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Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo

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Started: 2/18/2015 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Not only do I think Lionel Messi is better than Ronaldo, is also think he has had a better career so far, despite being two years younger. I admit that last season Cristiano Ronaldo was unstoppable, he was he best in the world. Also, at the start of this season Ronaldo was playing better than Messi, but lately Messi has been much better. The way he is able to control a game, score goals, and assist is just unbelievable.


Ahh this old debate.

Cristiano Ronaldo has tested himself in two of Europe's top leagues, with huge success in both, winning the Champions League with both clubs and numerous league titles in both leagues, did i mention, he won the golden boot in the Premier League while playing in midfield...

Now, as the quality the defenders in La Liga is obviously sub standard, allowing players like Soldado and Forlan to score many many goals, whereas in the premier league, they have failed, Ronaldo on the other hand has scored many goals in both leagues.

As the quality of La Liga defending is so poor, we have to look at the Champions League for an indication of how good these two players are, now, it's all very well and good knocking in goals against lesser opposition in the group stages, so we have to look at the knockout stages of the champions league, Guess who is the top scorer in the knockout stages of the Champions league??? yes it's Ronaldo, with 35 goals in knockout rounds of the Champions League.

Now you have to take into account, that Messi was playing in a team which was built around him, Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, Busquets, Messi, it was a system working together, he was a player in a team, now don't get me wrong, Messi is a great player, but he relied heavily on his dominant team around him.

Look at Ronaldo's Portugal record, now for arguments sake, lets only take into account their records where their international scoring careers began, as Messi managed to get sent off within 2 minutes of his international debut, this is actually helping your case...

Messi first international goal was March 2006, Ronaldo's 9th Portugal goal was in March 2006, now i'm willing to discount those 8 previous goals for the sake of this argument, since March 2006, Messi has scored 44 Argentina goals, Ronaldo since March 2006 has scored 43 Portugeuse goals, now, take into account the Argentina team in the time... Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain, Tevez,, Pastore, the list goes on and on, quality attacking players, with a midfield of Mascherano, Cambiasso, that is a very solid team, a team which won the Copa America and made the final of the World Cup

now look at the Portugal team in this time... Nani, Qauresma, Helder Postiga, Hugo Almedia, Raul Merieles, Tiago, i'm really struggling to find a single player who would get into that Argentina side, maybe Deco, in 2006, would have just made it.

Ronaldo scored the same amount of goals as Messi in this time period, in a much weaker team, and he is 3 years older that Messi, Ronaldo is past his peak and still surpassing him even this season and last, a time when Messi should be in his prime at 27, he is being outplayed by a 30 year old.
Debate Round No. 1


Messi does not need to prove himself in any other league with the success he has had in La liga. And we both know that Messi can't be compared with players such as Forlan and Soldado, becasue Messi is much better. It's not about Messi being scared to fail in the premier league, it's about his loyalty to Fc Barcelona who helped him and his famiily when he was a child.

And the thing about saying that Champions league group stages goals don't really matter.... of course they do. Champions league is for the best teams across Europa, the biggest soccer competition that exists. And in that case Messi beats Ronaldo.

If you watch Barcelona's matches nowadays you will see that Messi doesn't rely a lot on his team mates. you see him going into his own half, asking for the ball, and then starting the attacks, and in most cases also finishing them off.

I admit that Argentina have better players than Portugal, but Messi playes better for Argentina than Ronaldo does with Portugal. Messi took Argentina took the world cup final last year, whereas Ronaldo was a flop, not even getting Portugal past the group stage. On top of that Messi also won player of the tournament.

And what I was really saying is that Messi is better than Ronaldo at the moment. Messi is catching up with Ronaldo concerning goals in the league, having just 2 less goals now. But when you look at what they give the team, like assists, and work rate, Messi is far more productive than Ronaldo. His ability to control a game is sensational.


Loyalty doesn't actually mean anything in the world you know, it's just a word thrown around by the media, Do you think Messi would stay at Barca if they got relegated? exactly.

I'm not saying Group stage matches don't matter, i'm saying it's alot easier to score goals against teams like Malmo, Bate Borisov and Ludogorets than it is to score against Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid etc; Ronaldo has the most goals of any player in history in the Knockout stage of the Champions League.

This season, Real Madrid are top of La Liga, Ronaldo is the top scorer in the league, the players 2nd and 3rd in the top scorer table are Messi and Neymar whereas the next Real Madrid player in the list is 6th place, with just 12 goals, How can you say Messi does everything on his own? when his very own teammate shares the burden of scoring goals, Ronaldo is a better individual player than Messi.

In regards to the World Cup, Ronaldo was obviously injured and surrounded by a team of inept players, but he played on and never once blamed his injury, he was still their best player with the same amount of assists as Messi and 1 goal.

The fact Messi won the player of the tournament was almost laughable and pretty much anyone who followed the world cup will agree he was certainly not the best player and in typical fashion, all of Messi's goals came in the group stages, against Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria, He didn't contribute a single goal in the knockout stages and his performance in the final itself was not very good at all.

Ronaldo is obviously a superior player, he is the current Ballon d'Or holder, current top scorer in La Liga, last seasons La Liga top scorer, Last season Champions League top scorer, you can't argue with those stats, no one can.
Debate Round No. 2


Olivercoyg forfeited this round.


So you have forfeited the round? you can't fight your debate because you can't argue with facts!

You wish to base your opinion on the present? Ronaldo is has been superior for the past 2 years.

Ronaldo scored 17 Goals in the Champions League last season, and 12 the season before that, finishing as top scorer both times, When Lionel Messi was top scorer in 2009 he scored just 9 goals and 2010 just 8 Goals, all this in a dominant team built around him!

And before Lionel Messi was top scorer in 2009, Ronaldo was top scorer again in 2008, Ronaldo undoubtedly has more individual talent and longevity.

You say Messi is back to his best this season? Well if that performance against Man City was anything to go by... that terrible penalty and then missing an open goal with an awful header, this is back to his best??

There is only one winner in this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by maydaykiller 3 years ago
Ronaldo is better, he is more complete. I wish I could take this debate, but I am busy currently
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