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Mac vs PC

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Started: 1/5/2012 Category: Technology
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Buying a PC is a better decision than buying a Mac

PC(Pro) - A computer running Microsoft Windows
Mac(Con) - A computer running Mac OSX whose hardware was created by Apple.

Only desktops and laptops will be debated even though phones, tablets, etc also are computers.

Only current computer models can be discussed. Past models and future models cannot be used.

If you accept please make your first arguments in Round 1.



I thank my opponent for such an enlightening topic. I hope this debate serves to inform the audience on the merits of buying a high quality computer and I will attempt to prove that a Mac is indeed, the correct choice.

Better: To be superior, and show true dominance over someone or something. (UrbanDictionary)

Pro also defined a Mac as a computer running Mac OS X and a PC as a computer that is running Microsoft Windows. Since a Mac can run OS X and Windows, I take this to mean running as a Primary Operating System, but not arbitrarily rejecting the option of using Window on a Mac.

I also discount hacks or other weird configurations where the benefits are arguable.

This debate centers around which choice gives the consumer more value.

Larry Wall, inventor of the scripting language Perl, which incidentally ships with every Mac, believes that easy things should be easy, and hard things should be possible. I believe this principle also applies towards computers, as one of the best uses they can be put to is to make the owner more productive. Not only is a Mac more productive, reaching a productive state is easier and faster for the user.

Welcome to the revolution.

Ease Of Use

Easiness to use is one of the strongest qualities a mac will bestow upon its satisfied customer. Microsoft has clung to its Start Menu Relic of Ancient History, but Apple’s easy to use interface is light years ahead of the prehistoric tree and leaf model of the Start Menu.

You may be used to clicking through numerous garbage programs that came with your PC to get to what you want, not so with a Mac, no sir. Your hand moves in natural gestures over the Trackpad to perform various tasks, simplifying and shortening the time to get to business or personal applications. You would think the way we interact with our PC would evolve, and it has, for Mac Users.

For instance, to get to Mission Control, you just move three fingers forward on the track pad. Need to look up a word in the dictionary? Double tap the track pad. Many of the most common tasks that normally just give you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Windows are actually fun and natural on a Mac. [1]


Whether you want to do homework, Skype with a loved one, play crazy birds until your fingers hurt, consume Internet information, hack into an ATM, store Terabytes of raw video, or automate your Bot Army of compromised Windows PCs; Mac is, hands down, the computer where you will be most productive.

Any N00b can get a PC, but Mac user are slightly more sophisticated.[2] The power of a Linux back end makes OS X Lion dominate the competition. Want to host your own Open Source Web application in under 10 minutes? [3] Easy. Mac comes with Apache Web Server, Perl, and php. Want to design a Perl script that looks for hidden GPS locations in the metadata of image files? Done with a simple Perl Script.

Buying a modern mac is a better decision because you get the infrastructure of Linux, the functionality of Windows, a User Interface that Captain Picard would envy, (Computer! Warp Speed) and the smug satisfaction of knowing that you’re in the elite minority, kind of like the people that drive Lamborghinis.


Apple uses higher quality parts than traditional PCs. [5] The Chassis of a mac is made from a solid block of aluminum. Glass is used instead of plastic. Not only do these parts make a better computer, they are safer for the environment.


The Desktop(s)

Multiple desktops. As you clutter your desktop with junk, you start to lose productivity. With a Mac, you can have multiple desktops, and organize desktops by task. A lifetime Microsoft user might not be able to visualize what I am saying, so let me try and paint a picture.

On a PC, when you finally see your desktop, your face clouds over in disappointment as your task bar is filled with malware, spyware, and other assorted junkware that unnecessarily slow your PC down. While you could uninstall them all, it seems they never really go away. You finally get to your desktop, productive at last, you think.

Apple users can have as many of those desktops as they want. The nice, clean desktops. The one you get in the beginning. They can switch between them, move apps between them, and start fresh again at any point. Youtube provides numerous examples of using this feature. If it's hard to visualize I recommend watching this one:

Bootcamp - Run Windows

While Windows can only run Mac OS X in virtual machine which suffers a performance penalty, Mac OS X can run Windows at native speed. [5] So, if you needed to run some software that was designed for Windows, you could. This configuration is fully supported. This fact alone means that a Mac do everything Windows can do, while the reverse is not true.

