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Low paid workers work harder than high paid workers

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Started: 4/14/2016 Category: Society
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The toughest and most demanding jobs are those that typically have the lower pay rates. Nurses work harder than doctors. Truck drivers work harder than logistics managers. Toilet cleaners work harder than the cleaning company administrator, and so on. Why isn't this inequality an issue in the media? It seems the harder you work, the less you earn. How can we justify this with any kind of logic?


This is a very closed minded argument if I'm really honest.

Let's just say I am a Surgeon and you are a nurse. Why shouldn't I get paid more than you? I spent a long time training in University, not to mention the grueling unpaid work and study just to get into Pre-med.
It takes me approximately 4 years to get a Bachelor's Degree. I spend another 4 years to get my Medical Degree. After medical school I do a residency program, this will last 3-7 years depending on my specialty. I might even have to spend an additional 1-3 years of post doctoral training through a fellowship program. Now I have to get my license and become board certified.

After all my studying and internships it doesn't get any easier. I have long work days, on-call days. Don't work 5 days like we take for granted. Surgeons actually have a life in their hands, adding even more stress and pressure to the job. Why shouldn't they have a higher salary? They have gone through extensive training, spent an ungodly amount in university fees. Salaries like these are denoted to the profession. I have nothing against nurses (btw), but if it was a high income profession they were seeking they sought the wrong one. Some people do it for the love of the profession, nevertheless they know the average salary before they become a nurse. All professions are difficult. If there is a simple job that pays the big bucks, sign me up!

What you really should be asking is why shouldn't we do away with social welfare?? Why do we continue to provided financial support to those who don't work AT ALL?! Some of these don't meet qualifications for get a job. Shouldn't the aid go the educating these individuals with skills, so they can attain an income?

What about criminals? e.g. Drug-dealers who don't pay tax and risk the lives of others. what about celebrities? They're earning millions, they break all the rules, they endorse products so WE buy them!

You can't simply determine which jobs are harder than others. Have you done them all?
Debate Round No. 1


Your argument implies that a person should be paid according to how much education and training they receive. Education is a privilege that few people have available to them. Billions of hard working people all over the earth are being paid miniscule wages while many of the highest paid people barely know what hard work is. Having a high education is a luxury of the privileged few. To automatically expect to acquire a high paying job just because of your education level shows a gross pomposity of self importance; and this is an attitude that, if it can't be changed, should be legislated against in order to instill a more ethical society.

Nurses do the jobs that doctors do not want to do. They are the ones who do all the caring and looking after of the patient. They endure terrible situations, and they do this on comparatively low incomes. Some doctors on the other hand have what amounts to a cushy desk job. Being a doctor means to be a part of a fairly exclusive club instituted to exclude those who are already trapped in a societal prison of low economic status. The priveleged few think that they deserve the further privilege of a large income. If we lowered their wages, we could make them work harder while simultaneously making it easier for more people to become doctors, which would save more lives. At the other end, by raising the wages of nurses, we could get more people to become nurses, which would ease the burden of health care more so. It's a win, win, win idea. The fact that it can be so easily dismissed shows the ugly nature of mankind where it values the brutality of capitalism over human life.

personally, I have noticed that every time I was promoted to a higher paying role, my job got easier. I resigned from those jobs and I now work in a warehouse.


No my argument does not imply that. You said nurses work harder than doctors. Have YOU been a nurse AND a doctor? I wouldn't think so. How can you possibly compare one profession against another. It is ignorance at best. I agree education is a privilege. Maybe that should be the focus of your government. To achieve a University degree is common in my country, however with my degree I earn about minimum wage, maybe less if I'm desperate for a job. Those jobs and physically and mentally demanding, but i don't cry out that Veterinary Surgeons get paid more and their job is less demanding. That is the path they have chosen, and this is mine. To do so would resemble something like a kiddie tantrum.

Nurses do not want to do the job doctors do, otherwise they'd be doctors - not nurses. If we lower the wages of doctors, lawyers etc. then whats the point in the extra training and education. I wont bother be a doctor, I'd be a bus driver where i can sit on my behind all day. This debate is not on the injustice of nurses. You anger is misplaced, it is not Doctors that set the wage of the nursing profession. So lets say the majority of people then wanted to become nurses, then we'd have too many nurses. Then we cant afford to pay all the nurses, so then they get a wage decrease to allow all nurses to actually have work and some sort of an income.

What about home-care, the individuals that take care of the elderly? surely they deserve a pay rise.
What about vet nurses? They do all the jobs the Vets don't want to do. They are the ones who do all the caring and looking after of the patient. They endure terrible situations, and they do this on comparatively low incomes. Lets give them a pay rise too. Who else is next?
Teachers are empowering the young minds of today!! Those too.
And so on and so on.

Next thing we have is inflation, as peoples income increases so does the cost of living. Bubble builds, bubble bursts. Recession
What do you propose we do with celebrities?? They really rake in the big bucks! Cap them at minimum wage? Where do we put the rest of the money earned. Charity?
Your job got easier? I'm genuinely curious. Anytime I've gone up in rank, the responsibility is piled on and with that comes stress. And I'm the fall guy.

do you propose we all have an equal income?

There is income inequality in this world. Unfortunate, yet true.

