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Lolicon contributes to actual sexual abuse of children

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Started: 5/5/2010 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First lets look at what Lolicon is. According to western definition, Lolicon is a genre/theme of Anime in which underage female anime characters are sexually depicted. It was first formed in Japan in the 70's and since then has been introduced in to its mainstream media. Unlike in Japan, Lolicon is NOT popular in other nations from my research. It was legalized in the United States as of 2002 by a 6-3 Vote in the Surpream Courts.[1] Lolicon is legal I'm most nations.

That's enough on its history, lets get to the debate. Critics claim Lolicon contributes to the sexual abuse of children, but there is no definitive evidence that says this is the case. There is how ever evidence that says it has an opposite effect on people. Nations with less strict porn laws tend to have lower sex crime rates. Milton Diamond and Ayako Uchiyama observe a strong correlation between the dramatic rise of pornographic material in Japan from the 1970s onwards and a dramatic decrease in reported sexual violence, including crimes by juveniles and assaults on children under 13. They cite similar findings in Denmark and West Germany. In their summary, they state that the concern that countries with widespread availability of sexually explicit material would suffer increased rates of sexual crimes was not validated and that the reduction of sexual crimes in Japan during that period may have been influenced by a variety of factors they had described in their study.[2]

I rest my case.



I thank my opponent for their definition, and for their arguments.

The most basic argument for why I affirm is because of what Lolicon causes onto the victims of Sexual Abuse.

First, Children feel helpless against the adults who commit "Dirty" acts on them. The adults are influenced by reading the lolicon, and thus commits the acts on the children. Kareyth Patrick elaborates:

"A press release issued by the University of Chicago Press Journals states that a new study to appear in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that social change is driven when information reaches
easily influenced people who then influence other easily influenced people."

Thus, people can be easily influenced just by reading the lolicon. If people get influenced this leads to badly affecting the children through sexual abuse. If this lasts too long, it can lead to extreme emotional problems for the girls.

Second, Child Sexual Abuse (even by Lolicon) leads to self-harm, and suicide among it's victims. Thus, Child Sexual Abuse is bad, and also does occur.

Spataro J. writes: "Similar to the general population, CSA victims who died as a result of self-harm were predominantly aged in their 30s at time of death. Most had contact with the public mental health system and half were recorded as being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Our data highlight that CSA victims are at increased risk of suicide and accidental fatal drug overdose. CSA is a risk factor that mediates suicide and fatal overdose."


1.) Do you believe just anyone should be allowed to view pornographic material?
2.) What factors do you THINK contributed to the low Sex Abuse cases?
3.) How is allowing pornographic material to be viewed by anyone moral?

Debate Round No. 1


Well my friend, I have been a Lolicon Fan for about 6 years(since age 14). I run an org. called the Lolicon Defense Task Force. Among several things, we conduct research on Lolicon Fans. According to research last updated in 2008 or 2009, 50% of Lolicon Fans are in fact some form of a Pedophile. Just through I'd throw that out there. In any case, as odd as it may be, I think teens should be allowed to view pornographic material seeing as they will end up having sex at an early age anyway. As for The factors that contribute to the Low Sexual Abuse cases, I don't get what you mean by that. I will go out on a limb and assume ya mean "what are the factors that contribute to nations that have low sex crime rates compared to nations with high sex crime rates, and in that case one of 3 things would cause this:

1)Corrupt Police/Legal System- I won't elaborate on this seeing as it may prove fatal for my side of this debate.

2)Information and Training- The more people know about sex crimes, the less likely they are to happen. Example, a Sexually Abused Child shows signs of being abused, so if a Teacher or such is trained to identify these signs then the abuser/future abuser will be afraid to sexually abuse a child.

3) Liberal Porn Laws- Research shows nations with less strict porn laws, have lower sex crimes. [1]
And on the part about Porn and Morals, let me respectfully say, Who give a flying hail stone? Oh, I can hear the rumbles beginning now. I can hear you getting all puffed up w/ your Righteous Indignation and your Superior Sense of Morality, tsk-tsking about how Insensitive, Absurd, and Unrealistic I'm being. SAVE IT! I'm Immune to your Moral Exhibitionism. Deep down inside you know I'm, right. I rest my case.



