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Lindsey Graham would make a better President than Mike Huckabee

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Started: 6/2/2015 Category: Politics
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R2: Arguments

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R5: Rebuttals and conclusion


I accept and thank my friend for this debate.
Mike Huckabee is by far a better candidate for President. He is 59 years old, and served as Governor of Arkansas. Lindsey Graham is only a senator. Huckabee is a saved born again Southern Baptist Christian and as a wide range of support. Graham is not as well known. Huckabee is also very conservative. He is a champion against same sex marriage and abortion. Huckabee is also a former minister which means he could teach the country the word of God in the white house. Huckabee is also very much against common core.
I rest my case, over to my good friend now :)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for the debate. :) While Lindsey Graham may not be as well known, that should not be a reason to not vote for him. Lindsey Graham got into politics in the year 1994.

While working in the House of Representatives, Graham voted for the Defense for marriage act(1996), he was also a member of the Judiciary Committee during the impeachment of Bill Clinton(1998).

Graham has served on four committees:
1. Committee on International Relations: 1995-1998
2. Committee on Education and the Workforce: 1995-2002
3. Committee on the Judiciary: 1997-2002
4. Committee on Armed Services: 1999-2002

Graham cares deeply about America, otherwise, he wouldn't run for President.


I don't doubt that Lindsey Graham cares deeply about America.
He has a prestigious record of service to his nation, this is true.
Graham has served in the military and knows a lot about foreign policy I don't doubt it.

Lindsey Graham is a good candidate, but he is not better than Mike Huck bee.
Mike Huckabee has served I repeat as the Governor of Arkansas.
He also deeply cares for America and is a champion for conservatives.
Huckabee also knows the truth, that"we are moving rapidly toward the criminlization of Christianity."
He is against gay marriage and abortion and is a deep passionate leader for America.
I realize voters may say church and state, but the Southern Baptist minister has the wherewithal as a Christian to lead America forward to at least its 240th birthday and beyond.

I rest my case for this round and thank my friend for his time and the debate :)
Debate Round No. 2


GainWisdom forfeited this round.


Thank you my friend for the debate :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GainWisdom 2 years ago
Oh dang, Sorry. I have been out of ton. Haha
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Reasons for voting decision: Okay so Conduct goes to Con, because Pro forfeited a round, other than that conduct was fine on both sides. Spelling and Grammar goes to Pro, because although he had fewer arguments than Con did, he made less mistakes than Con did.