Integration with Peripherals - Cloud Ready

While I believe Pro’s discounting mobile devices unnecessarily constrains this debate in his favor, it is unarguable that most Americans these days own at least one mobile computing device. Let’s say you own a desktop at home and use a laptop while not at home. The icloud app puts all your content on all your devices, automatically. No need to set up fancy networks, it just works. Pictures, Music, important documents, apps, e-books, they are where you need them to be, when you need them. You don't have to buy Brittney Spears Mp3s on two different devices or spend time copying files across devices. As you buy Apple Products, the value of each multiplies as they seamlessly integrate into your life without hassle.

Automatic Backup

Girlfriend throw your laptop out the window after catching you on the "m4m" section on Craigslist? Not to worry, all your important things are backed up into the Cloud.

Satisfaction Rating

Apple Computers have won 1st place in the customer satisfaction index 8 times in a row!

This explains the near hysterical and cult like following that Apple has. Other computer manufacturers do not have the ability to breed such loyalty. Rarely do you find disappointed Mac owners.


The likelihood that a mac would be infected by and transmit a virus is much lower. Let's look at some top ten lists of all time worst computer viruses:

10. Melissa Virus - Windows only

9. I Love you Virus - Targeted Microsoft Visual basic Scripting, MS Outlook, and automatically started via the Windows Registry

8. Klez - Infects MS Windows systems via vulnerability in Internet Explorer

7. Code Red - Target Microsoft IIS web server

6. Nimda - Attack Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP, and Servers running NT and 2K.

5. SQL Slammer - Exploits Microsoft SQL Server

4. MyDOOM - Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

3. Netsky - Affects Windows Only

2. OSX.Leap A - Affects macs, minimal harm, easy removal.

1. Storm Worm - Affects computers using MS Operating Systems.

I suspect #2 on this list was only added to be more "PC".

Using the PCWorld list of the top 10 worst viruses of all time, Macs would not be vulnerable to any.

[Above Research uses,, and]






Debate Round No. 1


I also thank my opponent for accepting this topic. I accept your definition of superior and accept your notion to make discussion of secondary operating systems acceptable.

Counterpoint 1 “Ease of Use”

My opponent fails to acknowledge the multiple ways in which you can access programs in Windows 7. The Windows 7 SuperBar allows you to place your most frequently used programs on the taskbar at the bottom. That way, you only have to look at the few that you use most frequently. On a Mac, all of your programs are in a row on the bottom of the screen, even those that you might never use. The way that Windows handles the opening and closing of programs is also far more efficient. On a Mac, clicking the red button in an open window will not close the process, but rather, minimize the program.

Regarding crapware: PC manufacturers often provide freeware, also known as “crapware” for new computer buyers. This crapware is completely optional, however, as you can uncheck the box on the manufacturer’s website.

The trackpad that you describe is also available on all PC laptops. Natural gestures also allow you to perform various tasks on a PC, a simple click opens business and personal applications.

The Mission Control feature is not original. Windows Vista has a feature similar to Mission Control called Windows Flip. It achieves the same effect of seeing all your open programs at once:; Windows Flip 3D, unlike Mission Control, doesn’t require multiple fingers to open. A simple tap on the “switch” button will do. Microsoft is ahead of the game, however, since they decided this feature didn’t provide anything valuable to the user and removed it from Windows 7.

Counterpoint 2 “Versatility”

In this section, my opponent’s only evidence to support his claims is a list of things that Macs can do.

The following things can be done equally easily on a PC:

Do homework

Seeing as Microsoft created the Office Suite, this one is a no brainer.


Skype is also available for PCs

Play Crazy Birds (angry birds?)

Playable on a PC through Chrome.

Go on the internet

PCs also have browsers.

Hack into an ATM

Terminal and Command Prompt both can accomplish the same tasks.

Host an Open Source Web app

Microsoft provides WebMatrix for free for users who want to develop web apps or websites: . Unlike Macs, however, web development software doesn’t come preinstalled on a PC, saving room for those who don’t need it.

Scripting to locate specific data within image metadata

Batch files have been around forever and can accomplish this task.

The following thing can be done more easily on a PC.

Store terabytes of raw video

With a PC, there is always an option to have a large HDD. In the MacBook Air series, however, the maximum SSD size is 256 gb. This is not close to the “terabytes” that you describe.

Counterpoint 3 “Quality”

The argument you attempt to make in this paragraph is that Apple uses higher quality parts. The only parts you describe, however, are exterior parts. The parts that truly make a computer a good computer are the internal parts.

