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Mac (pro) vs. Pc (con)

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Started: 10/15/2013 Category: Technology
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The first round is for acceptance.


ok pc has been around longer,and has been simpler to use,and has more games tv and movies
Debate Round No. 1


Before I attack my opponent's arguments, I will state my contentions.

Contention 1- Faster boot up/shutdown time

New destop mac startup :28.7 seconds
New destop Pc startup:1 min 13 sec

New desktop mac shutdown:4 seconds
New Desktop pc shutdown:44.3 seconds

Contention 2- Mac's can run windows applications

Contention 3-Mac's are built with better parts.
-Metal casing on Mac's vs plastic cases on Pc's
-The charging cord of a mac laptop is a magnetic one, when the cord is pulled, it will simply detach instead of pulling the entire computer to the floor, where it could either break on impact, sustain serious damage or be stepped on.

Contention 4- Simplicity
- When you buy a new mac it is more of a "plug and play" system, while pc's require a lot of programs to be downloaded in the beginning and throuought the life of your pc.
-The toolbar at the bottom of a Pc is very confusing when compared to the dock of a mac.
- Although there are a few viruses that target macs, pc's become infected more often.

As for my opponent's arguments,
My opponent has stated, Pc's have been around longer. But this statement does not give me any reason to believe that thy are better, and is somewhat irrelelvant to the debate.


hashtagmugger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I cannot post an argument, as my opponent has not posted a refutation.


hashtagmugger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Once again, my opponent has not provided a refutation, let alone a case of his own. Therefore I cannot post a reply.
I guess I win?


hashtagmugger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Tophatman 3 years ago
A classic discussion. Sad the PC failed to show up.
+1 at Crist
Posted by Cristnogol 3 years ago
I wish the Con was more informed and took this more seriously. PC is the obvious choice, but debate wise it seems Pro will win. This has potential for a great debate, I hope someone will revisit the topic and meet a more challenging contender.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con never responds to Pros argument in R2, therefore those arguments stand and so argument points go to Pro. Conduct to Pro for Cons FF.