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Limbo Does Not Exist

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Started: 4/7/2015 Category: Religion
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Limbo is defined as "(in some Christian beliefs) the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants, and of the just who died before Christ's coming." I am an agnostic who essentially does not believe in heaven or hell, but I'm gnostic on the belief that limbo is fictitious.

I would like the opponent to be a theist who believes in limbo, but it doesn't matter too much. As long as they are able to argue their case.

First round is for acceptance only.


Good sir, I accept thy challenge and look forward to thine arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Limbo is nothing more than a scapegoat for certain Christian theists who see a plot hole for those not relieved of original sin through baptism. It, much like purgatory and the Holy Trinity (the current form of which was not accepted until the Council of Nicaea in 325 [1]), is a theory contrived by men to avoid supposed inconsistencies.

If there is a place that this would be referred to, it would be Hades, as this is mentioned by the standards of some translations of the Bible. Certain Christians consider it, as Oxford Dictionary has defined it, "the place or state of departed spirits," which seems to be as close as we can get to "Limbo." Acts 2:27 has many translations that differ slightly; one states being condemned to "Hell," another "to the realm of the dead," and another "in Hades." [2] This, of course, seems to take another conitation in this context, but it is biblically mentioned...unlike Limbo.
I do not really believe in either Hades or Limbo, but a theist should put more faith in the former than the latter, due to the former's written evidence and the latter's lack thereof.



Well, you said you don't believe in Heaven or Hell and you want me to convince you of an even more mysterious realm? I can try I suppose.

Limbo is not just for unbaptized babies, but for many kinds if souls. It is almost like Purgatory. It contains souls of those who don't deserve to go to Hell, but they never really accepted God or perhaps they don't deserve to go to Hell but they don't exactly deserve to go to Heaven either.

Limbo is closely associated with the real world. This is why we sometimes see these spirits in our world but in a faded essence. These are ghosts. Now there is a difference between Ghosts and Demons but that is for a different debate. We see ghosts in our world because they are souls in Limbo. Many ghosts are souls that don't even know that they are dead.

There is a way we can go into limbo. Have you ever heard of Astral Projection? This is where the soul can leave the physical body and wonder around like a ghost and you will be able to see other souls walking around. Many people believe this is Limbo. It is dangerous though because demons can get into Limbo. People who can leave their physical bodies are a target to the demons. In spirit form, a person that yet has a live physical body to return to, is vulnerable to demons. This causes many of the Demonic possessions in the world.
Debate Round No. 2


I am closer to disbelief than belief in Heaven or Hell, but I'm essentially agnostic. I believe they might be there, but Limbo is something I fully do not believe in.

My opponent has provided no concrete evidence to suggest that Limbo is a real place. Also, because there are different understandings of how "Limbo" is, our definitions differ slightly. If one where to perform astral projection, the spirit world described by my opponent does not fit the most common definition of Limbo, nor does it fit the one defined in Round 1. So, even if this world exists, it does not prove the existence of Limbo, and there is still no proof that this world exists or that astral projection really lets your soul free. Any claims of proof of astral projection are pseudoscientific at best.
I believe I have said everything that I've needed to, and with that I leave the debate to con's response and to the voters, whom I ask to vote without too much religious bias.


There really is no physical evidence of Limbo though. No matter what I say you're not going to believe me unless I can give you physical evidence. It's about as pointless as trying to convince an atheist that God is real.

Limbo may or may not be real. Heaven and Hell may or may not be real. But you're not going to believe any of it until you experience it for yourself.

The winner of this debate is not going to be decided by who has better conduct and who is right, it's going to be people who don't believe in Limbo and people who do. This is why I try to stay away from religious topics.

Astral Projection is also something only some people can do so it would be just as pointless to try and tell you that it is real because you won't believe me unless you experience it for yourself.

Once again, if I lose this debate, it'll be because more of the people of your beliefs voted than people of mine.

Good day sir.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pythasis 3 years ago
I would like to apologize to con for making this a typical religion debate by demanding concrete evidence. I should have just asked for sources instead.
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Reasons for voting decision: Given normal debate structure, Pro is making the affirmative statement and therefore possesses the Burden of Proof, i.e. Pro claims "Limbo Does Not Exist". The arguments were about on equal level, but I have to give it to Pro because Con pretty much gave up in the last Round; Con should have still argued despite the claim about "no concrete evidence". For conduct, I give it to Con because of Pro's comment about "concrete evidence" when he had provided none, himself. Pro cited the only sources.