First of all, the question of factors was "personal" meaning what you believed were the factors, not a wholesome man, or womans' words. And frankly, if there is almost a majority of "possible future pedophiles" why it is safe to have? That is wrong. And as for my opponent, ranting on about being immune to my morals... who gives a flying hail stone? My opponent claims morals don't affect them, however, my opponent is claiming Pornographic material being freely viewed is moral, and right! Therefore, my opponent's claim cannot be followed; morals affect even people who don't want them.

And "informing the masses" won't do a thing. Pedophiles know about what sex crimes are in specifics, despite still doing it. So that will not work. Since my opponent brought the "Corrupt Police/Legal System" factor up, I demand they elaborate, or else the argument could not be sustained.

And finally, I find this round to be politically unfair, and tricked. My opponent, starting the debate while a Lolicon Fan, obviously knows more about the laws, thus is politically unfair to opposite debater. Also, my opponent should not be bringing personal things into the debate, and should be sticking to rather than stories of their life, an actual argument or piece of evidence.
Debate Round No. 2


Well my friend, Even though 50% are Pedophiles we have yet to calculate the number of high risk scumbags. But not all of them will actually act out on there sexual desires. Let me be the first to clarify, I believe ALL Pedophiles should be given 3 options:
1) Get treatment
2) Be under constant monitoring until they get treatment
3) Be Executed

Either one is fine with me. Just through I'd say my view on pedo's(I hate them). Anyway, the fact I'm a Quasi-Lolicon Fan does NOT mean I am unfit to represent the Lolicon Genre and its fan community. Hell if anything, it makes me more able to defend it. On to the next issue, Morals. Just because someone thinks its morally wrong to look at Lolicon, doesn't mean it should be illegal. As long as its kept out of children's hands and real children are not used to create Lolicon(which is only created in Japan), then I see nothing wrong with allowing Lolicon to remain legal in the US and become legal in Canada, UK, Australia, ect...

By the way, since when has Politics been fair? I do ask that my opponent start offering up evidence and such instead of complaining about my ability to defend something I support.


TheWheel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yuiru 5 years ago
Lol, there is only 1 vote, and it's from con...
Posted by tyciol 7 years ago
Vi_Veri, I've suggested that to him before, but he claims he's not, so I'll take him at his word. Honestly, I wouldn't trust the guy to know what it means so probably wouldn't even believe him if he did claim to be.

Koopin: I think that depends on how you implement it. For example, if police could privately contact a victim they have rescued and they were now legal adults and they consulted with a therapist that they were mentally sound and then consented to making it public domain, then at that point I do not see a problem with allowing it to be legally circulated.

I don't think it would be ethical to allow porn to be circulated without a person's consent though, no. Violating personal privacy laws against voyeurism and stuff should not be done on the off chance that it might prevent rape. The reasons that cause people to go down that road are multifaceted and my guess is they may do so anyway.

If anything, it is moreso that victims may be able to use their situation as something to provoke discussion and review of pertinent issues. Many people have cognitive distortions related to whether or not people who have sex 'wanted it' or 'enjoyed it', etc. If a person (now a consenting adult) related their opinions in the past and present, it may help to inspire a sense of empathy and give a human side and perspective, which would detract from people's attempts to sexually objectify them.
Posted by Cerebral_Narcissist 7 years ago
This seemed like it would be a good debate, but Con's posts in R2 and R3 seem pretty meaningless. But I guess as pro forfeited it falls to you by default.
Posted by Vi_Veri 7 years ago
I think Akemi is just trying to secretly announce he's a pedophile.
Posted by Danielle 7 years ago
Koopin, if you feel that strongly you should take the debate...
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
And what would be considered evidence? It's not like a criminal will say why he raped an 8 year old girl. Ice-cream could contribute to sexual abuse, but that can't be "proven" either.

So do you think it would be ethical, if it might stop more rapes, to allow real child porn?
Posted by Danielle 7 years ago
"Lolicon is a genre/theme of Anime in which underage female anime characters are sexually depicted."

Why would anyone want to see underage female characters depicted sexually?
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