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MMA is better than Teekwandoo

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Started: 2/23/2015 Category: Sports
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1-MMA has grabs and submission technique.
2-MMA fighters have faster , less predictable techniques.
3-MMA fighters have more developed bodies, as they have to train not only their legs but arms, back, hip, shoulders and more


The statement itself is an example of "errors of comparison" fallacy as these things are like apples and oranges.

Tai Kwan Do is about self defense and more importantly it is about discipline. Even in Tai Kwon Do competitions, the sparring that is done involves only light contact where points are awarded for a light hit and the force of these hits are strictly regulated. Outside of sparring events, students are taught to respect all others and only use what they have learned to defend themselves and only as much as is absolutely necessary.

MMA is purely fighting for sport and inflicting as much damage on another person as possible.

Yours was a very vague statement. these two disciplines are very different in philosophy and practice. To the point that saying one is "better" than the other is highly erroneous.
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Posted by connorjfield 2 years ago
Better is a very vague term. try to be more specific for example stating it is more entertaining to watch or that MMA makes one a better pure fighter etc.
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