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Lost Is One of the Most Well Written T.V. Shows to Ever Grace Our Screens

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Started: 6/15/2013 Category: Entertainment
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The ABC series known as "LOST" was one of the most well written T.V. series to ever grace our screens. I will be honored to debate on this, I ask only that you have seen the show before.


I once like lost very much, but after watching the last episode I changed my mind for good. The burden of proof is on my opponent and I look forward to an intersecting debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for participating in this debate, and I wish him the best of luck.


I will begin this round by describing the symbolic in Lost, I will delve deep into them and explain why they are so well crafted.

Lost is a very complicated and intertwined story, thus it can prove to be quite confusing to some people. This confusion can sometimes lead to frustration, and is thus one of the most common reasons people do not like Lost. However, if one understands the story, it can prove to be a very rewarding experience

It is clear that from the very first episode, the writers of Lost knew where they were going. They knew where this story was heading and they were not coming up with things as they went.

Proof of this can be seen as early as the second episode, "Pilot, Part 2". John Locke explains backgammon to Walt by saying "Two players, two sides, one is light, one is dark."This foreshadows the conflict of the series involving the good and evil within a person and how they must cope with their faults on the island, which was later personified by Jacob and The Man in Black.

These two stones, which symbolise light and darkness, remain common throughout the series. This symbolism is a mere rain drop within a ocean of symbolism and themes present within the Lost series. Keeping all of these elements intact, while still maintaining the element of intrigue and mystery, is no easy task.

Another example of symbolism is the similarities between Jack, the protagonist, and Thomas the Apostle. In the scene I linked above, Benjamin tells Jack a famous story about Thomas the Apostle. But why would the writers implement this scene, with no reason at all? No, there was defiantly a reason, and a great example of many symbolic moments in this amazing series.

Thomas' bravery is mirrored in Jack, who was also brave, and was the leader of the survivors for a long time.

Thomas' doubt, and refusal to acknowledge the resurrection, is similar to Jack's doubt, and refusal to acknowledge destiny.

Thomas had to touch Jesus' wounds to be convinced, it can be argued Jack had to see the corpse of John to be convinced. No, this is arguable, maybe it was the lighthouse that convinced him, or Jacob himself. Whatever the case, Jack was also eventually convinced.

"We are all convinced sooner or later, Jack."

Structure and Overall Narrative

As I've sad before, it is clear that the writers knew where they were going with this story. The narrative is so complex, it is impressive how they kept it all in order. Listing the structure and narrative of the entire show would be far too long, so I'll explain some things which stand out to me.

Time Travel

The time travel plot present in Season 5 was the source of many of the show's answers and overall themes.

One example is the how babies couldn't be born on the island, at the time of Oceanic Flight 815's crash. The answer to this was revealed in season 5, it was because of "The Incident", which was the result of Jack trying to reverse their fate.

Not only did the time travel element answer questions, it also created many loopholes, which were masterfully written. Arguably the most prominent of these loopholes, is MiB's "loophole"


In order to kill Jacob, MiB needed John to die, he ordered Richard to tell John that he had to die, while MiB knew John was already dead because he was in John's body.

This loophole, plus years of manipulation, helped MiB kill his nemesis, Jacob.

There are many other loopholes, Richard's compass is one of them.

There are many other points I could make, but there are so many. I am interested in seeing what you have to say in return.



I thank my opponent for making this debate and his great argument. Lost did not know exactly were it was going, the writers brought so many elements in to the show that were never explained and changed the story too many times.
Lost does use symbolism and forshadowing very well though I don't think that's enough to be "one of the most well written tv shows to ever grace our screens" So I do forfeit this argument but it literally doesn't prove anything because this is a debate based on opinion
My opponent makes a statement that frustrates me, tell me how jack trying to "reverse his fate" explained why babies can't be born on the island? The time travel element was annoying and really didn't clear much up at all. And not all these forshadowings are even compleat to the story.
There are many things wrong with season five in lost, here are some examples:
Ben says "moving the island is unpredictable we only do it in emergencies". So how come there weren't any other time travelers? And how come theses time travelers didn't inter mingle with the other time travelers? And why didn't they make any alternate universes?

1. Unsolved mysteries: there's so many that it feels like the writers were trying to screw with me. Here are some examples: what was that statue and why did Jacob live in it? Why were those numbers bad luck? Why was there an alternate universe due to an explosion? When the alarm in the hatch went off what were the markings on the wall? How long did the island exist? How did Jacobs mom get there?

2. The last episode was so confusing.
Was the island a purgatory? Did all that really happen? I though Edward was important?

There is so many things unexplained and they ruined the series. If it was so well written why where so many things left unexplained? I thank my opponent agian and wish him good luck
Debate Round No. 2


I also thank my opponent for his participation in this debate and his fantastic counter argument.

Why Babies Couldn't be Born on the Island

I apologize for not making myself clear earlier. What I meant by "Jack trying to reverse his fate" was when he detonated the bomb, hoping it would cause the plane to never crash, in the past. When this bomb exploded, it caused the electromagnetic energy within the SWAN station to be released. This energy caused pregnant women to die before being able to deliver their childs.

Examining further into it, it is clear there were no problems with child birth before the detonation. Amy gives birth to Ethan with no problem whatsoever, and it is viewed as a normal occurence within the Dharma community.

Eloise was pregnant with Faraday at the time, the Other's had no concern whatsoever for Eloise's unborn child.

When Eloise assisted Jack and Sayid to dismantle Jughead, Richard warned Eloise that she shouldn't be around radiation while pregnant.