Counterpoint 4 “Desktops”

The multiple desktop feature ultimately reduces productivity. It allows the user to leave countless programs running in the background instead of simply closing out of them. This causes the computer to run slower as memory is being used to keep those programs open.

Counterpoint 5 “Bootcamp”

I am surprised that my opponent even brought up this point, as I was going to use it in my attack points. A Mac user should be embarrassed to have to run a separate operating system to use a program. Running OSX within Windows is far more rarely a necessity, as there are far more Windows-only programs than there are Mac-only programs. Also, the fact that OSX can only run in a virtual machine is not a flaw of Windows, but an aggressive move by Apple. The fact that Windows can run on a Mac is not a perk of Macs, but a perk of the flexibility of Windows as an operating system.

Counterpoint 6 “Cloud”

I accept your debate point as I meant to say in the opening round that using mobile devices as the main computer you are arguing for is not acceptable, while arguing about a Mac or PC’s interactivity with those mobile devices is acceptable. Now, to counter your argument. The iCloud feature is nothing new or revolutionary. Dropbox is an example of a third party program that has been available to both Mac and PC for awhile now. Like iCloud, it can automatically put all your content on your devices. Unlike iCloud, however, Dropbox is not limited to Apple devices, although it does support them. A file placed into Dropbox on an iPod Touch will automatically download onto a Windows Phone, or PC, or a Mac, or an Android phone, you name it. Dropbox is also far less expensive. iCloud provides 15GB for $20 a year, while Dropbox provides 100 GB for $20 a year.

Counterpoint 7 “Cloud Backup”

See counterpoint 6. The Dropbox App for both Mac and PC will backup your files to the cloud.

Counterpoint 8 “Satisfaction”

Your argument about the customer satisfaction ratings of Apple is invalid because iPhone, iPad, and iPod users may have been surveyed. Not only does this give Apple an advantage over manufacturers that only provide computers, but it also violates one of the starting rules which is that only desktops and laptops can be used as a main reference computer. Debating a laptop or desktop’s capability to interact with mobile devices is fine, but including mobile devices as a main point of debate is not.

Counterpoint 9 “Security”

The list of viruses is 10 years old, not a usable source in this debate. The fact that you could only find a list of old viruses definitely shows how far antiviruses have come. With today’s antiviruses, you don’t have to worry about viruses or managing your virus protection, it all happens automatically. Many antiviruses are also lightweight, so no performance decrease is observed.There are many high quality free antiviruses, too, so price is not an issue. It can also be noted that it is the popularity of Windows that causes hackers to target it. The more people that buy Macs, the more likely they are to be targeted. The introduction of iCloud presents a huge security risk to Mac owners. The number of mobile device hackers has been on the rise since early this year ( These hackers will have easy access to Mac computers thanks to iCloud.


Macs are known for being overpriced, and each of their computers is an example of this.

Take the Mac Mini for example:


2.3Ghz Core i5 3MB cache

2GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM

500GB 5400rpm HDD

Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 288MB DDR3 SDRAM

vs the Dell Inspiron 620 MT


3.0Ghz Core i5 6MB cache

6GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM

500GB 7200rpm HDD

AMD Radeon HD 6450 with 1GB DDR3

The Dell provides a faster processor with a larger cache, 3x the RAM, a faster HDD, and a dedicated graphics card with almost 4x the cache size. This section also goes to show that PCs provide faster internals for the money.


If you want to upgrade the hardware on your Macbook Air, you’ll have to take it into the store and pay $100 to get 2GB of ram soldered to the motherboard. If you want to add 2 GB of RAM to your PC, all you have to do is put it in! In addition, it will cost you $85 less!


Since most (all?) Macs come with integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000), their gaming capabilities are limited. With a PC, you get to decide which graphics card you want, and all you have to do is ask for it at the store or put it in yourself. The single-click mice commonly used in Apple desktops also prevent users from easily utilizing game features that involve right clicking.



Thanks Pro.

My opponent went to great lengths to show that with enough customization and third party web applications a PC can do what a Mac can do. Web apps are by nature, accessible to everyone, but no evidence was put forth to affirm the resolution that “Buying a PC is a better decision than buying a Mac.” Pro did argue that it was a cheaper computer, but not better. Therefor you should be practice clicking (or moving your fingers in an exhilarating tapping motion, if you own an Apple ) on the vote Pro button in preparation for this debate to end.

