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Magic The Gathering: The Most Powerful Fantasy Universe

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Started: 9/7/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I want to debate that Magic The Gathering is the strongest fantasy universe (Pro)

Magic The Gathering has a superior story/stories compared to all other Fantasy universes along with stronger and more memorable characters.

Con will argue against this and bring up valid points that argue against my claim.

Con may choose any other Fantasy Universe or may argue in favor of multiple.

Con must have a rich knowledge of the universes he debates and know the story and characters of that universe very well.

Round 1 Acceptance

Round 2 Arguments

Round 3 Counter Arguments

Round 4 Conclusion/Closing Statements

(This Debate is purely for fun and I hope who ever I argue against will enjoy the debate as much as I hopefully will)


Magic the gathering in my opinion is one of the weakest fantasy universes out there. One reason being that its not super well known card game/fantasy game. As a 90's kid i grew up in the era where games like Pokemon and yu gi oh were thriving. I hadn't even heard of magic the gathering until later in high school. I first seen a group of guys playing what seemed to me was just a card game but it later turned out to be magic. And in learning what it was i had also asked how to play and what kind of difficulty the game was. The kid who answered my questions was beginning to explain and it was a much more complicated game then i had expected. And thereafter i was never really to interested in playing the game. I continue to not hear to much about the game and the people who play it. Every now and then ill see a small group of people playing and or talking about it. But as far as i know its not nearly as popular as games such as Pokemon which took over the anime and video game scene immediately.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting the debate let's hope we enjoy it!

Firstly Magic The Gathering is without a doubt is the strongest fantasy universe to exist. Magic is lore rich with each set having it's own story, books, comics and such. One of Magic The Gathering's strongest beings are Planeswalkers people born with a Spark that gives them the power to travel to other worlds within the Multiverse. Planeswalkers have changed a lot over time and I'll sum up the two key things about Planeswalkers just a quick heads up Planeswalkers are Immortal.

Pre-mending Planeswalkers: Pre-mending Planeswalkers or Oldwalkers as I call them are Planeswalkers that existed before an even called the mending which nerfed all planeswalkers in existence from that point on in the Magic Timeline. Oldwalkers had crazy abilities making them either gods or above gods I'll note a few Pre-Mending Walkers and what they did.

Urza: Urza possibly the most powerful walker on this list devoted 3000 Years of his life to fighting off the Phyrexians (A Biomechnical race of monsters) Urza first discovered these beings after killing his own brother Mishra with a fire spell that was so large it sent his entire Plane into a winter. Urza would later use time travel to defeat the Phyrexians building many super weapons and using some crazy powers. Another good example is when Urza lead the Phyrexians to a Plane known as Serra (By accident) Urza tried to save and take in as many refugees as possible and when the Plane looked lost he held up a small gem like rock and sucked the whole remaining life force of the plane into the small rock. Urza gave his life to defeat the Phyrexians once and for all (Yawagoth's Phyrexians).

Nicol Bolas: Nicol probably has the most destructive abilities, Nicol was a dragon who gained a spark Nicol lost many of his siblings during the Elder Dragon War in which Nicol was killed but due to his spark and being a Oldwalker by sheer willpower Nicol could create another body and just came back into existence killing the Dragon that killed him in the first place. Nicol is a incredible mastermind always playing Planeswalkers and using them to his will making them all pawns in his bigger plans, Nicol is still alive.

Sorin Markov: Sorin is a Vampire who has a deep love for his Plane Innistrad although eventually he noticed the supernatural beings were gaining a upper hand against the humans of the world. Realizing that if Humans die his Vampires will have to turn to cannibalism to feed their hunger. Fearing the end of them he created a powerful being Avacyn an angel who would protect the humans and rally the angels in Innistrad's time of need. Sorin was a very intimidating walker with other oldwalkers (Lilliana Vess) warning others to not seek the Planeswalker for he may simply cut them down quickly and swiftly.

Before I explain Post-Mending Walkers I will quickly explain the Mending so the Mending was this huge event caused by Urza (It occurred thousands of years after his death) as a result of all the time travelling done by Urza the Mending was only fixed by Planeswalkers sealing rifts in time some even giving up their spark (which can kill Planeswalkers depending on what it is). As a result it changed and altered the Spark making Planeswalkers incredibly weaker than they were before. Some have tried to regain their power such as Nicol Bolas who merged 5 separate planes into one plane in hopes to absorb it's power.


