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Life is filled with purpose.

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Started: 1/4/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Pro will have to provide something that, in the wide view of things... and stuff... timey-wimey... whatnot, has purpose. First round is acceptance.

Purpose: meaningful for all of time, never to be considered obsolete or unneeded. An influence that will last until the end of time, defined by whatever world-view you deem appropriate.

Thank you, and good luck!

Assuming you want to succeed. Which you very well may not. In which case, very poor luck to you!


If Christianity is true, and by looking at your profile it would seem that you think so, then all of life is filled with purpose. If the Christian God really does exist, and He created us for a purpose, (Which if he hadn't, he wouldn't have sent His son Jesus to die for us), then it follows that our life does indeed have purpose.

1. If the Christian God exists, then ours lives have a purpose
2. The Christian God does exist.
3. Therefore our lives have a purpose.
Debate Round No. 1


Darn. See, I was hoping no one would bring religion into the picture. Alas, you clever boy, you found the chink in my armor.
Be this as it may, I will do my best to turn this train around.

I must admit that your use of syllogism had me worried for a moment. However, upon further research, I realized that syllogism is only useful given that the two givens are true. Loads of people believe the second given is false, but seeing as We agree on this matter, I direct your attention to the first claim. What evidence do you have that you are instilled with a purpose? If you are so sure about the whole purpose thing, may I ask you what your purpose is? Could I go so far as to ask you what my purpose is?

Also, while if your idea is true I would be filled with purpose, what do you have to say about the world as a whole? How is my faith going to benefit the masses for all of time. If I have purpose but fail to pass this purpose onward, what is the point?

Plus, we should consider the very real possibility that Christianity will be forgotten in the great expanse of time. While this is hopefully not the case, one must consider every possibility. At least 20 religions have gone "extinct," meaning we have no writings about it and no one believes it any more. While Christianity is the truth, it is entirely possible that it will be forgotten, especially in the time of immense skepticism.

I therefore propose that even Christianity and faith, while beneficial to the believer, does not have a lasting impact and cannot therefore be considered entirely "purposeful."


We needn't know our precise purpose, in order to be confident that we have one. But if the bible is true, we can be confident that we were created for a purpose; To know and glorify God. How we will go about doing this will depend upon our vocation.

If we fail our purpose, this doesn't mean that we didn't have a purpose. In fact, in order for us to be able to fail our purpose, we would have to have a purpose in the first place!!

While many religions have certainly died out in the past, or gone "extinct", it would seem improbable that this would happen to Christianity in this day and age, where basically everything is recorded down online or on paper. Christianity has had such a colossal impact on history, art and culture, that it would be virtually impossible to disappear entirely. Also, the sheer number of believers in Christianity would make it further improbable for it to die out.
Debate Round No. 2


Darn. I've got nothing. You win. I concede. Go buy yourself a trophy, you clever boy.
Debate Round No. 3


Now, shall we talk about cheese? Or those fancy express nachos that they now sell at some Sams Clubs around the country?


Wait, what do you mean by fancy express nachos. I WANT ME SOME!!!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sunfire315 2 years ago
Meaning what, aether?
Posted by aethers66 2 years ago
Im with you :)
Posted by the_banjo_sender 2 years ago
Playing devil's advocate here.
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