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Lyrical Challenge TWOOOOO

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Started: 10/11/2010 Category: Entertainment
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Ok, so since L forfeited two of rounds last time and I forfeited one of mine, we're going to do a rematch...

Same rules apply, I'm pretty sure L will want to go second...
(Here is what L posted in the original game)

== Background ==

Hip-Hop lyricists have touched upon all sorts of things -- poverty, love, violence, etc. This debate will demonstrate a lyricist's ability to be creative regarding a particular subject on command, and emphasize their versatility by deviating from conventional and monotonous topics.

== Debate Function ==

Thank you in advance to whomever accepts this debate.

In Round 1, Con must present a topic narrow enough to be of specific focus or emphasis, but broad enough to allow leeway on the debater's approach to the topic. For example, I might give my opponent the topic "Islam." In their verse, they may take a serious, sarcastic, humorous or concerned approach among others. They might rap about the mosque controversy, wars in the Middle East, Islamophobia or hell even a satirical description of "towel heads." The direction is limitless; however, staying relatively on point to the given topic is paramount to voting standards.

In Round 2, I will present a verse(s) on the topic Con assigned me in R1. I will also give Con a topic. Con will give me a new topic and so on and so forth until each of us have submitted 3 rounds of lyrics. In Round 5, I will explain why I should win -- i.e. better lyrics, better approach to the topic, creativity, complexity, etc. and Con will do the same in their final round explaining why they should win. Any possible conflict about assigned topics should be reasonably resolved in the Comments Section of the debate (hopefully this won't be an issue). For the most part, a debater is expected to be ready for anything, however, if an unfeasible challenge ensues they can bring it up in the debate itself and see how it pans out with voters in the end.

Good luck.


Thanks! I'll get this started with where we left off last time...

Topic: Lady Gaga

Good luck, TV!
Debate Round No. 1


Gaga, ooo, la-la
GAGA, ooooo, la-la
Born in New York City, in March of eighty six.
A girl born to make other popstars sh!t bricks.
From tapping away at the piano at the humble age of four.
To sold out concerts and records that continue to blast off and soar.
Open mic at eleven, sacked from Def Jam at age nineteen.
Her dream, take Madonnas place as revolutionary pop queen.
Now Gaga smashes them on the charts and on the stage.
These miming so-called artists are getting blown away.
Aguilera was jealous and said she didn't know if she was a man or not.
Now Gaga is more famous than she is and her last single was flop.
The ultimate? The best? The greatest? Legendary status?
Madonna of the 21st century, Pussycats dolls are cactus.
Just Dance is an antham for all the young people of today.
Drink yourself stupid, dancing the night away.
Paparazzi got stuck in my head for weeks and weeks.
That was before the platinum status had even peaked.
Hit after hit, topping the charts like The Beatles or Elvis.
I want to get a pin and pop all the bubbles on that dress.
Showing off like Bowie, rocking it like Queen,
Showy, like nobody else you've ever seen.
A manager or a producers wet dream.
Song-writer, singer, musician, producer.
Artists like this are the industries future.

Keep rocking Gaga.

Your topic is: The Living Dead


Thanks, TV. For this verse I decided to present it in a rap battle context, though I chose to base it around my opponent's chosen theme of the Living Dead (zombies) by including elements of many pop-cultural references to the topic, as well as certain key words regarding the theme to keep my rap focused on that subject.

== VERSE 1 ==

Yo... When I rap it's like the zombie apocalypse
So you gotta give me props when I spit
I climb up notches and sh!t, I'm at the top of this b!tch
I rhyme ahead of my time - a stopwatches click

Cuz I'm - like the Living Dead: paradoxical
Prodigal, Unstoppable, Knowledgeable of all that is possible
Or am I - like an animal, a cannibal you can't handle
Wear you down like a sandal - a vandal, a scandal

Don't mean to ramble but I - leave you torn and shred
Shoulda fled - now I'll leave you worn and bled
Wake up, fool, it's the Dawn of the Dead
You're a pawn, Shaun - I fed on you like bread

Num num num num - this battle's already been won
Guess where my next meal is coming from
I turn suburbs to slums with verbs slung from my tongue
Been cursed with urges to blurt superb verses for fun

Yours are worse, that's just the terse reality, son
I'll be lurking in the shadows of back-alleys with guns
Like a bizerk jerk waiting to murk ya, to try turning ya
Into one of my kind, so everyone everyone stops burning ya

I'm sure you're upset about not winning a battle yet
Just don't forget my level's where you'll never be at
Don't fret cuz we're gonna get you to be more like me
But the way I gotta do it ain't nicely, to put it precisely

