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MLP:FiM is the best show ever

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Started: 2/24/2014 Category: TV
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic is the best show ever because it contains all genres of fiction, really catchy songs, and lots of awesome lessons. You will have to present reasons that another show is better than MLP:FiM.


I will argue that Mr. Roger's neighborhood is the best show ever.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, you need evidence.
While you did not prove much in round one, I will excuse that because I argued so less in round one as well.
So now to start off round two.
I argue MLP:FiM is the best show ever because it contains lots of drama and tension, enough suspense to keep the audience at their seats, yet enough comedy as well to keep the little kids, the intended audience, laughing at the release. Furthermore, there is a bit of romance in MLP:FiM, and this adds a very nice, not cheesy at all effect. Finally, the plot is very good and understandable in nearly every episode, some episodes even containing nice lessons and morals that any child, or even adult, could absorb and learn.
In conclusion MLP:FiM is the best show ever because of all this evidence.


I did that on purpose. I was saving the bulk of my arguments for the second round.

Reasons why Mr. Roger's neighborhood is better:

It was on for 33 years
It received an 8.4/10 average from critics
It teaches morals such as friendship, caring, showing compassion, and respect
It also is one of the most beloved series ever on television
Also, it is very original, and the guy who wrote it also stars in the show as himself.

I have listed facts as to why Mr. Roger's neighborhood is better, while my opponent has only listed opinions

Vote con.
Debate Round No. 2


Your Argument is very strong, and I only have one round left!
Well MLP:FiM has improved vastly, gaining much experience since generation one, and as generation four, has a much better animation. Furthermore, as seen on , MLP:FiM was number one best animated show, beating every other show!
In addition, even a movie is made based on MLP:FiM: Equestria Girls. Having a strong rating of 8/10 on imdb and a big fanbase, it is shown that many many fans support it, as shown in
Not only that, Mr. Roger's neighborhood has ended, and MLP:FiM is still airing, with lots of plush toys being on sale for it and even its own meme base, located on! On the other hand, Mr. Roger's neighborhood memes are very little and poorly made, as shown in , a search that came up after looking up Mr. Roger's neighborhood.
I also argue that MLP:FiM teaches lots and lots of lessons as well. Some of the greatest lessons are listed below.
"My friend Applejack is the best friend a pony could ever have, and she's always there to help any pony. The only trouble is, when she needs help she finds it hard to accept it. So while friendship is about giving of ourselves to friends, it's also about accepting what our friends have to offer."
"It's hard to believe that two ponies that seem to have so little in common could ever get along. But I found out that if you embrace each other's differences, you just might be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all!"
"we all have hidden talents, and if we're patient and diligent we're sure to find them. And as always, with good friendship and teamwork, ponies can accomplish anything!"
These are only some of the many heart-warming lessons!
Finally, there are some really catchy songs in MLP:FiM that really show the ponies' personality traits or strengthen the plot, one such as The Smile Song, which shows Pinkie Pie really knows how to cheer ponies up, another song "Bats!" adds creepiness to the episode and enhances Apple Jack's belief in the fact that she wants to chase the Bats away.
In conclusion, Mr. Roger's neighborhood may be good and appropriate for all ages, but it is a very old show. New beats old, MLP:FiM is very similar to Mr. Roger's neighborhood in the sense of trying to teach kids morals, but MLP:FiM does a better job!


Ok, sorry for posting so late. I have been busy though.

I have evidence to support my claim about the reviews being good [1]

Mr. Roger's neighborhood has won 4 Emmy awards and been nominated for 25. It has also won the Peabody award once [2]

This shows the the critics love the show.

It has also inspired the new hit TV series Daniel Tiger's neighborhood, which has garnered an average review rating of 8.2/10 [3]

Also, many people say Fred Rogers, the man who starred as himself in Mr. Roger's neighborhood had the same personality off TV as on TV.

Mr. Roger's neighborhood also has some catchy songs, such as Won't you be my neighbor and It's such a good feeling.

Thank you to my opponent for this debate.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
"I am against the MLP primarily because i know a few people who watch it, and dont rather like how they act." I hate that voter.
Posted by birdlandmemories 3 years ago
This was a good debate.
Posted by JasonMartin-327 3 years ago
I agree with the Pro. I used to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood all the time when I was like, five or seven. And honestly, I didn't understand like most of it, but I still thought it was a great show. And then, seven or five years later, I was introduced to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by my little brothers, who were eleven and nine. I wasn't paying attention at the time, but what I did pick up from those first two episodes, I found very extremely interesting. I guess at that point, you should be called a Brony, but I believe you should choose when and if you should call yourself a Brony. So I just want to say that MLP: FiM is the absolute best show, but of course because of my autism, I can truly enjoy it when I'm completely alone and paying full attention to it.
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Vote Placed by 00r3d 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I dont feel like going to ''. I am against the MLP primarily because i know a few people who watch it, and dont rather like how they act. Its not likely MLPs fault, but rather that's the audience it was directed to. Hes 20+ applying for med school.
Vote Placed by Actionsspeak 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I lean Con on convincing but not by enough to give points, and everything else seems to be a tie.