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MInecraft PC is better then Minecraft Xbox

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Started: 2/25/2015 Category: Games
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We all know Minecraft is best played on a PC for many reasons, Im no expert on Xbox version but i do know its many updates behind the PC version. I mean they just added horses LOL, if you want a good skin sureeeee go ahead and buy some, or download them on the PC. Same with texturepacks, In Xbox they cost money, but PC you can download them for free. And dont get me started on MODS.


I would first like to thank my opponent for creating this debate, and would like to point out that I do enjoy pc gaming a bit more than console gaming, however after trying Minecraft on both the PC and Xbox, I believe that Minecraft is better on Xbox rather than PC. As a brief roadmap I will be discussing first the general gameplay, then the multiplayer experience and finally how you can exploit modifications to the game.

The first thing I want to bring up is a small point but valid point anyways. Minecraft of the PC costs $26.95, where as it costs $20 on Xbox, meaning to start experiencing the joys of Minecraft it is cheeper on the Xbox. To argue what controls are better keyboard or controller is a rather pointless because when it comes down to it, that is just a personal preference. Though it is true that minecraft on the Xbox is a few updates behind the PC version this does not mean that this is worse because a lot of the times we will see new features added in the PC version but then modified or even removed a few patches later so when this patch roles around for the Xbox the features have already been tested and modified to perfection.

The next main point I want to discuss is the general Multiplayer experience. One of the biggest points when it comes to multiplayer is the fact that voice chat is a part of Xbox minecraft, where as in PC though it is true that you can use voice chat with programs like Skype, you can only voice chat with friends on Skype but not with every person on the server, leaving Pc minecraft users limited to text chatting with strangers. Additionally one problem you will run into a lot in multiplayer on the PC version is people griefing or destroying your creations. The best way to prevent this is to use a private server, but on the Pc version it costs to set up and maintain a private server where as in Xbox this is a free and provided service allowing anyone to play with only their friends if they want to or to go onto a normal server with complete strangers if that is what they want to.

Finally I want to bring up the pros and cons of modding. Though it is true that you as an individual can instal and use mods onto minecraft on the PC to add a new experience to the game this modding feature has also been used a lot in the multiplayer experience to "use hacks" like making yourself invincible spawning in items and flying and though this might make it fun for you it will ruin the experience of other players on the server. Though servers try to prevent mods they are always one step behind moders.

For these reasons I believe that the Xbox version of Minecraft is superior to the Pc version. Thank you for creating the topic and I eagerly await your reply.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok those are some good points, Sure i would love to play with my friends, but you need xbox live which cost like $5-60$ (i think) so $20 + $5 (xbox live) =$25 so it basically cost the same if u wanted to play multi-player. But would u want to wait so long for an update, PC will always be one update ahead, and minecraft PC multi-player is fun, free, and can play with people allllll around the world. Plus What about all the servers that can only be PC (hypixel, Mineplex, ext). Your move, have any other arguments?


I would once again like to thank you for debating with me.

Your point with Xbox live is very valid and does bring the prices closer but the two things I want to mention about this is the fact that Xbox live is not only used for minecraft thus the five dollar price can be divided by all the online games your own, additionally even with the higher price it is still almost two dollars cheeper than the PC version.

Next I want to address your point you brought up about multiplayer on PC being free, fun, and you can play with people all around the world. These are all qualities of PC multiplayer but also Xbox multiplayer, it is also free, fun and you can choose if you want to play with people all around the world or just with a select group of friends to avoid trolls and such. If you want to play with only a select group of friends on PC you either have to pay for, set up, and host your own server or play on LAN which is only with people in the same house as you.

Once Again I wish to mention the point that thought the PC version is ahead in updates it is like the "test subject" of the updates with kinks and other problems having to be fixed in the next patches, while the Xbox version, though it does come later, will not have to deal with these problems and will get only the best quality.

The last point you brought up is the point of Pc exclusive servers and sure there are some, however there are also servers with only Xbox users and as I have said before Xbox allows people to have servers with friends only for free.

Finally I would like to restate my points that Xbox minecraft provides in game voice chat while the PC version does not, also it successfully protects servers against people using mods to make themselves more powerful than others ruining their experiences.

I eagerly await your reply.
Debate Round No. 2


i always enjoy arguing with a fellow gamer (sorry my responses have not been long)

Ok again, really strong arguments, But the $5 for all games don't really matter because multi-player is free on PC (comes with the game). Well I know how to make a non-lan and free server, its easy. Well if it wasn't for PC then you would have to suffer the bugs, and it all works out in the end. Lastly when making a server, the game will tell u to protect your server, (being a server owner) and also mods dont work on servers unless admin/owner. Can i continue this tomorrow i have a really busy schedule.


jarlbank forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Rainbowk_18 3 years ago
PC minecraft came out 3 years before Xbox, has way bigger worlds, free skins, free texture packs, and way a head of Xbox with updates. Sure Xbox minecraft is cheaper, but not if you want a different skin or texture.
Posted by coolkid1231 3 years ago
pc minecraft is way better
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Reasons for voting decision: Although I am very biased towards PC version, con provided a thorough analysis of this topic. In addition, affirmative failed to address all aspects of con's arguments. Although Con forfeited the last round, it is clear that he would have won regardless of forfeit.