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Mad Music Skills Video Debate

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Started: 8/31/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So I want to try one of those musical debates.

Round one

Round two - four
Post a music video, where either the entire band or a single musician/singer show some mad skills. You don't have to like the music or the genre, it just need to show some mad skillz. Type artist name and the song so even if it is removed from youtube others can find it. Talk a bit smack about opponent video and boost your own.


Thank you to my opponent for the opportunity to share some mad skills in the world of music. I'm looking forward to seeing some great performances from both sides.
Debate Round No. 1


I shall start out with Apocalyptica and their "Hall of the Mountain King"

The first time I heard it I found it rather impressive. When I found out it was played by htree cellos and a drum I was blown away!

Getting so much metal out three cellos and a drum demand some crazy mad music skills!


I enjoyed Pro's selection. However, although it takes skill to play the cello they do not demonstrate skills above what any good cellist would be able to do with their instrument. They played what someone else wrote rather than creating themselves. Their uniqueness lies in their ability to find a niche in the industry where they were able to play cello with the unusual combination of metal and classical music. Although this is impressive, if we take out the gimmicks of smoke machines and shock value of the unlikely combination of music they will not compete with the skill exhibited by my artist.

I present a man who revolutionized what was possible on the electric guitar. I assure you that although this is longer than I intended they are simply extra minutes that the audience will remain in awe at his incredible talent and mysterious ability to bring out sounds from his instrument unheard of before. I give you the guitar improv of Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption".
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent claim that�Apocalyptica have no more than good skills and they are playing other peoples music, but as we all know this piece is a very hard piece normally played by an entire orchester. Just look at their hands and you will realise how fast they are playing.�

On the other hand con's musician isn't even playing a specific piece of music. He is only improvising and playing random chores. It is clear that his skills are lacking.

My second contender is�Luciano Pavarotti. One of the greatest, if not the greatest opera singer of our age. Here he is with his famous�Nessun dorma.


Thank you for sharing with us, Pro. I am enjoying this debate.

I present who is often considered the greatest drummer of all time (1), Buddy Rich, in a drum duel with another drumming great, Ed Shaugnessy. Both musicians have been inducted into the Percussive Arts Society's Hall of Fame (2), which is the largest percussion organization in the world (3). For anyone who knows the drums; the technique, speed, and power demonstrated in this epic battle surely embody mad skills to the highest degree. Enjoy the show!




Buddy Rich Vs. Ed Shaughnessy: Amazing Drum Battle!!

Debate Round No. 3


My grandfather once told me that there where two kind of jazz. One before and one after Parker. I have latter realised that he qoeted some one when he said that, but that doesn't make it less true.

Charlie Parker changed jazz in a way no one before or after have done. I here give you Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie performin 'Hot House'


Instead of simply posting someone considered great in a conventional performance like my opponent I have presented the Best demonstrating their skills to the limit with the sole intention of demonstrating their skills.

Instead of making an obvious choice of a past Great I'm going to pick from an experimental field of today's unknown innovators with mad skills. Instead of the past, lets take a look at the future...

Beatbox Battle World Champs 2012 Final

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by KuriouserNKuriouser 5 years ago
Congratulations OllerupMand, and thank you to RyuuKyuzo for taking the time to vote on this. I'd rather lose by an honest vote than tie by default. Cheers.
Posted by RyuuKyuzo 5 years ago
This vote gave me a lot of trouble XD. I'm personally very into drumming and beat boxing so I was leaning towards Con reeeeaaly hard before I watched the opera video. Then I was pretty much right on the fence =p
Posted by KuriouserNKuriouser 5 years ago
I had a bit of trouble with the video embedding properly for mine. In R2 you can just click on the link given at the bottom of the round. For R3 you have to click on "Youtube" at the bottom-right corner of the video player in order to watch it directly on Youtube. Thanks for watching!
Posted by Smithereens 5 years ago
that beatboxing was funny, must have ruined the microphones with saliva ):{
Posted by KuriouserNKuriouser 5 years ago
No worries, I figured it out. Thanks, though!
Posted by OllerupMand 5 years ago
I don't know. I just put in the link.
Posted by KuriouserNKuriouser 5 years ago
Rats. The link is there, but it seems I didn't do it in the right way for the video to be imbedded. Can someone please tell me what I did wrong?
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Vote Placed by RyuuKyuzo 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This decision took me quite a while because I feel that Con had the more impressive videos over all, but I was mesmerized by Luciano Pavarotti in the opera video Pro posted. I've decided to give my vote to the person with the single best video, so I have to go with Pro on this one.