I would love to see this magical button that says stop installing junkware!

There is no button to choose "No junkware, please" when ordering a PC online, much less when you buy it at a retail store. The software companies pay the PC manufacturers to install the software, partly why Dell (one of the worst) PCs are so cheap, in the hopes that they will either sell ads, premium content, premium versions etc., so the software companies can recoup this cost of paying the manufacturer. The manufacturer then gets to discount and make that back in bulk sales. This little revenue trickery used to benefit us when Computers were only available in laptops and desktops because it put people online. However, now these educated kids will just put that money into a neat phone that does everything they want and get a PlayStation for Christmas.

Whether it be Google Toolbar or something else less insidious, all major PC manufacturers participate in this little revenue trickery by giving their consumers the short end of the stick. The Geek Squad will tell you how to fix it for $49.99, or actually perform the service for $99.

The Apple Magic Trackpad

There is no equivalent to the TrackPad. There are imitations and they are inferior at this present time.

Price -- The hidden costs of owning an inferior product

When your PC has a virus and you need to get it removed, or you want to get the performance back that you lost from installing and reinstalling so much Mac emulation software, if you want it professionally removed, this costs money. These costs are directly tied into the TCO - Total Cost of Ownership, for the PC that you bought. Even if you pay less at the register, you pay more over the course of the computer's lifetime.

The main price you incur if you use your computer Professionally, is if your computer is sitting in the geek squad repair van while your competitors are out there taking your business. In debate terms, your computer breaks, your chances of losing go way up, the effort that you take going to the library, or borrowing a friend’s computer, is subtracted from the value of that computer for the time it is broken. So, to say, that PCs are better because they are cheaper, you would have to provide sources on the TCO, not an upfront cost at a manufacturer’s web site.

Pro has not only not proven that they are cheaper, pro has not proven that they are more valuable, the axis of this debate.


I agree that running Windows is less than ideal, but we live in a less than ideal world. More programs are made for Windows, including viruses.

Cloud ready

Dropbox works on both and is cheaper, still not as good as the icloud. Dropbox has had multiple major security breaches, not suitable for stashing your most private “I love Bill Gates, conformity, Dell, and Mass Marketing” Love letters

Satisfaction Rating

You argued that mobile device owners may have been surveyed without providing logical evidence. They weren’t, so the point stands. 8 Wins in a row in the computer category. That’s tiger blood winning


Antivirus software - another hidden cost of owning a PC that is optional on a Mac. I say, buy a Mac, go without it.

Cloud computing is risky as I showed how many problems dropbox has had. That’s why I would choose to buy a higher end Mac and an optional Promise Pegasus 6TB back-end storage as an additional add-on from Apple. I would start my own cloud. Not only could this offset the initial purchase cost, but turn a profit.


My opponent has already conceded that you can play crazy birds on a mac and PC. Since the Mac OS can optionally run Windows, there is no software that a PC has that a Mac doesn’t. The Mac lineup has many choices that have high end graphics cards. Not only that, you can compare the specs on one page, one of the reasons why you end up a winner with an integrated hardware and software vendor, unlike PCs which are, again, made from several different part manufacturers and integrators (dell). All your shopping extremely easy.


Another thing you don’t need to do when you buy a high end computer, especially a Mac. The faster you upgrade, the higher the TCO. Now you paid for 3 graphics cards over the span of 3 years as opposed to two over the course of 10 years. Count the downtime during the upgrade, you’re talking very expensive computing. Do you want to buy a computer because you can upgrade it, or buy it because it works well for a long time without needing to upgrade?

Debate Round No. 2


I would like to first point out that my opponent did not address my counterpoints 2, 3, and 4. He also tried to encourage Mac users to vote for him simply because they own Macs: "if you own an Apple". Encouraging users to vote based on opinion is an act of poor conduct and I am saddened to see my opponent use measures such as these.

Now, on to the debating!


The articles that you provide about crapware are from 2009 and 2007, three and five years old. I purchased a PC earlier this year and it came with zero preinstalled software. PCs at the Microsoft Store also come free of preinstalled crapware: Crapware is a thing of the past for PCs.