I be - dissecting everyone's brains, that's why I'm so smart
Feed on your remains - that's why I've got so much heart
Rip you apart, then re-mold you to how I want you, stomp you
Chomp you from start to finish; you'll end up like swamp stew

See my intellectual prowess is infecting
Like an infectual virus is spreading
There's no telling just what I'm unveiling
I'm just dwelling on what I'm preparing

I'm gonna get you pinned down, take the fight from you
Take a bite of you, infect, inject and take the light from you
Maybe then I'll put some RIGHT in you
Cuz all along you've only had the WRONG inside of you

I'm sure I'll endure - tore up your corpse, no remorse
The source of my force is of course at the morgue
I'm the boss, no crosses tossed at me will thwart
The way I'm about to tear you apart like divorce

Resident Evil? No I'm the resident under-taker
That's cuz everyone's beneath me, I'm greater
If a president's present then I think who is evident
You're irrelevant, I'm eloquent and intense, you hater

It's common sense, no suspense unless you're dense
We're coming for you, you've got no defense
Leave you penned up in a mall, hiding behind a wall
Either way we'll brawl, I'll leave you mauled

It's not your fault, compared to me you're small
I won't halt or stall - you're fated to crawl
Or barely walk at all... haven't you seen the zombies?
You dumb motherf*ckers'll follow me mindlessly like commies

But okay, anymore dissin' and you'll need a mortician
Stop, look and listen at your newfound position
What I'm saying isn't threatening, it's promising
I'm dark as the depths of hell but I bling like a diamond ring

== Opponent's Next Topic ==

I decided to try something a little different and give my opponent a few topics to choose from allowing him to take several approaches to his next verse, or overall just get creative. TV can choose from ---> Michael Jackson; Biggie vs. Tupac; Suicide; Government; The Spice Girls; Poverty. Good luck, TV!
Debate Round No. 2


I've chosen the topic of SUICIDE.
It kind of turned out more like a poem though. I suppose rap is poetry anyway.
The length of the verses is supposed to reflect how aware the character is…

Sitting here frowning; drowning in my own sorrow.
The path that I follow comes to an end tomorrow.
I make no apologies, fvck all of your eulogies.
There is no big a fool as me.
Got a bottle full of pills and two bottles of scotch.
Top notch, watch as I stop. Batteries out of my clock.
My time stands still, pop another pill, never pay another bill.
Don't have to put up with your bullsh!t.
My heartache was your thrill.

You laughed when I called you, at my suicidal thoughts.
You couldn't give a flying fvck,
so this is for everytime we fought.
Scoffing them down by the handful,
Washing it down with a mouthful,
Regretful turns to peaceful,
Not hateful, not doubtful.
Ripped my heart out by the hand full.

Stumbling through my shack now.
It's been empty since you left.
Too late for me to back down.
Life fell apart even though I tried my best.

Then like a shock, the phone begins to ring.
Though I've been mocked, knocked down and spat upon.
SomeTHING, tells me answer it before the fat lady sings.
"Hello?" I croak, I barely spoke. The room begins to spin.
"WHAT THE FVCK ARE YOU DOING?" I recognise the voice.
"I'm sorry, I have to do this. I've made my final choice."
"The ambulance is on the way, you fvcking mor…."
I can't stand. I wobble and fall down to the floor."
I'm crying.
I hear sirens
My time ends?


Thanks, TV! That was pretty awesome. For my second verse I was given the choice of topics between Atheism, Fashion, Quentin Tarantino, Microsoft, Deforestation and Hannah Montana. I chose the first one, atheism.

