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Life would be horrible without government

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Started: 6/17/2013 Category: Politics
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Without government life would be horrible for one there would be:
1. Choas
2. Murderers walking free without law
3. There would be no freedom'
4. Civilization would fall down
5. There would be no order
6. People would be doing anything and everything
7. A lot of panic would be created
8. No one would be safe


I'm a bit of a libertarian, so I think that this will be a fun debate! Ok, Pro did not specify who would have the BoP, so I'm assuming that it is shared. Pro stated that 8 things would happen if there were no government, and although I agree with some of them, I do not agree with all of them.

Ok, since there are so many different types of government in the world, I'm going to assume that Pro is talking about the average government, a corrupt, third-world government. (free governments like the USA's or really any first world country's government come far and few in between, and the majority of governments around the world are corrupt)

I will be addressing Pro's arguments one by one-
1. Chaos. (by the way Pro, I'm pretty sure you spelled chaos wrong) Anyway, I know what you are all thinking of a world without government, (stores being looted, people being murdered etc.) but we are assuming (Pro's not saying that life would be horrible if the government fell apart, she's saying life would be horrible without any government at all, ANYWHERE, so that derails a lot of our society today, and the only way that could be possible is if there were no government to begin with) that there was never any government to begin with. Assuming that, life would be very simple. Humans would not have progressed as much as have, there would be no ruling classes to harness the power of slave labor to build the pyramids, to sow and harvest acres of fields, the population would be tiny, since people would not have banded together to pave over acres of forests and inhabit miles of harsh mountain land. You can't do any of that stuff without a lot of people, and a lot of people don't work well together without a leader and a set of rules (a government) so life would be simple. Individual families would probably be living miles apart, farming their own little plots of land, maybe not even that, maybe they would still be hunting and gathering nomads. Life would be simple, and simple lives have no chaos.

2. True, murderers would be walking free without justice, but there would probably be less murderers and murders. Murderers are usually bourne out of stress and hate, and the simple life of a nomad does not produce much stress. Imagine all the mass murders that have happened lately, nothing like 9/11 could not have happened because there would probably be really primitive forms of religion, and people would not learn to hate other religions or cultures because really, if we were all simple nomads there would not be many differences between us. And it would be harder to find people to kill considering that people live so spaced out. People hate because they fear the unknown and what is different, but if they were not to know that anything different ever existed, they could not hate it. But I just want you to know, that in the world today there already isn't that much justice. (at least not in the third-world countries) Today, human slave traffikers and murderers, and rapists already walk free in most parts of the world because the police force isn't effective enough to catch them.

3. On the other hand, it would be ALL freedom. You could do whatever you damn well pleased, there would be no laws to stop you from doing anything.

4.Why would civilization fall down? If there were no government, then there would be no complex civilization to begin with, and the civilizations that existed (families hunting and gathering, occasionally trading) would be extremely stable.

5.True, there would be no order, but that's basically the same as saying chaos, and I already addressed that.

6. See, now you're contradicting yourself. Before, you said that people would not be free, and now you are saying that they could do whatever they want, and isn't that true freedom? Yeah people could do whatever they want, but they wouldn't be able to do much damage. And in most parts of the world, people can already do whatever they want. Gang rape is very common in India, do you call that not doing anything you want? India has a government, and yet people are still doing whatever they want.

7. No not really. The biggest threat to people is other people filled with hate. (and disease, but you can never fully banish disease, and there is already a ton of disease in the world) No, in a world with no government, life would be simple, you are born, you eat, you sleep, you breed, you die. What's there to panic about? Your entire life is laid out for you.

8. True, no one would be safe, nobody will EVER be completely safe. And this nomadic lifestyle is a LOT safer than many of the lives people lead in third world countries. Think about it, if there are no mass populations of people, disease wouldn't be that big a problem. It would claim several families that are part of a trade ring or maybe one of the members joins another family and then die out because it could never reach any other families since people are not completely connected like they are nowadays. I already addressed that there would be less murders. People would be safe from one another.

I look forward to seeing your arguments :)
Debate Round No. 1


redhotmama88 forfeited this round.


Since Pro forfeited, I'll just wait. :) I don't want to be unfair or anything.
Debate Round No. 2


redhotmama88 forfeited this round.


Uhh... so he forfeited again, and so... If I were you, I would vote for me, at least in the manners thing. (I forget the actual word it uses) since it is very inconsiderate starting a debate that you never intend to finish. :(
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 2-D 5 years ago
yeah name a culture that has not formed a government. A culture without one would simply form one. Debate is an auto fail.
Posted by nansamlung 5 years ago
without government, civilian, don't know what will happen.
and the human lives will be separated as ancient life.
Posted by Mrparkers 5 years ago
I'm of the opinion that life without government would be relatively the same because humans would eventually form a new government anyways.
Posted by Gordontrek 5 years ago
I want to accept but there's two problems-
1. it won't let me because it says I don't match Instigator's rank, yet I have only been in two debates. I don't see why I can't accept this challenge, I'm just as inexperienced as he is.
2. What does he mean by "no government"? Let me start off by saying I'm your typical right-wing conservative nut job, which means I don't like big government. On my side we do NOT support the total eradication of government, just the limiting of its powers. Yes, of course some government is indeed necessary, but it becomes a problem when it tries to control the lives of normal citizens.
So I ask the Instigator, do you mean NO government AT ALL or small government? Saying "Life would be horrible without government" can mean several different things.
Posted by RoyLatham 5 years ago
when a term is not explicitly defined, the dictionary definition that best fits the context applies:


1. The governing body of a nation, state, or community.
2. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.

I don't want to screw up the challenge, but I do not think it is possible to go for long without a government. Humans are tribal and would soon form a community government if none exists.
Posted by Noumena 5 years ago
It's annoying that Pro hasnt' made clear whether he's referring to social rules/dictates or the government qua the institutional States that carry out the functions of government.
Posted by bossyburrito 5 years ago
I'll take this if no one else does.
Posted by WhateverItTakes 5 years ago
Wha... who would argue against this? Just because not everyone likes how the government handles certain problems, doesn't mean they don't want any government.
Posted by Lucian09474 5 years ago
Without a government, it would mean Natural Selection played out a grand scale
Posted by The_Chaos_Heart 5 years ago
I'm so tempted to accept this debate and argue "Life wouldn't be horrible without government, as government is an inherent part of life, and thus, if no government existed, life itself would not exist. Making it incapable of being "horrible"."
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