The Apple "Magic Trackpad"

There are trackpads for PCs that are not inferior to Apple's. Logitech makes a trackpad that is far superior in many ways to Apple's trackpad

-RF connection to save battery life

-Bluetooth connection, worse battery life


In this section, my opponent fails to acknowledge my point about advancements that have been made in antivirus software. Professional virus removals are highly unnecessary with today's antivirus software. A simple click will remove a virus from your computer. This adds nothing to the TCO as you don't have to pay anyone else to remove the virus for you. This also applies to the professional world. My opponent's claim that computers in the workplace need fixing by the Geek Squad is untrue. A simple click, just like on home PCs, will remove any virus you might encounter.


My opponent has essentially forfeited this point to me. He references viruses, part of a seperate debate point, as his only attempt at a counterpoint.


My opponent effectively forfeits this point to me too. He says he agrees that "Dropbox works on both and is cheaper, still not as good as the icloud." His last point, that Dropbox is not as good, is followed by little evidence showing that Dropbox is in fact not as good as iCloud. He does attempt to point out that Dropbox is less secure, but this is a largely flawed point. iCloud has many security flaws and features that may be convenient, but highly insecure:

Satisfaction Rating

You ultimately missed my point here. My point was that Apple owners who were surveyed, although they were being surveyed on their experience using an Apple desktop or laptop, may have also owned a mobile or tablet device at the time of the survey. Despite the fact that these devices were not the topic of the survey, they could easily have affected the user's satisfaction ratings. There is no way to prove that the users who were surveyed did not own an Apple tablet or mobile device, so my point still stands.


My opponent makes an argument here. He claims that antivirus software is a "hidden cost" of owning a PC. He fails to acknowledge my earlier point that there are many free, lightweight antiviruses that don't cost you anything, in cash or in performance. A perfect example of this is Avast!: He also forfeits my earlier point about iCloud being insecure. His only response is that "Cloud computing is risky", which only supports my claim. My point still stands. He also describes how he would use a 6TB HDD to create his own "cloud" and turn a profit. On a PC, you can do exactly the same thing for less. The 6TB HDD he describes costs $1800 from Apple! This 6TB HDD costs just $445:


What my opponent says is wrong, not all Macs are able to play high-end video games on max settings. Some Macs, like the Macbook Air series, are limited to Intel HD Graphics 3000. This is an an integrated graphics chipset that will not be able to run high-end games on max settings. His example of Angry Birds as a game that can be played on both Mac and PC is pitiful. A game like Angry Birds requires very little graphics capability. He also critiques PC parts for coming from "several different part manufacturers". This flexibility, however, allows you to pick whatever graphics card you want for your computer. A blazing fast processor like this one cannot be purchased on a Mac: None of the processors available for purchase with Macs even compare to that one. The processors available for Mac are 3.1Ghz and slower, while the example I provided is 3.4 Ghz.


My opponent ignores 3 things here: my argument, the fact that some Macbook Air laptops come with only 2 gb of RAM, and the fact that Apple offers an expensive upgrade service. He starts out by stating that Mac users don't have to perform upgrades on their computers. This is untrue, as the 2 gb of RAM found on Macbook Airs is a tiny amount in today's world and will need to be upgraded. Another thing that counters my opponent's argument that Macs don't need upgrades is the fact that Apple provides an upgrade service (expensive as it is). My opponent then argues that PC owners will have to make more upgrades in the long run than Mac users, which will then make the TCO of a PC higher. He doesn't, however, provide any evidence supporting this claim. When it comes to the Macbook Air laptops, you aren't even able to upgrade the graphics card because Apple designs the laptops wo that you can't. Instead, you will be stuck with crappy integrated graphics until you pay more money buying another computer with a better graphics card. Now that is high TCO! If you decide to buy a Mac with dedicated graphics, you are limited to a select few mediocre cards, which you will have to upgrade in the future. When you buy a PC, you can pick any graphics card you like, including the fastest cards on the market. This will keep your computer from needing an upgrade far longer than any of the mediocre graphics cards offered by Apple. This means that the TCO of Macs are far higher when it comes to upgrades.


Throughout his arguments, my opponent ignored the fact that you can get faster internals for less money with a PC, as I showed in the "Price" section of my previous arguments. Instead, he focused on showing that the TCO of PCs is higher because of the cost of professional virus removal, the cost of paid antivirus software, and the cost of upgrading your computer. I showed that the cost of professional virus removal and the cost of paid antivirus software can both be avoided with free antiviruses. I also showed that, when it comes to upgrading, Macs have a greater TCO. Thus, when buying a PC, you pay less up front for faster internals, and you also save money in the long run with fewer future upgrades (low TCO).