== VERSE 2 ==

In the name of the father, the son and holy spirit
They taught me about God slowly to mold me to hear it
The gospels, the good word, the good tales, the good work
The good verse, the shephards, the worst and the best herds
The hellions, the angels, the rebels, the saviors
Men turned to lepers cuz they chose bad behaviors
Til one day I started asking some questions
Couldn't make sense of the Bible's suggestions
I tried but even a child could see it's evident:
They lied, there's no evidence - rejected it ever since
Now that sh!t has no relevance
God, I'm losing my patience with Him: Atheism
Seems to pave the way for this lady's system
Religion's schism travels like pigeons
Everyone and their children warned that I'd miss Him
But there's - no room for Creation in the equation
Not opposed to persuasion but the theory is vacant
If God could hear me then maybe He'd change sh!t
Or maybe there's just no saving this strange miss
Cuz I'm - not like the rest, put to the test and I'll surpass
Left the theists behind, now I'm in a preferred class
I graduated from the paradoxical
Now I'm educated on that which is logical
Yes I'm in a position to be a logician
God's not a magician, that's superstition
I'm super dissin on those who chose intuition
They need an intermission from their inner mission
So they start thinking which usually leads to admission
That only the bleak and needy are Christian
Look - God ain't what He pretends to be, He suspends the weak
It don't make sense to me, I wish my friends would see
Oh you'll pray for me? It don't pay to me
I told the pastor I don't need a master - that's slavery
But I get it... God's your beloved, still I'm above it
Excuse me if I refuse to be a puppet
I usually choose truth - the universe erupted
Combusted, this way, that way, some attribute it to Yahweh
Who's not exactly human but still He got a MySpace
And TV evangelicals with big greedy testicles
I can't believe what they say to non-intellectuals:
"Send money to my place, on this random highway
And then you'll go to heaven when you die, k?"
"Here here put money in this basket, it's for charity
Don't worry what your sonny does with Father Flarety"
It's a sham, the plan's a scam, the greatest in history
God's a facade - that's not odd or a mystery
Danielle means "Only God can judge me" so let's hear my verdict
Oh wait no one's above me - guess that's my Atheist burden


For the next verse I decided to let my opponent choose from any of the topics he's given me thus far :)
Debate Round No. 3


So I got drunk today and forgot about this. >_<
Anyway, it's two in the morning and I managed to throw together 4 mini raps about...

Reservoir Dogs
Are you gonna bark all day little doggy, or do you bite?
The story of events surrounding a botched jewel heist.
Harvey Keitel plays the cool, calm, collected Mr White.
Tim Roth's the undercover cop, causing the guys to fight.
Mr Blonde's fvcking crazy, dancing and torturing cops for fun.
Mr Pink lives through the final shoot-out but dies trying to make a run.

Pulp Fiction
Opening scene, Pumpkin and Honeybunny decide to rob a restaurant.
If any of you fvcking pricks move and I'll execute every last one of ya.
Winston Wolf gets called in to help Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega
The Bonnie Situation requires cleaning itty bitty bits of brain out of the car
Mrs Wallace was in a pilot, Fox Force Five, she wants to be a TV star.
She snorts pure herion and needs an adrenaline shot to the heart.
Royal with Cheese, Big Kahuna burger with a tasty beverage.
Marcellus Wallace tells Butch is past his prime for leverage.
Butch has to go back to get his father's lucky gold watch.
He knocked out the gimp and shot Zed in the crutch.
(Samuel L Jackson is a Bad Muthafvcka)

Kill Bill
The Bride wakes up pissed, a shot in the head put her in a coma.
Goes on a murder spree more gory than a movie made by Troma.
A master killer trained by Pai Mei to defeat enemies at an inch.
She'll kill the deadly viper squad one by one until the finish.
Elle Driver gets her last eye plucked out, left for dead Bud's trailer.
Vernita Green gets a knife in the chest for her part in the betrayal.
O-Red and her Yakuza army get sliced and left in a bloody heap.
And Bill gets taken out with the five-point palm exploding heart technique.

Inglorious Basterds
Last but not least is the mission movie, you couldn't go past it..
Lieutenant Aldo Rayne leads his team known as the Basterds.
Spreading fear and terror through the German army is their goal.
Never letting scalping the enemy or guerrilla warfare takes it's toll.
Shoshana is the lead. She's going to blow up the whole Third Reich.
Rigs the cinema to burn down on Nations Pride's opening night.
Finally the Jewhunter, he thought his master plan was without flaw.
But Apache always leaves survivors marked, that's for damn sure.

As L pointed out in the comments, I 'dun goofed' (lol) and forgot to put the 5th round, so when she posts her final rap (keeping with the theme, she can choose one of the subject's she's given me for her final round) we can post a nice chunky post about why we should win in the comments or skip that part all together. It's up to her.