Ajani: Ajani Goldmane a Cat Planeswalker who lived a tragic life it was this cat that prevented Nicol from achieving the power he had wished to gain by merging 5 planes together. Ajani had been a pawn in Nicol Bolas's game Nicol killing Ajani's brother and forcing the cat to almost kill innocent people until Ajani refused to play along and fought Nicol using healing magic and soul magic Ajani created a spiritual copy of Nicol. A good guy version basically which stalemated Nicol and forced him to flee.

Gideon Jura: Gideon is a human who wins against almost impossible odds on multiple occasions a good example is the punishment he can take from beings such as the Eldrazi (Beings from in between Planes born in the "Void") Gideon is noted for being able to take down entire armies almost on his own.


I explained some of the Planeswalkers and their stats but I also want to talk about Beings that can accomplish what Planeswalkers are capable of but are not Planeswalkers.

Phyrexians: Phyrexians are as I stated before beings of Flesh and Machine originally created by the grand demon Yawagoth the Phyrexians under Yawagoth were litterelly unstoppable and were destined to defeat Ursa and take over the Multiverse. The reason this did not happen is a result of a Oldwalker known as Commodore Gruff who was able to break the 4th wall and spent most of his life in a Library on Urza's home plane (Dominaria) in this library was every single book that detailed the future events of the Multiverse and of course the outcome of the Phyrexian War Urza was trying to hard to end. In the book the Phyrexians were destined to win however another Oldwalker noticed that Gruff knew the outcome and demanded that Gruff change it so Gruff simply erased the important parts of the Invasion allowing Urza to gain the upper hand. Although the original Phyrexians were defeated they made a return sadly their return was thanks to Urza's own Golem Karn who actually gained Urza's Spark. Karn had made his own plane (He made his own world with the power he had) Sadly Karn had Glistening Oil on his heel one of the best things to infect and spread the Phyrexian disease. Soon Karn would lose his home to the enemies he and his master tried so hard to end. The Phyrexians Triumphed in defeating Karn but they were not united each Phyrexian serving a Praetor (A Phyrexian of a particular type of mana). This would be their downfall for they require unity to be a serious threat like they were with Yawagoth.

Eldrazi: The Eldrazi were beings born in the "Void" beings that created Titans as their host there are 3 beings in this "Void" Emurkal, Ulamog and Kozilek these Titans they created required intense powering so they powered them by having the Titans eat entire planes as the Titans feed upon mana. It wasn't until recently 2 of these beings were actually killed. They were originally trapped by 3 Oldwalkers Sorin Markov, Nihari and Ugin (Ugin being Nicol's biggest rival) It took 3 Oldwalkers not to kill! But only to trap the 3 giant beast. These beast were also capable of spawning small minions Eldrazi Spawns that would do a lot of small ground fighting for them while the Titans ate away at the world. Currently only 1 is left alive that being the most powerful Eldrazi Emurkal who was sealed inside Innistrads Moon after almost destroying the plane with it's meer appearance over the world.

Side Notes: My opponent claims this game isn't as popular as Pokemon but it really is just as popular it's sprung up many world tours of elite magic players versing each other with different decks which are ranked on tiers. Tier 1 being the most effective and powerful decks. Not to mention to play something like Modern (A game type) if you wanted an effective deck you'll need to spend around $1000 dollars just to get a effective deck if you want a effective deck that looks good though (A foil deck) that will cost around $3000-$6000 and those are just decks. Some Cards can range from $100-$1000 dollars just for a single card! While yes Pokemon has a Show, Movies and Games Magic has only ever really needed the game to stay alive along with some Merch and books etc. Although A Magic Movie is on it's ways! Not to mention there are trailers for almost every set since New Phyrexia that's right this card game has trailers just for sets coming out.

Anyhow I'll let my opponent make his argument now.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Knaveslayer99 1 year ago
I ran out of room to finish typing so I summed things up hopefully next argument I can make my point about game modes like EDH and Pauper which are for players with little money. My main argument for that round was to display the feats of characters that almost every magic player knows now as a result of the company making it's story and lore more well known to it's players.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
If I were to give my opinion, I wouldn't go do anything related to MTG if I had to pay $3,000 to have a good deck. I think that point weakened Pro's argument about people wanting to play this card game.
Posted by Geogeer 1 year ago
Huh. I could have sworn it was a 90's collector card game.
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