Thanks for the excellent Debate, Pro. I did not urge Apple Users to vote for me, I urged everyone to vote for me.

My opponent has laid forth many arguments, none affirm his resolution, and many contradict it.

According to my opponent, to get an equivalent value from a PC, you would need to buy the PC from, extra storage from, a processor from, sign up for, get anti-virus from, buy a touchpad from, and buy upgrades from a parts vendor, or take it in to a professional and get it upgraded.

I argue that people’s time is worth more than that and therefor the decision to buy a Mac is far superior to buying a PC.

My opponent’s link to the 6 TB storage accessory on Amazon is designed for a Mac, which helps illustrate my point.

My Opponent also argued that the American Customer Satisfaction Index was flawed. We will have to disagree about the quality of the 70,000 interviews they conduct each year and the educational quality of the University of Michigan School of Business, where it was founded. I believe Apple winning 8 years in a row serves as a great indicator that consumers who buy Macs will be happier about their purchase than a consumer who buys a PC.

My opponent seeks to divert reader’s attention away from the benefits of the Icloud by using a Red Herring argument, namely, dropbox. Dropbox is a web application. Any value you get by using dropbox is the same value you would get with a Mac or a PC. I-Cloud comes free with iOS 5 and is engineered to work with Apple Devices, including Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile devices. It syncs across them, saving the user time and effort trying to network several different devices and copying information from one to the next.

My opponent also seeks to convince readers that by buying a low quality computer, and then loading it with cheap freeware anti-virus “solutions”, you will somehow get more value. Avast’s free anti-virus does not contain many features, and is only for use at home, not in a business.

If you like to use high quality software made by high quality software engineers on high quality hardware made by high quality hardware engineers, you can’t really expect them to eat Ramen Noodles every night.

Pro has not affirmed his resolution, and I maintain my points as stated above. This argument is getting pretty drawn out and Pro has not provided any evidence that buying a PC is better, only equivalent, and more like inferior.

Debate Round No. 3


I would also like to thank my opponent for debating me.

Throughout the debate, my strategy involved showing that PCs can do everything that Macs can do and more, but for less. My opponent argues that I have only shown that Macs are equivalent. I have shown that PCs are equivalent in some areas, better in others, and cost less. So, by showing that the PC is an equivalent or better computer than a Mac that costs you less, I have affirmed my resolution.

In my opponent's first paragraph of the previous round, he listed a number of things that he claims that I said are necessary to get equivalent value from a PC:

"buy the PC from"

I wasn't aware that they sold PCs on I think you might be referring to the Microsoft Store that I mentioned, in which case you didn't read the link I posted thoroughly.

"extra storage from"

The storage device I posted was a counterpoint to the storage device you posted. You said that you would host your own cloud and I was showing that it was available for less for Mac and PC. You took this WAY out of context.

"a processor from"

The processor I posted was not to show that it was necessary in order to have a PC comparable to a Mac, it was the opposite. I was showing that a PC is more versatile and can be purchased with any processor you like, unlike the select few you are limited to when buying a Mac. This has nothing to do with needing that processor in order for a PC to compare to a Mac.

"sign up for"

You also have to sign up for iCloud, what is your point here?

"get anti-virus from"

This is just one option, Microsoft also has a free antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, that can come preinstalled (if you want) on your home or work PC. No downloading required.

"buy a touchpad from"

The Apple Magic Touchpad costs extra cash just like the touchpad from logitech, so no, I was not showing that you had to buy this to have a PC be equivalent to a Mac. I was merely saying that touchpad mice are not only available on Macs, but also on PCs.

"buy upgrades from a parts vendor"

On the contrary, I showed that both Macs and PCs can be upgraded, but more importantly that Macs (especially Macbook Airs) require upgrades more frequently. I never once said that you have to make upgrades to your PC in order for it to be equivalent to any Mac.

"take it in to a professional and get it upgraded"

Again, I never said this, I said the opposite. My point from the last round says that professional help is unnecessary for upgrades and virus removal.

For the rest of this round, I will be listing 2 categories of things: "Points I made that show PCs are equivalent to Macs that my opponent never refuted" and "Points I made that show PCs are superior to Macs that my opponent never refuted".

