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Mac is much better than pc

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Started: 8/5/2012 Category: Technology
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I am a huge apple fan and also BELIVE that it is better than pc. Please if you read this. accept the challenge...


As a vehement critic of Apple and Apple products I whole-heatedly accept this debate!
My opponent does not specify, but since they have not offered any arguments, framework or definitions I'll assume that this first round is just for acceptance.

I look forward to a good round!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this challenge and good luck.

Ok first I will give some reasons

Very good spyware
It is rare to get a virus

Mac + Pc is better than just pc

More opportunity to graphic designers

More things out of the box (GarageBand, IMovie, IPhoto and more)

Also windows is not very user friendly as Mac.


= Introduction =
I want to start out by thanking my opponent for creating this debate. Again, I look forward to a good round.

= Definitions =
[1] Mac should be understood as a computer created by the Apple company

[2] PC should be understood as a personal computer. Specifically one which typically runs a Windows operating system.

= Framework =
Observation 1: The resolution states that "Mac is much better than PC". Therefore my opponent has a burden to show that not only are Mac computers superior to any other personal computer, but that they are exceedingly superior. No standard has been offered as to what that means, so it should be assumed that means Mac would be better than any PC in any and every area.

Observation 2: The burden of the Pro will be to prove that Mac computers are unquestioningly superior to any other personal computer. If they can do this they will win the debate, if not they will lose.

Observation 3: The burden of the Con will be to show that Mac computers are not superior to all other personal computers. They have several options of doing this, if the Con does any of the following; Proves that any personal computer is superior to Mac computers, Proves that Mac and PC are equal or shows that the arguments Pro presents are inadequate to prove the Pro stance, then Con will win.

= Arguments =
For the clarity of the voters, I will first be offering constructive Con arguments, then I will move on to refute the arguments presented by the Pro.

1. Price-
Apple is notorious for being overpriced, and with the frenzied appreciation many have for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTunes it is to be expected that apple computers cost what they do. A 13in MacBook pro, Apple's most popular computer, costs $1,199.00[4]. For only two more inches of display space (15in) it costs an additional $600.00.

You would think for a price like that Mac computers would have some insane processor right? Wrong.
The standard processor is an 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core. You can get that online for right at about [5]$212.00 and install it yourself. Apple shamelessly marks all of their products up by an insane amount because they know people will pay whatever price they ask for.

A fully customized Mac Pro desktop computer will run you $16,678.92. That's a fourth of the average salary.
Whereas a HP ENVY 17, a computer of greater computational power, only costs $1,499.99[6].

2. Customization-
Apple computers are a terror to try and upgrade, let alone customize. In fact Apple's official word on the subject simply shows you how to change the preset settings on their computers[7]. Apple's copyright bullying has made is almost impossible to change aspects of the computer, even if you want to do it yourself.

Whereas PC customization is so common that there are quite literally hundreds of different companies that make these computers. Windows can be installed on any computer, and it's widespread use is a testament to it's flexibility.
You can even build a PC from scratch perfectly specified to what you want and/or need[8].

3. User End Agreement-
Apple is greedy. End of story.
Their user end agreement policy dictates that apple claims ownership to everything you make using their software. If Adobe claimed that any artist who uses photoshop would have to pay them a 30% royalty for all images sold their editing software, people would naturally be outraged; this is exactly the same thing[9].

But it's even worse than just that. Say you use iBooks Author to write a story and submit it to Apple to be published, under their user end agreement if your work is rejected you cannot submit it to another publishing company[9].

No Window user end agreement has any such clause


Viruses & Spyware-
Microsoft Security essentials[10] is a free virus and spyware program. Problem solved.

Mac + PC-
I'm going to assume that when my opponent uses the term PC, they refer to Windows. The bare fact that Mac users need to have more than one operating system on them is a testament to Mac's lack of superiority.

Opportunities for graphic designers-
Extend third argument.

More things out of the box-
Not true, Microsoft comes standard with hundreds of out-of-the-box programs. MS Paint, Notepad, Windows movie maker, Windows media Player - plus there are the millions of programs downloads which only work on PC.

User Friendliness-
Not only is that completely opinionated, but Apple (alongside apple fans) is the only agent who makes that claim. In my own experience Mac computers are difficult to navigate, and their set-up is terrible to maneuver. The only reason so many people claim Mac computers are so easy to use is because there's nothing to them. What you see is what you get - and nothing more.

= Conclusion =
In conclusion, purchasing a Mac is not a good idea. They've been over-hyped due to the success of the iPhone and iPod. Mac Computers are pretty devices, but all you only end up paying for a shiny computer and a name Brand. In the end, your paying for a brand.

Mac computers are not better than PCs. Not in terms of performance, not in terms of price and certainly not in terms of ease of use.

I urge a vote for the Con.

= Sources =
Debate Round No. 2


xXECLIPSEXx forfeited this round.


Oh well. Extend all arguments, have some Legend of Zelda Tetris.
Debate Round No. 3


xXECLIPSEXx forfeited this round.


Great advice for all you guys!
Debate Round No. 4


xXECLIPSEXx forfeited this round.


Funniest RFD challenge!
Debate Round No. 5
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