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Louis Van Gaal should be sacked

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Started: 1/28/2016 Category: Sports
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Pls accept this debate. Manchester United are in the nervous and uncertain position about sacking their current manager and head coach Louis Van Gaal. The Dutchman arrived at old trafford with the nickname "King Louis."His first season was dramatic, at the same time pleasant for the former Holland manager but after spending more then $350 mil he had to do better than a top four finish. United ended up finishing in the top 4 with prevliges of champions league football which they had missed that season. 2015 got off to a fairly pleasing start , with only 2 losses till late november and there new young striker showing his class individually and for the team. Uniteds style of play was continua sly dropping in class and attraction. The fans described as "BORING" and no attacking football. Uniteds cause was not helped when they went on a 6 games streak without any wins and also being knocked out of the champions league.Game by game the style of play became less attractive . Not only the style was dismal but the results were pathetic. Now 5 reason man ute needs to sack Van Gaal are simple
1. He doesn't know his best team
2. He can't be trusted with transfers, spent so much and none of them have delivered much
3. He puts too much faith in misfiring Wayne Rooney
4. Van Gaals so called "philosophy' is baffling


I will accept this debate.

To start off with, let's have a look at the BPL table.

Manchester United are in 5th place as of February 1, 2016. 5th is considered a rather good position by many football (soccer) fans in a 20 club league system. 5th place grants a position in the group stage of the Europa League [1]. This is not a bad position to be in, and while it isn't the Champions League, qualification for European competition is a success.

Second, many of your arguments are opinions, and not fact. Below, I will respond to your five arguments.

1. He doesn't know his best team

It is normal for a manager to experiment with his players. Van Gaal is still relatively new to Manchester United, and has only had one full season to work with what he has available. David Moyes left Van Gaal with a lot of problems, especially an aging Wayne Rooney.

2. He can't be trusted with transfers, spent so much and none of them have delivered much

The solution here is quite simple. Like many other clubs, Van Gaal should not be granted full control of the transfers. Very few managers know what they're doing 100% of the time when it comes to transfers, such as J"rgen Klopp. The board should cooperate with Van Gaal to prevent bad transfers from occurring.

3. He puts too much faith in misfiring Wayne Rooney

Rooney is aging, and age 30 is a difficult age for any striker to play football like they did at younger ages. Very few strikers in the history of the sport have been able to keep incredible form of the past as their age advances. Rooney can still play, however, as we saw from a curler in the 4th round of the FA Cup this past week. As for Van Gaal's trust in Rooney, who else does he have to turn to? He uses Martial, but besides him, there are no other high quality strikers at Manchester United. He cannot sign someone until the summer window now, so Rooney is one of his few options.

4. Van Gaals so called "philosophy' is baffling

Van Gaal's philosophy is similar to that of Barcelona: control possession, pass the ball, and wait to pounce on mistakes made by the opposition's defense. In order for this style of play to be successful, every player has to be comfortable with the style and controlling the ball. Van Gaal had some bad results with this style in the beginning, but 5th place in the table reflects that players have begun to become accustomed to this style of play. This process always takes time, but if you look at highly successful Barcelona, it does work.


This is a solely opinionated view, and while their football may be boring, what is important is good results and securing league position. At 5th place, boring might not be so bad for Manchester United.

This concludes my opening statement.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all i would like to thank you for accepting this debate. Let me say that chopping and changing the squad every game is not bringing a balance to the style of play or the team. A recent poll suggested that 80% of fans think Van Gaal should be fired . let me tell you something, just before United played newcastle i was sticking with United but now i can't bear the fact that , you don't play well and don't win. Fine if u play well and lose that another story but not playing well and not winning is unacceptable. This is MAN UTD not Aston Villa. He has spent so much more and has delivered nothing. If u think 5th position is good u r terribly mistaken. This is Manu , we can't be 5th and play badly and not win. Hence what u said about 5th place being alright is nonsense. WHY would u not sack VAN GAAL when the team is playing badly, we are not getting results , and when u can appoint Jose Mourinho. 79% of fans say Mourinho is a great appointment and also i think that Henry knows more about football than u so just saying even some football legends have said that VANGAALOUT. Im sorry to say that if Moyes left Van Gaal with a bad team then that means Sir Alex left a bad team for Moyes which by the way won the epl. Do your history before u accuse Moyes of the problems because as i said van goal spent over 200 mil and also Moyes has a better win percentage then Van Gaal . And last time i checked Moyes managed Everton and Preston North End while Louis has managed Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich . Dont take this in the wrong way, I'm not saying that Moyes was a legend for manu, I'm saying the stats shows "The Chosen One" is recking "King Louis of Vanchester" :D. Excuse me , u said at Barcelona his philosophy was successful. LOl . U r so wrong, i hope u remember that this is not the BS La Liga which i could manage Barca and win. This is the epl, where leister is kicking everyones back side. 2nd of all the Barcelona fans hated his style of play and philosophy . I doubt u remember , ur only 14. I must say u r quite good at debates for ur age but u must cover all aspects and word of advice, for the second argument don't use information from the net. Nothing can help u argue ur way out of this, I have plot holed u at every corner and i continue to do so. "Boring might not be so bad'... Hello 5th is not manu and according to Van Gaal is not him either. U said my arguments are opinions well so r urs. I just gave the facts . Can i tell u another fun fact . Van Gaal admits himself he might be sacked. U said that Moyes left Van Gaal with and raging rooney. 1 , Van Gaal tried Falco and Van persie, U r thick to think that Rooney gang is Moyes fault. 2 Moyes is not God that he can change Rooneys age. 3 U r saying that Van Gaal should stay because u r clearly not a manu fan and this suits u perfectly that manu r failing. :D PLOT HOLED. If we had lost to liverpool we would be 7th. U have completely lost this debate . Ur sources were terrible and well i was just too good. Take nothing away i am am far older than u. U did ok for ur age but i completely blew open ur statements. Once again PLOT HOLEd


First of all, let me just say, you are acting condescending, saying "you did ok for your age" when a toddler could use better grammar than yourself. Not to mention you didn't cite sources for any of those "facts" or "polls" you used. I can say for sure that I have better decorum than you. Also, you mentioned that the only reason I'm debating against you is because I'm most likely not a Man U. fan and the situation is ideal. I follow debate rules, and a big rule in debate is that opinions shouldn't affect the side you argue. You are the one that clearly does not know what they're doing.

In conclusion, I countered all of your opinionated statements with fact. In response, you used some facts without citing your sources, most likely made up ones.

Have a nice day, and please learn how to spell.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by HSamei1999 2 years ago
I feel sorry for whoever accepts this with the perspective of Utd fans. Unless they bring in the perspective of every club other than Man Utd, cause beating such a historical team is pretty damn amazing.
Posted by Citizen_of_the_Web 2 years ago
I doubt Van Gaal will sacked this season. I still believe Manchester still has a shred confidence in him (which is a mistake).
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