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Mac and Cheese is easier to eat with a spoon.

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Started: 4/2/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Mac and Cheese is easier to eat with a spoon rather than a fork. Here arre my reasons why:
(1)You can get more cheese in every bite.
(2)Its easier to shovel up a lot of noodles rather than stabbing them with a fork
(3) When you stab the noodles with a fork, they break apart and are hard to get on the fork prongs
(4) Its easier to get the last remaining noodles scraped out of the bowl.


Mac and Cheese is easier to eat with a fork.

1. You can hold on to the individual noodles so that they are easier to pick up.

2. The noodles will not fall off the fork onto clothing, causing you to take time to clean up. It is easier to pick up the last noodles left because you can pick up singular noodles easy with the fork prongs.

3. It is still easy to scrape up remaining cheese with a fork, especially because it does not have the awkward curve of a spoon that makes it difficult to eat the last bites of cheese from the bottom of the dish.

4. Eating with a fork gives you less noodles per bite, therefore making you eat slightly slower. This makes you savor the food and helps prevent choking. There have also been studies that have shown that eating slowly makes you less hungry so you do not have to worry about making more mac and cheese if you are still hungry.

Debate Round No. 1


(1)I dont know about you, but i dont think anyone in the history in eating has choked on mac and cheese. Most people dont want to eat slow anyways. They just want more of the tasty mac and cheese faster so that they can finish their bowl and go back to playing video games or something.

(2) I disagree with point number two.The fork is twice as hard to scoop up cheese because when you scoop it, it has nowhere to sit on. What i mean is the cheese isnt going to scoop very well onto the fork prongs.

(3)And there is no awkward curve on a spoon, actually the curve on the spoon fits perfectly intp the curves in the bowl! Imagine that!


1. There are no accurate statistics about the choking hazards of mac and cheese so you cannot assume that it is not dangerous. You can choke on anything.

2. If you are using a bowl, yes. But since we are assuming this theoretical person wants the easiest mac and cheese, they probably bought the microwave freezer kind that can be sometimes rectangular, like the ones I eat. The fork fits better in these, while the spoon completely misses the corner.

3. The fork is flat on the bottom so it can grab all the cheese. Also, the cheese is not completely liquid so it rarely falls off the fork. Source: Personal experience.

4. Eating faster, and eating more starchy foods increases the risk of dietary problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Those diseases/ problems take time and energy to take care of. It would be much easier to just eat less mac and cheese and stay healthy.

5. FYI a man did die over mac and cheese.
Debate Round No. 2


When I said nobody has ever died over Mac and cheese, I meant choking on it and dying. Also, what does not tearing Mac and Cheese at all have to do with spoon vs fork? Ladies and Gentledudes, we can clearly see here he is coming up with anything possible to help him win. He isn't using information that is corresponding to the question. Vote for Me!!!! :)


"He isn't using information that is corresponding to the question."

I disagree. I have been on topic the whole time. My fifth point in the last round was just an interesting factoid, not part of the debate. I am sorry that you saw it otherwise.

My points are clearly better than yours, especially since you used none in your last argument.

1. Forks make the noodles easier to grab.
2. They make you eat slower, allowing you to enjoy the food and not worry about making more.
3. Eating slower reduces the risks of dietary problems that are certainly NOT easy to deal with
4. Cleaner, you do not drop noodles or cheese on your clothes as often.
5. All other reasons already stated in previous arguments.

I have clearly won this debate, since I have been clearer and given more good arguments overall. You, have strayed off topic and put the focus on me instead of the mac and cheese.

You have also failed to cite a single source.

By the way, I am a girl, not a boy. I am offended that you assumed I was male.

Please vote for me, for the reasons stated above.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mangolife23 2 years ago
Man one vote and I lose a debate about mac and cheese. What a harsh world.
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Reasons for voting decision: Strong arguments from both sides; however con conceded from the beginning that eating with a fork is slower. Given that the resolution is that it is easier (not better) to eat with a spoon, this seems to support pro's assertion that the spoon affords larger mouthfuls and thereby makes the eating easier. Conduct for assuming con was male.