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Madonna should set up her own clothing factory

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Started: 3/15/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Madonna is one of the most successful Italian-American female singers to come out of Bay City area of Michigan in the 1980's and she is still hugely popular to this day. That's why she can get away with charging �30 for a crappy t-shirt with her name printed on it. (1)

As there is no evidence to suggest that Madonna is a rip-off merchant exploiting her fans' loyalty by selling them cheap tat at hugely inflated prices, we must assume that the t-shirts are so expensive because she pays the manufacturer the best part of thirty quid to produce each one.

However, she could sell these t-shirts for a fraction of the price if she made them in her own factory using child slaves from Africa to keep the labour costs down.

Unfortunately though, Madonna lives in the UK and British law prohibits both child labour and slavery. Regrettably, the legal situation is similar in her native America too.

But these laws should not concern Madonna unduly. That's because instead of buying children from African slave traders, she could legally adopt them just as she has done in the past. (2)

So the only question that remains is where to locate the factory. Well, President Obama has repeatedly promised to close down the controversial detention centre at Guantanamo Bay and because human rights laws do not apply there, the former prison camps would be ideal for conversion into a factory that uses children to produce merchandise for aging pop stars. (3)

Since the USFG will still be paying Cuba to lease the land in Guantanamo Bay after the camps are emptied of detainees (4) I'm sure President Obama would be more than happy to save the taxpayers' money and rent the space out to Madonna.

Therefore, for the sake of her many fans, I affirm that Madonna should set up her own clothing factory.

Thank you.



She not only did all that crap and yes there is proof!! She also is an okay stylist but I wouldn't buy any of her clothes most of them are hideous!! If you like her clothes you must be a blind sunday school teacher cause that ain't style!! So I can go all day long and debate about this cause I am the debater!! 0:
Debate Round No. 1


I thank cAnDiShOpLaDi for her considered contribution and would like to respond as follows:

I concede that Madonna's clothes may not to be everybody's taste and may indeed only appeal to blind Sunday school teachers, deaf librarians, mute accountants and the like, but these people still have to wear clothes – I don't think it would be very appropriate for a Sunday school teacher to preach Christian values to little children in the nude, do you?

The point is that Madonna fans are paying far too much for her gaudy t-shirts but if they were made by child slaves in her own factory in Guantanamo Bay she would be able to bring the price down.

Thank you.


Of course I don't want sunday teachers to go nude!! But what does that have to do with the debate?! Your supposed to be telling me why you think Madonna should keep her company!! I respect what your doing when you comment and correct me but prove your point!! (:
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Rockylightning 8 years ago
Why are there all these non controversial debate topics... the attack of the noobs...
Posted by Korashk 8 years ago
Posted by mattrodstrom 8 years ago

Way to ruin a most serious debate cAnDiShOpLaDi.
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