** Apologies if there is no sources etc. as this seems more of an informal debate**
Debate Round No. 2


I have not been a doctor or nurse but I have spent much time around them as one of my children was very sick and nearly died. I was by his side for a long time and saw the effort put in by nurses as apposed to the doctors. The nurses put in at least 200 times the amount of effort in keeping my boy alive. I will say no more about that. I think it speaks for itself.

Vetinary surgeons are overpaid. Why even have vets? If we shot all the sick animals there would be no need for vets at all. Vets are a waste of money. It is stupid American things like pet insurance that has pushed up the price of vets - something that the vets themselves probably lobbied for in order to gain more wealth - a symptom of greed bought on by the overpayment of vets.

Bus drivers do deserve a pay rise. Driving a bus is not just about sitting on your bum. A bus driver may endure all kinds of danger from the public. Unlike vets, they are responsible for the safety of all the human lives on board - a responsibility that is greater than the responsibility of a vet.

Lawyers should not be paid the extravagant fees that they demand. Lawyers are the true scums of the earth, always manipulting the truth in favor of the entity with the most money. They don't care about truth or ethics or morals, all that takes a backseat to money. They are the antithesis of all that my argument stands for.

Increasing minimum wages does not hurt the economy. Every bit of historical evidence shows that lowering or maintaining low minimum wages stagnates the economy while stimulus packages help avert economic collapse. It is simple logic: if people can't afford to buy stuff then businesses will fail.

The so called "stress" of higher paying jobs is an absolute cop out and an outrageous excuse to proclaim entitlement to luxury. Billions of people around the world can barely feed themselves, yet they work grueling hours in conditions that the likes of you would not be able to tolerate for a minute. Do these billions of people deserve a further pay cut because they are not as "stressed" as you? Do you want to take more food out of their children's mouths so that you can maintain your unjustifiable income?

Hard work deserves proper remuneration. Those who have high level jobs need to humble themselves for humanity, or else be legislated against by a wage reduction. Perhaps they should even be made to work for free. After all, they already have decent houses to live in. Most people in the world have absolutely nothing. The privileged people should be made to work for the unprivileged. Not the other way around as it is today.


Firstly, do not project any of your arguments into me. It's ignorant and aggressive. You do not know anything about me or my life or my "unjustified income". Your issue is due to a chip on your shoulder, cause of I will not begin to guess. It is impolite.

To say we should abolish livestock. Is unbelievable, that selfishness has caused the world to become what it is.
They have given US so much I can't even begin to educate you on this. They have given us food, when we would have starved. They provide sport and entertainment. Humankind would not survive without all gods creatures big or small. This Earth is not ours, we merely share it. I do not like bees but they are vital to our environment. If there was no need for vets, then there really would be no vets. Supply equals demand and all that.

Do not manipulate this debate with your stories of sick childten. I am sorry to hear about your child, that is not a nice thing for parent or child to endure. My mother had cancer, the nurses were so kind to her. And I am forever greatful for them, as I am for the doctors. Without them she might not be with me today. I couldn't imagine a world more bleak, than one with my mother in it. They performed the surgery, they had diagnosed her and nurses cared for her. Wages for each profession are correlated to supply and demand. The least popular professions had higher wages because of fewer individuals seeking that career. Like tree surgeons, horse riding, oil workers etc. get danger money.

Maybe America is not for you? Maybe that's were this issues are coming from, your own dislike of your own country. Because all these issues have been looked at before. If the world was perfect we could all have the same wage and then the career everyone sought is out of pure love for the job and not overshadowed by greed or to seek a better life for themselves.
Now don't say only the privileged get education. My parents came from large families, not enough food, clothes or beds but they did the best the could. And between them built a more comfortable life for themselves and their family. I'm so grateful, I know the clothes on my back and my education is a product of hard work and devotion.

And when I have my own family I will give them everything I didn't have because that's all we would ever want for our children. To be loved and happy, to know no struggles. That's impossible, doesn't mean I won't try. You can never have it all, even the highest paid celebrities have depression and internal struggles. Because they have all the riches in the world but not much of a life, not a life they are free to do what they please with. But that's the sacrifice they made, and the sacrifice people in demanding jobs make. To work long hours and might not get to see their kids as often as they'd like. Money is a trivial thing to argue. Any life is a blessing. Health is a blessing, and if we are unfortunate to become ill - luckily there are well trained medics to take care of us. And what is a life worth to you? What are your children's lives worth, your pets? Wouldn't you give them the clothes of your back if that's what they sought?

Maybe I should get a pay rise from driving my car? Same thing really? I face all kinds of treachorous conditions from dangerous drivers.

And if business fail? Economics argue the way out of a recession is to spend and spend. To pump money back into the economy. What about those business owners, who have now lost their only source of income. Never had the privilege of education and became a business person.

If you had a job that paid you well, then what's your problem. You had luxury in your hand and you turned it down? Because that is your decision. You made it, so you can't complain.

Higher paid workers are not taking food out of anybodies mouths. That notion is ridiculous, the best I can do if support local businesses and try and save for university. Those are third world countries who don't have enough resources. There are doctors, nurses and teachers who volunteer, charities who devote their life to help world hunger. Lawyers taking a pay cut won't resolve this.

No one should have to work for anyone freely against their wishes, what you discribed is discrimination and slavery.
I will end this round. Your angst on life is disappointing, I also hope for a better life for everyone and children in particular. But aggression like so will not succeed in doing that.

Thank you for participating in this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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