Points I made that show PCs are equivalent to Macs that my opponent never refuted


My opponent never acknowledged my point on cloud service. I showed that Dropbox is a superior service than iCloud because of its versatility and price. Since Dropbox is available for Macs and PCs, Macs and PCs tie in this category. In the last round, he attempted to repeat his initial argument that I already refuted.

-Customer Satisfaction

My opponent never refutes my argument against the validity of the survey he presented, he only says, "We will have to disagree". Because of this, PCs and Macs tie in customer satisfaction.


My opponent ignores my argument that crapware is a thing of the past for PCs, so Macs and PCs stand tied for no crapware.


One of my opponent's main points was a list of things that Macs could do, showing that they are versatile. I showed that PCs can also do all of those things, and my opponent never refuted my points. Thus, my points still stand.

-Creating your own "cloud"

My opponent ignored my point that both Macs and PCs can host their own cloud server. My point still stands.


My opponent never refutes my argument that since there are lightweight, free antiviruses that can come preinstalled if you want; Macs and PCs tie in the security category.

Points I made that show PCs are superior to Macs that my opponent never refuted

-Mission Control

My opponent never refuted my point that Microsoft is ahead of the game by removing their Windows Flip feature from Windows 7. My opponent also never refuted my point that being able to view all open windows at once doesn't provide anything new or useful to the user. Since PCs don't have this useless feature, they win in this category.

-Multiple Desktops

My opponent never refuted my argument that multiple desktops cause a computer to slow down. Since Macs have this "feature" and PCs don't, PCs win in this category.


My opponent forfeited this category to me:"I agree that running Windows is less than ideal ... more programs are made for PCs". Therefore, PCs win in this category.


My opponent never refuted my Mac vs Dell example that shows that you can get better, faster internals for less when buying a PC. PCs win in this category.

-Total Cost of Ownership

My opponent tried to argue that PCs have a higher Total Cost of Ownership than Macs. I turned this argument against him, refuted it, and showed that PCs actually have a lower Total Cost of Ownership than Macs. My argument was never refuted by my opponent, and therefore it still stands. PCs win in this category.


My opponent never refuted my argument that there are several processors and graphics cards that are available only on PCs and are not available on Macs. PCs win in this category.


Similar to the previous category, my opponent never refuted my point that since some Macs (like Macbook Airs) are restricted to using low-end, integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 cards, they are unable to play some high-end games on maximum graphics. Therefore, PCs win in this category.


All of these points either show that PCs are equivalent to Macs in a specific category or are superior to Macs in a specific category. None of these points were ever refuted by my opponent, so they all still stand. My points about PCs having a lower initial purchase price and lower total cost of ownership were also never refuted, so they all still stand. I have shown that PCs are either equivalent or superior to Macs in every category and also have lower short term and long term costs than Macs. My points supporting this were never refuted and often were ignored. Because of this, I want to encourage you to vote PRO.


I would like to thank my opponent for this stimulating debate. My opponent finally presented a debate strategy in the final round, which I will refute here.

“PCs can do everything that Macs can do, for less money”

Unfortunately, this is not the case, nor is this the resolution we are debating.

As you can see in the videos above, driving a Mac is a much different experience than driving a PC. The interface is different in many ways, some subtle, some very apparent. Unlike in a PC, where the parts have to be modular and standardized to work together, Mac computers are designed in a holistic approach that results in an overall better experience. Customer satisfaction surveys, mentioned above, serve as empirical evidence that Mac users are generally happier with their PCs.

Within these same surveys, two of the largest PC manufacturers, Dell and HP, receive low marks. They are putting short term profits over long term customer loyalty by saddling their computers with junk, and using cheaper parts. Laptop hinges break (this I know from experience), cd-rom faceplates come off, etc.

Mac owners contact tech support less often, they don’t get viruses, their files are synced across their mobile devices, and their computers are simple to use. When their needs inevitably rise, the Mac meets these needs with a plethora of apps, desktop widgets, scripting languages, and server applications. Not only do they have access to the App Store, the easiest way to learn about and get new applications, they have access to powerful Linux Applications, as well as Windows Applications using bootcamp.

My opponent seeks to post the best and most expensive products from across the whole spectrum of PC parts suppliers and resellers, and somehow equate them to buying a PC, but the fact is that most people buy computers from Dell and HP.

Pro then goes on to imply that these expensive and seldom used parts offer evidence that a PC is faster, and then pointing to cheaper computers and say that buying a PC is cheaper. Obviously, you can’t have both.

