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Lighting Round - The Walking Dead TV Show sacrifices logic and reason for story

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Started: 2/27/2015 Category: TV
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Some Rules:

1) Round 1 is for acceptance only
2) Do not directly rebut your opponents case
3) Forfeiting the round is an automatic loss
4)No mentioning the Comic Series.
5) Should these rules be violated, I trust the voters to punish the violater

This was an idea I had sitting here in school and wanted to try it out.
Debate Round No. 1


I have gotten Sick and can not post a full argument, therefore I must forfeit this debate.


Ok I hope you feel better and can continue this debate at later time
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by GameronWV 2 years ago
Logic and reasoning go WAY out the window for the walking dead for story, are you kidding? I am an avid reader of the comics, but i cannot mention them due to the rules of the debate (Grrrr). But, just on the basis of the show, The Walking Dead FAILS to provide accurate reasoning and thrusts the characters into situations that they would all most likely be dead from. For example, Season 4, Terminus. The group was about to get their heads cut off, but, by the hand of god, they were interrupted by something, sparing the lives of all our main characters. Another argument one could make is that the baby would not be as silent as she is in the show. Try taking a child to a theme park for one day, they don't stop crying while they're on the move. The show uses the baby to add plot tension, but it fails in logic doing so.
Posted by Kimbur66 3 years ago
I love the walking dead, it's my favorite show.

Ps. A show about zombies will never be logical
Posted by mmurph123 3 years ago
To clarify: The Purpose of this is to have both sides present their cases. Whichever case is stronger wins.
Posted by YoshiBoy13 3 years ago
I can genuinely see the voters going for the other side just because of those rules.
But of course, if you ask the creators of a TV series - "Why didn't X just do Y? It would have gotten them out of the situation quicker!" Well, you just answered your own question. Them taking longer means more episodes means more profit, putting it simply.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Basically a truism, and than a rule on top that con isn't allowed yo refute your case... so basically not a debate at all.
Posted by CaesarsSeizures 3 years ago
Why are you trying to bring logic to a show about zombies?
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Walking dead is a horrible show. Breaking Bad is far superior.
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