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LoL vs DotA2

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Started: 10/3/2015 Category: Games
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First round is for acceptance only.

General Information on the Games Involved
League of Legends:

Full resolution: On balance, League of Legends is a better game than DotA 2

Better: more desirable, satisfactory, or effective:
League of Legends: The MOBA game released by Riot Games
DotA2: The MOBA game released by Valve Corporation
On balance:when all factors are taken into consideration:


The game DotA2 is a better game then lol because if the first one(dotA) was bad why would they make a sequel
Debate Round No. 1


Con made an argument in round 1, a direct violation of the rules. Conduct goes to Pro.

In this debate I will be arguing for LoL from many perspectives including more simple mechanics and larger playerbase. I will note that I will be arguing the gameplay from a perspective that more fun is always better. A game according to the Oxford Dictionary is "an activity that one engages in for amusement:". A synonym given for amusement is fun. Therefore, the whole purpose of a game is to be fun, and a better game is, amongst other things, more fun.

A1: The mechanics unique to DotA2 are complicated and unintuitive. LoL's unique mechanics are simple and make sense. Let's talk about turn rate. What I am about to quote is a direct quote from the DotA wiki
"Turn rate is expressed in radians per 0.03 seconds. A 180 degrees turn is the same as p (3.14) radians.

0.03p divided by your turn rate equals to the time it takes to turn 180 degrees. A turn rate slow is directly applied to your base turn rate. For example, a turn rate slow of 70% on your 0.5 base turn rate lowers your actual turn rate to [0.5 " (1-0.7)] = 0.15.

(0.03p / T = t, where T = turn rate and t = the time it takes to turn around). " [1]
This is clearly a very complicated mechanic, expressed in a very complicated way. What turn rate is is how long it takes your champion in DotA2 to turn before they move in a direction they are not facing in. This is an extraordinarily complicated mechanic, and to make it worse, it is expressed in radians per 0.03 seconds. I don't believe that most people know what a radian is, which means to take full advantage of turn rate, they have to look up of all things a radian. LoL has none of this complicated turn rate, and LoL players can go in any direction just as fast.[2]

Another unintuitive DotA2 mechanic is denying [3]. DotA2 allows you to kill your own creeps to stop your opponent getting gold. No new player would ever, understand why you would do that, because in nearly every game you only want to kill enemy monsters. Requiring players to do things that don't make sense doesn't make sense if you want those players to play the game. LoL does not include denying.[2]

LoL also has mechanics that DotA2 does not have. These are runes, masteries and summoner spells. Runes and masteries allow you to choose stat boosts in particular areas before the game.[4,5] Summoner spells allow you to chose particular spells you have before the game [6]. These mechanics are intuitive and easy to understand for any player.

Having simple and intuitive game mechanics is a good thing for any game. It is common sense that new players are more likely to continue playing a game that they understand. DotA2's complicated mechanics make new players less likely to understand the game (radians? radians???). Therefore, LoL is a better game for new players and is more likely to be successful in the long term as more new players adopt it.

A2. It is easier to catch up in a game of LoL. In DotA2, players lose gold when they die [3]. In LoL, they do not, which means that after dying many times, a player can still have an impact on the game. This is an advantage for LoL. DotA2 players, who can do less than LoL after deaths, would logically have less fun if they cannot reasonably expect to be impactful on the game. Also, because of this, LoL has more comebacks. This means that games are less forgone conclusions after a few minutes. That means that LoL games are more suspenseful to esports watchers, and therefore the esports watching experience is more fun for LoL watchers.

A3. DotA2 has no surrender option for ranked matches[7]. As I just outlined earlier, DotA2 games are harder to come back from than LoL games. However, in LoL ranked games, your team can surrender when they feel they are too far back and the game ends instantly[8]. In DotA2 ranked games, you cannot. This leads to incredibly frustrating periods that can last 15 minutes in which a team must fight on even though they are sure they cannot win. This is not fun by any stretch of the word.

A4. LoL has more players. Last month, the peak number concurrent players for DotA2 was 888,728[9]. In the middle of last year, LoL was peaking at 7 million concurrent players (according to their own numbers only, unfortunately) [10]. I am not arguing this from a perspective of 'so many people must be right'. I am arguing this point from the perspective that a larger game has more people discussing the game. More players also leads to more innovation in strategies, as there are just so many more people to innovate. This means that the same game can feel different each week you play, as the 'meta' changes.

The mechanics of LoL are easier for new players to pick up than DotA2. LoL also includes two mechanics that reduce frustration for the losing team, the surrender system and easier comebacks. Finally, LoL has more players, and therefore more innovation. This innovation means that the game gets less boring over time.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Roro8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Mrpersondude forfeited this round.


Roro8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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