Thanks, TV. I guess we can skip the arguments portion; I'll post an RFD at some point in the Comments Section and that should be enough analysis. For my final verse I was extremely pressed for time (sorry for waiting until the last minute, but you know I've been busy in NJ) and I kind of combined the topics of government and poverty I offered to my opponent in a previous round. Thanks again for the "debate" and I look forward to Lyrical Challenge 3 ;D

== VERSE 3 ==

Yo... Sometimes I think about my own situation
I get so caught up I forget everyone else in the nation
Seems things keep getting worse with each generation
There's been so much hating and not enough education
And I'd like to think if I were in a position to change it
That I would step up and not just be a replacement
For the apathetic, problematic middle class
Another addict doing backflips for a little cash
Cuz that's unproductive, not to mention dangerous
But we're all destructive so let's just put the blame on us
I mean let's be honest for a moment about what's going on
I'm pointing fingers though I've got a hand in what's wrong
It's not that I'm selfish, I'm just a little self-centered
Hurricane Katrina's not a storm that I've weathered
But that doesn't mean that I should cover it or forget it
And not speak up about our government's pathetic
Excuses, they're useless, ruthless and selfish
Pretended they cared enough just to sell it
Juggled the press to convince that we're winning
But some struggled to make ends meet since the beginning
And I'm blessed with all kinds of white privilege
Game on: some kids are limited to scrimmages
Only exposed to cold and violent images
Not only on TV but on the streets that they're living in
Wish I could erase what they see but it is what it is my friend
Immigrants are not the only second class citizens
Gays can't get married for instance cuz it's not Christian
Which isn't supposed to matter in our ignorant system
Persistent to finish but these haters resiliant
Don't wanna relinquish equality to us cuz we're different
And somehow these mindsets control our public policy
Check out what I rhyme next cuz it wholly bothers me:
Out of all the murders that occur our suicide rate triples that
An evident epidemic - we can't afford a little slack
Wage slaves barely paid and they wanna cut welfare
Most can't afford mayonnaise let alone health care
We've sure seen better days, now on the road to fascism
I hate sexism, racism, ageism and classism
That's a bad system - we need to rise above the moron stuff
Don't listen to fluff, the War on Drugs is a war on us
But our corrupt and billionaire politicians don't listen
And won't put up or care cuz they're in a position
Of power but use it solely for their advancement
I'm fresh to death but our sh!tty system is rancid
And out of curiosity - when did we become this monstrosity?
Some are too chicken to speak up but I've got a lot of beef
Debate Round No. 4
13 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Qynze 6 years ago
Man, the one about Atheism is great....-_- I know I'm impressed!
Posted by J.Kenyon 6 years ago
Wow, you both did great! Lwerd obviously has insane rapping skills, and I think she got the best of this one.
Posted by tvellalott 6 years ago
Posted by tvellalott 6 years ago
I'm disappointed with my own raps too. It's much more difficult to rap about a theme that I realised >_<
Also, I didn't intentionally bite your rhyme. I actually thought that was the best line in my whole second rap. You've got awesome skills L. The only thing I can fault you on is the diss elements of your first verse.
We should do a rematch the the not to distant future
Posted by Danielle 6 years ago
RFD - I think my first and third verses were a lil better (feverish pretty much summed it all up) but I did think TV's 2nd verse was really good, and could have been seen more as a rap instead of poetry probably if it were rapped out loud with emphasis and emotion (I'm thinking something akin to Eminem). His 2nd verse though contained "Top notch, watch as I stop" and the verse I presented right before it goes, "I climb up notches and sh!t, I'm at the top of this b!tch. I rhyme ahead of my time - a stopwatches click" which is fairly similar. One thing I wish we both would have done more is try a more comedic verse, because I think that's actually a lot harder. I was hoping he'd do it with Lady Gaga and I was considering doing a funny one for the final verse though extremely pressed for time I just did what came out of me the easiest and fastest since I only had 2 hours to post. Overall this was fun and though I don't want to take on a new battle just yet (at least until I'm back in Illinois) I'd be looking forward to a rematch or something similar soon :)
Posted by feverish 6 years ago
Fun to read, nice alternative concept from a diss battle. L on form, creative and clever as usual, seems to be particularly prolific at the moment and could probably cobble together a couple of albums worth of material from all the lyrics she's written on DDO :) TV, less impressive than usual I thought here, the Gaga and Tarantino raps didn't really spark that much, just kind of straight up descriptions with simple and somewhat forced rhymes. The middle verse on suicide was much more engaging, but as you said yourself, it had more the feel of a classical modern poem than a hip hop verse.
Posted by tvellalott 6 years ago
>_< Damn.
Posted by Danielle 6 years ago
You dun goofed. This debate was supposed to be 5 rounds; the final round is supposed to provide the analysis of why you thought your raps were better lol.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
I was hoping you'd choose Quentin Tarantino.
So I suppose I'll choose it. :D
Posted by SaintNick 7 years ago
Ha ha ha ha ha never thought I'd see the day rap battles were done on this website. Good job guys! How many of these do you have? "I want to pop all the bubbles on Gaga's dress" ha ha.
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