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Males can be Taylor Swift fans

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Started: 9/3/2013 Category: Music
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I'd figure I'd take a break from serious debates and start a fun debate. My case is that males, like I, can be big fans of Taylor Swift and her music. Like always, first round is for acceptance.


I accept your challenge. I will be the Con, I suppose.
Debate Round No. 1


The first issue I will bring up is well, what is the main issue for a male to listen to and enjoy her music?

Taylor is one of the last remnants of musicians that abstains from heavy editing of vocals and adding electronic sounds (ie. electronica and dubstep like sounds). She is also one of the last multi-talented performers as displayed by her ability to play the guitar, banjo, and piano which I will talk about later. First, her singing is one of the finest and most powerful in music of all time due to her vocal range being close to some of the greats. People and many performers in the industry always say that Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury was "the greatest singer of all time and he is also one of the most talented performers of all time". I would like to bring up the Freddie Mercury only could play two instruments, the guitar where he could only play a few chords as noted in many live recordings especially in Live at Wembley[1] where Taylor can play a wide range of chords as displayed throughout her music. Freddie Mercury could also play the piano likewise with Taylor whom can play it quite well[2]. Taylor can also play the banjo which Freddie could not. Freddie was also a great showmen but he would only speak with the crowd a few times to gain momentum whereas Taylor would speak about stories and occurrences to connect with her fans in the crowd regularly. Some even say Taylor Swift is the next Bruce Springsteen with her fusing of story telling and playing[3]. If I can listen to a great musician like Freddie Mercury and not get ridiculed then why can I not listen to a great musician like Taylor Swift and not get ridiculed?

My true taste in music are old bands and musicians like The Doors, The Clash, and Johnny Cash. So for someone as popular as Taylor to not heavily modify their voice to change it to make it sound better in a business where you can currently add effects to make it 200% better shows her pride for her real voice which is quite commendable. Plenty of musicians use autotune whereas she does not. Surely she experimented in her song "I Knew You Where Trouble" which has few dubstep/electronic like sounds but as heard in the rest of her album, Red, and also seen throughout her career she stays far away from adding electronica/dubstep like sounds. Which is one of the main reasons why I like Taylor's music because its real and nothing is fake about it.

Taylor is one of the very few musicians that isn't lewd with her lyrics. Today most of the things are violent and sexualized but Taylor stays away from that which I fully commend her for doing so, because it shows respect for her work. She also isn't lewd with her image and her life, she dresses modestly and she is very polite with everyone she deals with. This shows that she holds old world values which old artist and celebrities held decades ago which are now lost to many that are popular today.



Well, let me be honest, Society. The ugliest thing come to life. The majority of me are straight, and are somehow influenced by their selves or their "manly friends" that if you listen to girls, you'll be gay. Now that I have my opening, I will post my argument;
Her songs are about. GUYS. Them, they sound like the bad guys. Now, some boys may not care, but some are very sensitive, even if they look like they aren't. Now, when boys sing, they speak about girls or life in general, right? Taylor Swift doesn't. She speaks about boys and breakups, like "he cheated on me." What's worse, though, is when she speaks about a really good male singer and states all the bad qualities he had in the relationship. She has dated 15 MEN! Those men are; Justin Gaston, Joe Jonas, Lucas Till, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Cory Monteith, Toby Hemingway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chord Overstreet, Garrett Hedlund, Will Anderson, Zac Efron, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles. She acts likes it's no big deal, like she is innocent. (Note: I don't have any of a personal problem with her, but I am the Contender, so..)
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly, music taste do not define ones gender, I myself am straight and I look at Taylor Swift her looks very appealing to me which is the main basis for many males to like her but I myself have taken another step then them and I actually have taken the time to listen and appreciate her work.

We all have musicians we like based on their lyrics or their sound. I myself have bands and musicians which I like for their lyrics and sound such as The Doors which sing about societal issues, personal issues, and spiritualism through psychedelics. I also like The Clash for their socialist spin on punk rock because of my political stance. Surely Taylor's lyrics do not fit things that I like, but I respect that she adds some meaning to her songs. Taylor's music is also very well made and is very well played both in the studio and live. Surely one of her focuses are on past relationships but their is always a subject that an artist focuses on, such as Jim Morrison's lyrics in his late career focused heavily on nihilism while Johnny Cash's lyrics focus on his drug habits and his personal issues.

You bring up her personal life, what has that to do with the debate? We are solely talking about if males can enjoy Taylor's music? Surely 10-20% of her songs focus on past relationships but what has personal life to do with the rest of her career? In her music she focuses on her days as a youth (From the top of my head, Never Grow Up), having fun with friends(From the top of my head, 22), enjoying life (22), and teaching self-esteem to her listeners ([Mean, Stay Beautiful] mainly her target group ie. teen girls). You have brought up a small majority in her work which the media loves to focus on because it creates buzz for the rest of her album. Its a cunning tactic on her part to create a few controversial songs about her love life to get the rest of her album noticed.

I would like to thank Con for this wonderful debate, I wish him the best in his final round.


DeBigVoter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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