Not so soon after this, electromagnetic energy is released throughout the entire island, and from then on the Other's kidnap babies.

The writer's didn't implement these clues for no reason whatsoever.

"Moving the Island is Unpredictable, we Only do it in Emergencies"

I quote my opponent:

"Ben says "moving the island is unpredictable we only do it in emergencies". So how come there weren't any other time travelers? And how come theses time travelers didn't inter mingle with the other time travelers? And why didn't they make any alternate universes?"

First of all, I would like to say that I consider this statement unneccesary, for it is out of the bounds of the story. The narrative of LOST focused on the survivors and the conflicts that arose on the island. Implementing this into the story would have no use, and would only take away from the plot.

What would it be like if randomly some stranger popped up out of no where, and told Hurley how he is from 200 years from the future? Imagine he talks about how Hurley's great grandson moved the island and now he is travelling through space, and then there is 5 episodes about this stranger's universe, who we don't care about at all.

Does this mean that there were never other time travellers? No, maybe there were, it's just that we don't know. For all we know, this was the first and only time the island was ever moved.

"Unsolved Mysteries"

1. " what was that statue and why did Jacob live in it?"

That statue was a statue of the Egyptian Goddess Tawaret. It is evident throughout the series that at some point in the island's history, it was inhabited by ancient egyptians. Across the island, there are various egyptian heiroglyphics, and even a temple. This statue adds more emphasis to their past presence.

Inside the statue's inner chamber, there is a tapestry, which has some answers to the Egyptians' past.

I now quote Lostpedia:

"Jacob's tapestry depicts a pair of wings outstretched from an encircled Eye of Horus, and what appear to be seventeen long arms emanating like rays out from the eye. The hands at the ends of the arms grope for nine human figures who appear to be at the mercy of the hands, while on either side a king sits in a throne and observes.

In the row below, seven human figures dance to the music of a lone harpist on the right, for eight figures total. Four water jugs sit on the floor amongst the dancers.

Several rows below that, figures labor to harvest wheat.

The row beneath that depicts three heavily crewed Ancient Egyptian sailboats debarking from the Island, with the statue of tawaret in view on the Island's shore. (The portion of the tapestry showing the statue was at some point cut from the tapestry, and a fragment was left behind in Jacob's cabin, pinned to the wall by Jacob's knife.)"

Regarding why Jacob lived within the statue, he lived inside of it because he wanted to. I don't remember anyone asking why Yoda lived in a shack on Dagobah, in Star Wars: Episode V.

2. "Why were those numbers bad luck?"

This mystery is sort of half solved and half unsolved. We know that the numbers were directly waited to Jacob's candidates, who were all tied and bounded to the island from fate and destiny.

4 - Locke

8 - Reyes

15 - Ford

16 - Reyes

23 - Shephard

42 - Kwon

We can assume that the reason these numbers appeared so often, was because of the candidates' connection with the island. Whether or not the numbers were bad luck is unclear, maybe Hurley was just crazy, we don't know.

3. "Why was there an alternate universe due to an explosion?"

I am saving this one for the "Last Episode" section of my argument.

4. "When the alarm in the hatch went off what were the markings on the wall?"

The red and black hieroglyphics from the failure sequence were translated by Damon Lindelof to mean "underworld", although Carlton Cruse noted that they are "subject to interpretation".

5. "How long did the island exist?"

This wasn't explicty answered, however I don't think it even matters. We know it existed back to the times of the ancient egyptians at least. Again, I don't think the age of the island really matters and was never really a mystery.

6. "How did Jacobs mom get there?"

Again, I don't think this really matters.

The Last Episode

I understand that the last episode is highly criticized, in my personal opinion it is very well done and emotional. The subject and nature of the flash-sideways is highly misunderstood by people. However if you pay close attention to the dialogue and such, the nature of it becomes perfectly clear. This has all been confirmed by the writer's as being true.
I'll try to explain it as best I can.

Everything that happened on the island, really happened. The island is perfectly real, everything that happened there was real. They survived the crash and everything that we saw happen throughout the series, really happened.

"You're real, everything that has ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church, they're all real too." - Christian

Some people died on the island, some examples are Boone, Charlie and Jin and Sun. Some people died off the island, such as Kate and Sawyer. We can only expect Kate died a old woman.

Kate tells Jack about how she's missed him so much, so we can only imagine all the years she lived without him. The reason they all look young has multiple reasons, one is we can expect ourselves to be in our youthful bodies in the afterlife. Two, is that they saw each other just how they remembered each other, Jack never saw Kate as a old woman, so he remembered her as she was on the island.

The reason they were all together at the same time within the Flash-Sideways world, is because there is no such thing as time there. It is one continous everliving dimension.

Christian: Everyone dies sometime kiddo, some of them before you, some long after you.

Jack: Why are they all here now?

Christian: Well there is no now, here.

The island was such a important part of their lives, and the people they met on the island were such a important part of their lives, that they felt they couldn't move on to the afterlife without them. Everyone cared so much about each other, that they felt they couldn't move on, at all, without them.

Thus they created this "Flash Sideways" purgatory state like realm to find each other and move on together.

Christian: Well this is a place that you, that you all made together so that you could find one another. The most important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people, that's why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone Jack, you needed all of them, and they needed you.

Jack: For what?

Christian: To remember and, let go.

I hope that cleared things up for you, as for the atomic bomb creating the flash-sideways realm. It is not clear that if it did or not, I personally believe it didn't. For it was a place they created together. I believe the bomb soley sent them back in time, that is all.

I am interested in reading your response, and I wish you the best of luck!



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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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