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Liquid soap is better than bar soap

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Started: 1/19/2016 Category: Health
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Bar soap is the most patriotic option available. It best protects American sovereignty because everything is solid. Liquid soap implies liquidation, which is bad. The fifty states are strong and as such is better served by bar soap. Bar soap creates a feeling of value and purpose. Liquid soap creates a feeling of being loose and pointless. Let's face it, would you rather have solid water in your Dr.Pepper or liquid water in your Dr.Pepper. This same logic must be applied to soap and soap.


First this isn't something I take lightly at all. Liquid soap is so much better. It feels better for my hands after a really long day. Bar soap can crack and break where liquid soap doesn't. Liquid soap can have cute little bottles you can put them in which at the end of the day makes me happy and smile. Without liquid soap my days would be sad and just lame as a whole. So to end this I would like to say: Would you rather have lame cracked soap or a cute liquid soap bottle that makes you happy!!
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate was quite short, however, Pro made more convincing arguments, such as bar soap can crack and break while liquid soap cannot. The Con side simply made his own interpretation of what Bar soap meant, which was not logical, nor had evidence. Pro's argument could've been strengthened with a source - however, he didn't use one so Tied for sources. Overall, more convincing arguments goes to Pro - Pro wins this debate.