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Linux vs Windows

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Started: 11/20/2016 Category: Technology
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Actually this has been for a very long time question and I, the cons and the are going to *kinda* answer it.

I'm going for the Pro, which is Linux.

For the first reason, maybe you have know it, that Linux is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. This means that for devs, you can YOLO and make your own operating system to show off your friends.

And the second reason, which kind of makes Linux reputation in servers, and maybe in your NAS or even your computer, is its security. There's almost zero-day bugs on Linux and because it is open source, everybody can keep an eye on the code, which means more secure than Windows.

Third reason, the ability to customize. That boring blue tone that can change to another color, but not a whole different UI. Transform Pack? Screw it. Linux (distros) have a lot of Desktop Environment (DE) for you to choose from: Unity, GNOME, KDE, and go on more. Your desktop will never get boring.

There's always an alternative. For adventurous people who want to go for a new software, there's a ton of alternatives for Windows program that is ready for you to use. They are almost fully-featured as Windows application, and for free. Or if you don't like alternatives, there's always a VituralBox or WINE (google it out).

Windows is not stable, I know, you know, we all know. The legendary BSOD, the occasional crash of some applications, and I can go on (again). You always need to reboot a Windows machine because of BSOD at least once in your life. Not Linux. They are designed to be stable overtime, so your computer, NAS, server, whatever will rarely reboot (except updates).

So what more? Yes, Linux is VERY lightweight. If your kids need a computer to type their essay, and you are not wealthy, but also can't afford a new computer. Yes, Linux is here to save you. Just go on Craiglist, eBay or a thrift shop, you can buy a 5-year-old computer. Just install a new drive and install a lightweight distribution, and see the old computer comes back to life. Your kids have a computer, your wallet is saved. It's a win-win.

Have you bored with going around downloading crap on the Internet? Well, Linux distro's package manager saves you. They have their own app store, and their own command line interface package manager to make sure that you can install 90% of the application without downloading the installation files on the Internet.

And a weird thing to end my debate: Microsoft has finally joined the Linux Foundation. WTF.


Linux is a great system for developers and consumers alike I agree but what sets Linux apart from Windows (in my opinion at least) is the ease of use. Windows is much more suited for the run of the mill idiot who can't program or even encrypt files. Windows is better in this than Linux because Windows offers the ease of use that Linux lacks. First of all a new user to Linux must already have some idea what they're getting into, and they must be familiar with the company (,which by the way hasn't done a great job at promoting itself in any other communities than the open source and programming/web hosting communities).
What makes Linux even more horrific for newcomers is all the problems it might have with their main OS, for example a programmer friend of mine has previously had problems with windows 8 and 10 and the Linux systems, and the fear of something dramatic happening to ones own computer might put some people of or shun them away from the idea.
In my honest opinion Linux is still a valid choice and I will keep using it in the future, but some people just want something easy and familiar which is the exact opposite what Linux offers. If you like to use Linux OS, fine if you don't also fine, but at least we can all agree that Apple and Mac OS sucks and probably will always continue to suck until the day all PC users have been waiting for comes... The day Apple ceases to be.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Archaholic 1 year ago
Just one round?
I agree with you both, linux is for people who know, and windows for retarded.
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