nothing.

The Earth was a fluke and so was the universe:
I want to give you some facts that might change your mind, facts that are impossible to occur by chance, these facts you are sure to know already but people tend to forget about these things and take life for granted and saying this is all here by chance. Did you know the sun sits at a perfect place so that its warm enough for us to live? Any closer we would burn, if it were further away we would freeze (not frozen solid, but we would not be able to live in the circumstances, even if we did have jackets and technology we have today the vegetables we will try to grow will not because of lack of sun)? We all need to sleep, am I right? Why is it that the Earth spins in the right time that we would be tired into a dark place for our comfort and that we may sleep easier? For so many years, the Earth has been spinning so that we may sleep, without sleep we wont be able to work, no work means nothing will get done and if nothing will get done then the Earth will rot and we will die off because it is a fact that we die from sleep deprivation faster than hunger. Speaking of hunger, we all know we need a mouth for food, am I right? Then that's exactly what we have for food. We have a mouth, a stomach and everything else inside of us to help that food breakdown. How do we consume? With teeth and guess what? We are provided with teeth and also a tongue, not only to communicate with others but to move the food around in our mouths. Try eating without using your tongue, it would be hard to break the food down. We have bones to prevent us from falling like some slab of meat, we have muscles to move our body, we have veins to keep hold our blood and we have a heart to pump that blood. Even our insides have a purpose. We even have an immune system to prevent us from dieing from a simple cold. We have fingers to pick up our food, hold an object, etc. We have a penis to mate with a female so that we may reproduce and testicles to hold in the sperm needed for reproduction. We need water and Earth is the only planet with water and oxygen with it. Everything I am telling you now is not even close to all the evidence that we are here from chance. I am sorry but everything above just can't be by chance, there just HAS to be something up there that created everything and everyone with a plan as well. Nothing can just explode into everything and make humans with everything needed to live, animals needed to live, a sun for plants to grow and water for the plants to grow.

I respect your view on things but just can't understand how chance can do that.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting. I too, hope the debate will remain friendly. So, I'd like to highlight a few of the points you made .

You seem to be under the impression that the Earth was "created" in order for human life to exist. But it's actually the other way around - humans are only here today because of the way the Earth works. The Earth would continue to function as it does, whether or not humans lived on it. Why are humans always so selfish as to assume that everything is about them? I've never believed in God, or a creator, or a "master plan", but isn't it just possible that we are a mistake?

Also, humans are not "taking care of the Earth", as you said. We are destroying the rainforests and woodland areas so we can make paper. We are hunting many species into extinction so we can eat and use their bodies for decoration. And most damaging of all, we are causing Global Warming by burning fossil fuels so we can power our cars, planes and factories.

You spoke about how we are here to reproduce. The population of the world is already over 7 billion and growing fast. Think how many people are dying from starvation. Is it really beneficial to add to the problem? What about wars and terrorism? Is this our true calling?

As for your points about the Earth and the Universe, you have to consider just how big the Universe really is. We are just so small and insignificant that nothing we could ever do could really matter.

Your point about the Sun and the Earth being held in place are also wrong. Science has proven that the Universe in expanding at the rate of billions of miles every day, so we are in a sense, falling into nothing. It's only due to the Sun's gravitational pull that the planets in out Solar System are kept in their order.

You talk about how Earth is the only planet with water. Well actually, several of the Moons that orbit Saturn and Jupiter have been found to contain ice. It's not so hard to imagine that within the trillions of other galaxies out there, there must be another planets that also contain water, or are even similar to our own. We are not unique or special at all.

Your final argument about how we have teeth and stomachs etc.. doesn't mean we have a reason for living. These things are purely adaptations humans have made over millions of years of evolution in order to best survive the environment we live in. Imagine if humans didn't need to eat food... would we still have teeth?

Add into this the fact that the Earth is destined to be destroyed in a few billion years by the death of the Sun and it's proof that any action performed is temporary. The only way anything we do could possibly matter is if we do eventually make contact with an alien race and pass out knowledge on to them. But, considering how far away it's possible for these other races to be, it's highly unlikely this will ever occur.

I, like everyone else, would like to believe we are here for a reason, but no evidence has yet been found that convinces me.


liavaa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm sorry to see that my opponent has forfeited her turn to argue, so in the name of fairness, I too will refrain from making an argument. I will instead simply quote Wikipedia...

"Life or human existence has no real meaning or purpose because human existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose."

I think that this quote hits the nail on the head.


liavaa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Again, I'm sorry to see that my opponent has forfeited the round.

As this is my last round, I will simply urge voters to notice the evidence and logical arguments that I have given to prove that life has no meaning.

I wish my opponent good luck, thank you.


liavaa forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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