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M.C. Hammer cannot touch this.

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Started: 10/26/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be arguing as the pro that M.C. Hammer cannot, and will not, touch this.

M.C. Hammer- The singer of the song in this video. . He may also be referred to as Hammer, MCH, and M.C. in this debate.
This- Me.

I offer these for clarification, this is not a semantic debate. I define this narrowly so that the debate may have a more simple focus on what MCH can and cannot touch.

First round is acceptance, second round is arguments, third is rebuttals and closings.


I accept.

I will be arguing that M.C. Hammer can touch you.

I look forward to the opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, I look forward to this debate.

There are a few reasons MCH can't touch this.

For MCH to touch this, it would require him to find me first. I have already made efforts to conceal myself from him, so much, that I am a man that he can't touch. Regardless of how he tours the world, from London to the bay, he shall not find me along his way.

Secondly, I shall escape him. No man nor woman can make chase in Hammer Pants [1]. For if one cannot mount a skateboard wearing hammer pants, how shall he catch me on A Bicycle [2]? I told you man, he can't touch this?

Third, M.C. Hammer is mortal. This means that though his pants may protect him for now, if he attempts to touch this, it shall not be Hammertime. Worse, it will be his doom. If MCH is neutralized, he most certainly can't touch this.

You'll know I told you, he can't touch this.

[1] See the video
[2] Marvel at his speed.


You're quite mistaken in your belief that Hammer can't touch you. One must understand that as Pro you have a responsibility to prove that Hammer can't touch you, and to do so in an objective manner. This means that showing MCH is unlikely to touch you is not enough. You must show that he can't touch you. If his song was called "You Are Unlikely to Touch This" it would be a rhythmic disaster and a marketing flop. MCH, being a living being, has the capability of finding anything that does indeed exist, including you.

Now to address Hammer Pants. While Hammer Pants are a notable cause of concern when talking about movement in general, we have to remember that the woman in the video is not on a skateboard, but intead a Rip Stik. (Fiendishly more difficult to ride, and thus irrelevant). MCH himself moves just fine in his video. Also, he has the possibility of catching you, which is all that matters. Same logic applies to the bike (which broke apart.)

Debate Round No. 2


letusdebate forfeited this round.


My opponent failed to address my arguments or even bother to respond. Vote clearly goes to Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wjmelements 6 years ago
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
what the %$^& is this debate about??
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Reasons for voting decision: This was essentially a 2 round debate. By forfeiting the last round, Pro drops each of his own arguments and concedes Con's points.