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Make the most useless superhero and their useless nemesis

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I feel like we should get creative. In this debate we will make the most useless superhero and their useless nemesis.
Round 1 will be acceptence
Round 2 will be making the Superhero and Nemesis based on this:
Name and Alias
Name and Alias
Why they hate our Useless SuperHero.

Round 3 we will be arguing that our opponents Superhero and their Nemesis is better than our Superhero and their Nemesis

Voters will be judging on:
Who made the most amusing/witty/funny characters (Conduct)
Spelling and Grammar is normal
Who made the most useless superhero and their Nemesis (Who made more convincing Arguments)
Creativity (Sources)


Thank you very much for this Debate, I shall create the most Useless Character of all time. Since the first round will be of Acceptance, I will be be explaining my character traits etc in Round 2 just like you have asked me to do.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for joining this debate.
My superhero is Maced Ort aka The Environmentalist

Maced Ort is a fat, out of shaped, lobbyist for the Environmentalist movement is a sad man in his mid 40's. A man that no matter how hard he does in his job he will get overshadowed by the corporate lobbyist. As he went to a convenience store for some cookies to give him energy to make the walk to his house, which is right down the block. A tree on fire struck by lightning pushed by a wind slammed onto him. This might spill the end for our poor lobbyist but he survived. Infused with the hope for saving mother Earth he emerged from the burning tree bark, reborned as The Environmentalist. He now wears beads on his beard and manbun, and rides off in his hippie van to save the world after he is done working.

The Environmentalist superpower is that he can suck up 16.9 oz of Carbon emission, Green house gasses, smog, second hand smoke and spew it to his enemy... takes a while to kill though.
The Environmentalist can talk to trees.
He can raise the temperature of an enemy to 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 years can be repeated
He is immune to toxins
He can purify water

The environmentalist weakness:
He needs to eat a cookie every 30 mins upgraded to 15 mins in exercising
His power is based on how many natural material is on the Earth
White, Christian, conservatives
Is near sighted
Has to monitor his blood sugar every 14 mins
Diesel trucks
Can't eat meat or animal products
Hurtful words

Crab Lupine aka The CEO (Of Sent Hour Company)
Crab Lupine is a The CEO Of Sent Hour Company the worlds largest oil, lumbar, gas, and electricity company. He lobbied millions of Dollars to the Rica Amen to get them to believe Climate change,resources depleting, Global Warming, rain forest dying are just fake news installed by the Media. He knows he is the most richest man in the world, but there is one person that could stop his lust for power, and he is in his hippie van, eating a bag of cookies The Environmentalist. He is angered by the fact that he is stopping him, so of course he made the most logical choice, he built a suit to fight off The Environmentalist while staying in radiation to develop his superpower.

He has an excess of money to lobby
His suit increases his agility, strength, and dexterity to 50% (So 0+50%=50%)
His knuckles on his suit have built in brass knuckles
He can predict the future but only has 3 seconds to remember it
He has the power of moneyknesis able to control and manipulate money with his mind
He has the power to sue anyone if they hurt him takes about 12 months to here the hearing

Informed people
Fake news
Renewable energy
Due to the radiation has breast cancer (Very slow killing)
Has Thermophobia

My villain hates my Superhero because he is stopping him from being able to control the world because of his environmentalism.


Timothy Time born as Timothy Winchester is a man Obsessed with Time, He became so fixated with the concept of Immortality and grew impatient of wasting time, His ultimate fear was of the Concept of Death being as Death is when your time is out. He experimented and spent countless nights messing with DNA. However One night while in a Machine, His Machine which Naturally took small pieces of his DNA instead of all of his DNA at once, Received an Electrical Shock when a Breaker switch flipped. This Took all of Timothys DNA all at once and Redistrubted it into his Body thus giving him his Ability, He then went on to change his last name to Time.

His Super Power is the ability to Travel thru time itself.

His very Weakness is ironically his own Super Power. Being as Timothy is still a Mortal, He is limited to 80 years of a life expectancy. The amount of time he travels back or forward in time, He loses. Such as, If he traveled 5 years into the past or future, He would lose 5 years of his life. He loses as much time as he travels forward or backwards in time.

His Villian Henry Page

A Man born as a Narcissistic Tendencies. He grew up in New York, A place where time flows fast. He hated how people never stopped to appreciate life and were so busy living fast pace lives. He became a Scientist and messed around with the concept of Freezing Time, Eventually he was able to stop time for 1 sec. However the Government took the device, Fearing what enemy hands could do with it. After he threatened to Destroy the Government with a device he had if they didn't return his Time stopper, The Government had him thrown into a Mental Asylum.

He spent years in there, While he was in there. He read Timothy Time's book "Lost in Time", The Book was a Autobiography explaining Timothy's life and then his Transformation into Timothy Time with his Super Powers. Henry Page did not like Timothy one bit, He hated the thought that Timothy wasted the time he had left by going thru time to help people. He Eventually escaped the Mental Institution and Created a Device to Alter the Fabric of Time so he could stop Timothy Time. Thus He named himself Doctor Waiting Line.

His Super Ability via his Device allows him to go thru time itself, This gives him the ability to create another worm hole in the Fabric of time. Doing this would make Timothy go thru the Worm hole in time and throwing him off more years in the past or future than he originally intended, Thus taking more years off Timothys life. Such as, If Timothy intended to go 2 years in the past or Present and he accidentally flew thru into Doctor Waiting Line's Worm Hole while he was Time Traveling, The Worm Hole could throw him 5 or 10 or even more years in the Past or Future.

His only Weakness is Time Lapse Videos, Being as Time lapse videos are sped up to be fast pace.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by What50 2 years ago
Btw Maced Ort, Crab Lupine, Of Sent Hour, and Rica Amen are anagrams.
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