My evidence points to an easily deductible fact: Consumers like Macs better. It’s easier to use, it’s more versatile, it’s more secure, it’s made of a higher quality, it’s more environmentally friendly, and it’s more productive. As an investment, it carries a lower TCO.

For these reasons and the reasons mentioned above, I thank my opponent for a meaningful and enlightening debate, but I must urge readers to vote CON.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by pspworld 5 years ago
trippledubs failed hard on PC. My computer is custom built by me and I'm a IT Technician. Dell, HP and Gateway I will admit they are cheap manufactures but if you get a custom built PC I would say it will be way better than a mac. As a tech I fixed both computers and I had fix macs that fail real hard where the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) needed a reflow because Apple was going to charge them $ 1000 for it. Reflow is basically rework of SMD electronic components (please Google this if you not sure what it is). Mac fails, I remember at school I use to get the Spinning Beach Ball of Death a lot when running IDV program. When I run IDV at home, it lock ups. memory is typically 4 GB in macs today, and part the reason is the OS use less memory. But if you want to use Photoshop CS6 you will need more than 4 GB.

Gaming oh yes! PC murders mac in gaming. I seen many mac motherboards a lot have simple PCI slots which today is no good for graphic cards. Also today PC motherboards support dual and even triple graphic cards. You can unleash ton of power. PC burry mac in the mud on this big time. I never seen no mac out there today with SLI or Crossfire.

The way I see mac is for people who don't know much about computers at all except for simple applications and surfing the internet. I work in the field of IT and people who ask the most questions are mac users. I was in environment with both mac and PC and a problem occurred it was mainly from a mac computer user. The problem was a very simple fix, no internet, just push in the cable and its back online. Also mac sucks in the server environment. When a mac user is cannot sign on the network we are pondering like what is going on. So we take the user to a PC and have then try and we get a notice that password needs to be changed. Change the password, he or she goes back to their mac computer and sign on and it works.
Posted by debateme 6 years ago
Ah, I thought you said you hadn't: "I won't vote since it was taking me too long to read."
Posted by Oldfrith 6 years ago
Actually, debate me, I did read the debate.

Cons use of the awesomeness of a trackpad was a valid point, yet you tried to counter it with showing the price of it, which was dangerous since those actually come with the mac.
Posted by InsertNameHere 6 years ago
Arguments like this are pointless as it all depends on personal preference and what you want to do with your computer. Obviously gamers are going to want PC while graphic designers are going to want Mac, etc.
Posted by debateme 6 years ago
I should have made the voting period longer
Posted by cloudbox0 6 years ago
I loved it how pro use price and he said that the internal parts what makes the computer better but the thing w/ apple there the best in movies you know? like in star trek 4 Scotty used a Macintosh plus! pretty cool and funny! have a look brothers
macs are in movies AND I LOVE MOVIES!!
Posted by mrbusy 6 years ago
It is not about PC or Mac. All depends on whether you can get your life simple or not.
Posted by debateme 6 years ago
But I will heed your advice to accept all evidence in future debates.
Posted by debateme 6 years ago
Oldfrith, just to clarify (since you admitted to not reading)...

-Con brought up the trackpads first, not me
-I used the Mac mini because it was the closest in price to the Dell i was looking at
-I could not find a list of newer viruses, but that was not my job. Con needed a list of newer viruses to prove his point, and he couldn't either.
Posted by Oldfrith 6 years ago
I won't vote since it was taking me too long to read. Critiques
Pro- used hardware examples that nobody buys, like mac mini's and trackpads. BTW, all evidence is accepted. Did we see you provide a more recent list of viruses? No. Therefore, Con's is viewed as a standard. I can tell you're not a real debater. A real debater wouldn't have taken that risk
Con- had a few neutral contentions, and could have very easily brought down Pro's examples. I can tell you're also not a debater. I saw many flaws in Pro's reasoning that could be brought done with one simple sentence, no logic required.

Both- Realize that when you're going to bring up a contention, explain how it supports your side. When your opponent uses a MACBOOK AIR as an example of how macs don't have high data storage, counter with the mac pro.
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Vote Placed by InsertNameHere 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Both were pretty equal imo.
Vote Placed by SuperRobotWars 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: I find that Pro addressed contentions in a better manner than Con, and all in all they were quite even on most points. I do realize that I am not the least biased upon this topic but I have tried to be as objective as possible.