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Luffy could beat Kaede (Elfen Lied) in a fight

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Started: 11/19/2013 Category: Entertainment
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O.k. The first round shall be acceptance. The second shall be our arguments. Third is counter-example based off of round 2nd. And 4th is conclusion.

I think Lucy Kaeda would beat Monkey D. Luffy in a battle.



Ok, I accept :D

Debate Round No. 1


While it's true Monkey D. Luffy is made of rubber, and rubber is very hard to destroy, plus his abilities to propel his limbs rapidly to deliver a much stronger hit, he still cannot compare to Kaede's Vectors. They can stop the majority of projectiles unless they are of high density or velocity, just like Luffy. However, coupled with the fact that they are invisible and can cut through material or otherwise interact with the physical world. It would be as simple as throwing Luffy in the water and cutting his head off, and he would never know it happened.


Ok, I will list the abilities Luffy had after the time skip.

Luffy's Abilities according to the One Piece Wiki:
  • Stretching anywhere from 25-50 meters (This is mainly speculation, but by examining multiple scenes, its the most accepted range)
  • Gear Second: Increasing the speed of blood and heart rate, luffy gets a major boost in speed and strength, but uses lots of energy.
  • Gear Three: Pumping air through the bones to make them gigantic, although there is no accurate size, sometimes as big as buildings
  • Haki: A latent power in all living beings, there are three types luffy possessing two before time skip, Haoshuko Haki has the ability to overpower the will of others in a set radius, Luffy being able to knock out over 50,000 people with it with the battle against Hordy. The second luffy has is Kenbunshoku, which gives him a sixth sense, or the ability to predict the future, his final one Busoshoku haki, can harden his body, similar to that of Greed from Full Metal, and can be used in conjuction with his gears, it can also be used to create explosions (this is important, see how to destroy vectors)
  • Various hand to hand skills, including Gum Gum Rocket and Missle, which force is to that of a projectile.
  • Luffy can use one or more of his skills, like combining haki with gears.
Luffy has two weaknesses that could put him in danger while facing Kaede:
  • Luffy has a major weakness to water, if it goes above his knees, he will not be able to move, this is due to the devil fruit he partook of.
  • Easily Distracted, he will be drawn to things that are "cool"

The reason I made this match is that, technically both can win u

Now we need to examine Kaede too, according to the Elfen Lied wiki:

Kaede's ability is the possession of Vector's, telepathic arms, that based on their frequency, determines their destruction. They can do anything from lifting objects to tearing off limbs, they can lift, slice, and tear things, slicing though, can only be achieved on a level 3 frequency. Kaede frequency is usually in a medium frequency, which can lift and disrupt blood vessels.

Kaede's vectors range is from 1.4-5 meters through out the series. Though remains at 2 meters for the majority. Her vectors are mostly unstable, and act off her rage.

Kaede's biggest weaknesses is that she can suddenly change back into Nyu personality without warning, and if her horns are destroyed, she will not be able to use her vectors, this can be done by cutting or explosion.

She also has the ability of cell reconstruction, which is at a slow rate

Now that we have the main sense of the two's abilities, I will explain how Luffy has an advantage.

1. Luffy has the haki ability to sense when an enemy is about to attack, with this he has dodged a constant amount of bullets battling anyone from Aarlong to Rob Lucci.

2. Even though Luffy is obviously at risk of getting cut by Vectors, he has been able to miraculously survive fatal attacks, Getting sliced up by Kuro's invisible strike, Getting stabbed in the chest by Crocodile, and even getting stabbed by Lucci. He has been able to recover fully from each scar.

3. Luffy's haki ability to overpower others will can instantly knock out Kaede if her vectors are at a low frequency.

4. Luffy's Gear second will give him a major speed boost over Kaede, and a power boost that could easily hurt her, remember her vectors are her only shot at winning.

5. If Kaede tried to tear his limbs off, she would fail, only being able to stretch 5 meters at most, while luffy can stretch up to 50.

6. Third gear makes his skin as thick as steel, resisting cuts and bullets easily.

7. Luffy's multiple hand to hand combat attacks have been proven to be his best, every one of his victories using combat based attacks. Aarlong, Don Krieg, Kuro, Blueno, Lucci, thousands of poor soldiers, crocodile, and so on.

Ok, so lets examine some of his victories, and how they help his cause

- Lucci has a Doriki of 4000, in contrast, the avarage human being, with a marines training is 10. Using his Neko Neko ability, that number increases, he also has full power of Rohkushiki, which solidfies his body to be stronger than steel itself. He was defeated with Gumo Gumo Jet Pistol in gear second, which was repeated punches with the same force of nuclear missles.

- Crocodile had the ability to transform into sand, which could be used to become solid to the point where physical attacks do not have an effect, and metal could break on it. Also defeated using jet pistols, minus gear second.

- Kuro and Bellamy are fast enough that they cannot be seen with the human eye, Luffy on the other hand can see them, and this lead to their downfall. Vectors can be seen at certain velocities and when soaked in blood.

Now remember, this fight wouldnt be to the death, or at least not on luffy's terms since he doesnt kill people. So basically whoever were to be knocked out first wins.

I say luffy will win because his abilities and his will to survive rule out those of Kaede, his sixth sense would allow him to detect the vectors, any incoming attacks or future attacks, and their speed. He could overpower Lucy's will if her rage is contained early on in a fight, his gear two gives him a speed and power bost, and third gear can make his skin dense enough to the point that cutting it will be harder to do.

Luffy can miraculously survive fatal blows, and easily survive cuts and flesh wounds.

Top this off, his man to man combat skills are above avarage, and have been used to defeat all of his antagonists, though Kaede could survive a nuclear attack, how would she survive a constant non stop attack of blows that are the equilvalant.

Also due to luffy's ability to stretch, he can easily fight at a distance without worrying about getting sliced if combined with his Buso Haki.

Now for a trump card, he can make explosions using Buso, remember how Kaede turned into Nyu and lost her vector abilities after they were destroyed. Keep that in mind.

This is all i will say, I think its obvious Luffy would win, having a major advantage over Kaede for multiple reasons.
Debate Round No. 2


Wow, that was a lot more than I expected to be dealing with. You bring up many good points that are undeniable. Odds are, Luffy would win. He is not a very serious person, and probably wouldn't use any of his Haki until he became fully aware of how dangerous things are, but even then, things would still be difficult for Kaede. His good humor would keep Kaede calm, so rage could not overtake her, even if she seemed pissed. Kaede's only chance would be to distract him, which normally isn't her style of fighting. If she was angry, she could possibly let her vectors act separately of her own mind, which could hinder his Kenbunshoku to some extent, but not greatly. If she attacked right from the beginning, before Luffy get's serious, she might be able to decapitate him. Since I've never seen that happen to Luffy, I'd have to assume that is a way to kill him. But again, Kaede has a very small chance of beating him. Regardless though, she would still look good fighting :D


I highly doubt luffy's humor would keep Kaede at calm, probably piss her off more, thats just my thought.
Also luffy before even discovering his haki had always had an ability to sense incoming danger, so the chances of an instant decapitation is very low.

Anyways, nice debate, this was a topic ive had stuck in thought for a while that was had to find anyone willing to discuss it.
Debate Round No. 3
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