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Make a better torture than me.

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Started: 8/30/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I challenge you to use your brain to make up a very good torture to torture someone. The first round is to accept this challenge. 4000 characters maximum.


I accept and it will be discriptive so if you don't want to see it close your eyes kids and look away.
Debate Round No. 1


I tie his arms and legs to the ground. I lay him flat on the floor in the position of a cross, I wake him up by kicking him in the groins. I then inject the virus, Ebola, into his neck. After cutting his eyelids by stabbing through it with a pencil, I start dripping boiling hot water into his eyes, slowly. I let it continue to drip as I get a clamp to his penis and slowly pull it out. After removing his tongue from his mouth with a hook piercing, I slice up the tongue and mix it with the penis, his tears, and ammonia and shove it down his throat. I spend the rest of the night peeling off his skin with a nail clipper.

I prepare a tub of hot water and dump him in without his outer layer of skin. I place a lid over the tub with only his head sticking out. Boiling steam rises through the cracks of the lid. I splash buckets full of honey over his head. Hours then pass as colossal numbers of bees and wasps swarm his entire head. After the bees and the wasps scatter off, I tie his hands and legs to a wooden plank that is suspended in the air so that he is facing the ground. A bamboo shoot that is still growing will take a few days to grow through the lower part of his stomach.

I flip him over so that he faces the sky again. I put a spike trap under his head, so whenever he puts his head back, it would inflict pain upon the back of his head. So he must look forward to see his body. I proceed to put a see-through container filled with rats and a hot light-bulb on top. The heat of the light bulb will cause the rats to dig down into his stomach.
I tie his arms and legs each to a car. I put swords through his arms, legs, and abdomen. Then. at the same time, each of the cars will go at three miles per hour as to slowly tear the arms and legs away from the body.

The final step is hang him by the neck suspended in the air with a the engine of an airplane below. He watches as I toss his arms and legs into the shredder. I slowly lower him into the plane's engine.


lannan13 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Muscle_Boy 4 years ago
wow that's some sick methods dude :D

very effective though
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