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Liquid Fuel, Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) are the Future of Nuclear Energy

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Started: 7/24/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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On proven merit alone, MSRs are the Future of Nuclear Energy, eg:

+ R+D on MSRs was successfully carried out at ORNL (by MSR Experiment), across the 1950's & 1960's

+ Builds require less & less-costly materials than what I call "Fuel Rod based dinosaurs"
+ both in the factory and in the building they'll be installed+running in sealled units
+ Safer to operate
+ MSRs fuels remain in Liquid state, ~air pressure (no risk of puncture causing issues)
+ Low Core pressure (near normal Air pressure)
+ No need for 1-piece, 9" thick, stainless-steel core envelope
+ No need for costly Fuel Rods (due to sole-source availability)
+ No need for complex, lengthy, costly shutdowns for refueling
+ MSRs due ~2024 will be sealed units, & run for ~7 years without refueling
+ Have much Lower Build-Costs
+ am MSR can be configured to extract energy from either "spend/used Fuel Rods" or
even atomic- or nuclear-bombs.
+ Produce much higher temperatures, suitable for more efficient Electricity generation
+ High-temp; output can first power a Water Desalination plant, then go on to generate Electricity in a 2nd plant, with slightly cooler water from the Water Desal'n plant
+ Smaller
+ have Cores that are Transportable
+ Can be built in Factory (like big jets), eg,by ThorCon Power (Fla,,US), eg, in Indonesia
+ are Walk-Away Safe (a.k.a. "intrinsically safe")
+ need No Operating/Contol Room
+ MSRs are impossible to configure in such a way to make it explode
+ Canada's Terrestrial Energy Inc are set to have their IMSR running by/before ~2025

+ Kirk Sorensen's 10m TEDxYYC talk at
+ Rusty Towell's 20mTEDxACU talk on YouTube "Can Energy from Rocks Save the Planet?"
+ Hugh McDiarmid's Econ'y Club of Canada talk in YouTube channel "TerrestrialMSR"
+ Thomas Jam Pedersen's TEDxCopenhagen talk on Thorium...
+ Prof Dr Eduardo Greaves' 36 min talk "Thorium as a Fuel in the Molten Satl Reactor"
+ Thorium Remix 2011 through 2016 ( documentaries


You are wrong. The real future of nuclear energy are my farts after eating Chipotle.
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
just wait till i put mine on the market, you wont see a clear sky for hoverboards and failed ignintion leading to massive explosions
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