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Man made global warming is a myth.

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Started: 9/3/2011 Category: Science
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I would like to invite someone to prove how man is at the cause of global warming. I agree that global warming exists, but not that it is a result of mans actions here on earth. I believe that global warming is a part of a natural cycle of cooling and warming that the earth constantly goes through.. I'm not very interested in links, though you can use them. Anyone can show a link and a counter link. The only time I recommend links is when you are including something that you think is a fact such as a figure. Other than that this is a freestyle debate. This first round is basically for acceptance. Good luck, and good debating.


I accept my this debate and I will show how Global Warming is mostly caused by man made global warming.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would just like to state that I do believe global warming exists. I also believe that global cooling exists. Both cooling cycles are a result of natural phenomena that has occurred since the beginning of time. I would first like to examine the history of warming/cooling trends on planet Earth.
1.About 8,000 BC: The last Ice age ended when the ice sheets finally retreated from Scandinavia and the glaciers in Scotland disappeared. People, animals and plants invaded the appearing land after the ice had disappeared. Part of the North Sea is still dry.
2.During the medieval warm period, Europe experienced a climate slightly warmer than in the period preceding and the period following it. The summer temperatures were between 1 and 1.4 degrees higher than the average temperature of the 20th century. The winters were even warmer with an average temperature in England of 6 degrees, which is slightly warmer than for most of the 20th century. The warmer conditions were caused by the fact that the air circulation above the Atlantic changed position, as did the warm sea currents, transporting warmer water to the arctic. Vikings reach Iceland and Greenland during the milder condition that prevailed during Medieval Warm Period.(interesting to note that Greenland is not green and lush, it is now an icy wasteland.)
3.Environmental upheavals linked to sever climate variability characterised the period from 1300 to 1400.
All tree ring series in northern Europe show a decline in growth rates, indicating an adverse climatic change. This marked the transition from Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age when temperatures were on average 1.5 degrees Celsius lower than before and with greater seasonal variation. The Little Ice Age is a period between about 1300 and 1870 during which Europe and North America were subjected to much colder winters than during the 20th century. The period and can be divided in two phases, the first beginning around 1300 and continuing until the late 1400s.The period between 1600 and 1800 marks the height of the Little Ice Age.
4.The current warming/cooling trends. for the past 10 years, scientists have observed cooling trends.
THE POINT: This limited timeline shows that throughout earths history, there have been periods of warming and cooling. This is a part of nature, and is natural. What makes us think that, despite these warming/cooling trends that have happened in the past that we could have such an impact on global temperature cycles? Were there Suv's in the 1300's? what about factory's and industries? No there weren't. But still warming cycles were present.

NEXT:Global cooling.
1.There is significantly more evidence that the world is cooling than that the world is warming.*October 2009 U.S. temperatures according to NOAA were the third coldest in 115 years of record keeping, 4 degrees below the average temperature for this month. October 2009 also had the most snow in the U.S. than has ever been recorded for that month.(
2.7,000 buffaloes and cows freeze to death (
3.2010 Antarctic ice extent was the third largest ever recorded. Average snowfall in Antarctica was the most ever recorded (
4.The oceans have been cooling which is contrary to climate model predictions (
5.Some say Polar Bears are threatened but there are more polar bears today than ever recorded, an increase of 300% since the 1950s(
6.Scientists for decades have predicted an impending ice age. This was once viewed as such a problem that there were proposals to actually CREATE global warming effects.( View this Newsweek article about global cooling.

1.SOLAR ACTIVITY: Other planets in our solar system are experiencing "global warming". If this is true then one must consider that global warming could not be a man made phenomena, but rather a natural one the result of an increase in solar output.(
2.changes in the amount of ice crystals at high altitude could damage the layer of thin, high altitude clouds found in the mesosphere that reduce the amount of warming solar radiation reaching the earth's surface.(
3. Natural occurring phenomena. Will regulate itself.
these are basically the 3 most likely reasons for global warming.

1.Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant or a greenhouse gas. It is a wholesome, naturally occurring, colorless and odorless gas. In fact, if carbon dioxide suddenly disappeared, at least 99% of the species on earth, including man, would die. Without carbon dioxide, there would be no photosynthesis of green plants, and without photosynthesis, we would have no oxygen to breathe and no food to eat. Chemists tell us that carbon dioxide molecules retain heat a bit longer than does the nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the air. Chemists also tell us that if you combine gases of different temperature, convection currents will equalize the temperature of the gas molecules. As the air cools during the night, the temperature of the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules equalize. Therefore, the amount of heat released from the atmosphere into outer space during a twenty four hour cycle would be the same for nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Affect on global warming -" zero.

1.The desired response to catastrophic "we must act now!"
man-made global warming is the same that was proposed by the same people and movement in response to catastrophic "we must act now!"
man-made global cooling, and which is entirely consistent with the candid admissions of green leaders even if it would not have any possible detectable influence on climate. That response is direct or indirect energy rationing incidentally, the notion of a tax on CO2 levels was decided upon by the UN at its African Summit at Bali. It was not proposed as a way of ‘saving the planet' but as a means of ‘wealth distribution.'
And so the scare stories began, rising CO2 levels would destroy the planet and if you do not do as bid, by the evangelical self-proclaimed prophets of anthropogenic global warming, you are failing in your duty towards the Earth, and your neighbours.
Seven metre high waves would sweep over our towns and cities killing millions, according to Al Gore's hi/fi science fiction movie, a lie called, ‘The Inconvenient Truth'. Again, in court the government's scientists were forced to admit that the true sea level rise could reach, 40cm (15") in a hundred years time.
If the world accepted the Kyoto Protocol in full and allowed industry and transportation to collapse, it is estimated that it would achieve an overall reduction in global temperatures of two-hundredths of a degree centigrade in fifty-years time.
Why, would they lie to you? Perhaps you should be asking, when have they ever stopped lying to you?
The reason of course is power and riches, billions of dollars will be made in enforcing ‘green policies', by those constructing useless wind farms, and selling licences to use energy. They are actually engaged in selling something that doesn't exist, except on the stock market.
They are liars and thieves who believe that they have so much power over us that they are above justice and the law. Law? These merchants of fear make their own laws.
To distract you of this theft of your rights to energy and freedom, they create laws that prevent you from refusing to comply


Global warming has been caused by natural cycles and is probably causing the warming we see now by a small extent. However, humans cause the major changes in climate change that we are witnessing. So, since natural cycles caused the prior climatic changes, I do not need to debate your first statements. However, your last point says that scientists have been observing cooling trends. To prove my point, 2010 and 2005 are the hottest years on record since recordings began in 1880. Also, 1998 was the third hottest year on record, HELPED by a strong El Ni´┐Żo that made global warming larger in addition with man made contributions. Also on the link it shows the recorded temperatures, and you can see that global temperatures have been rising significantly since the late 1970s. Before this, natural phenomena probably had a larger affect since humans weren't as industrialized then, and the recent growth of the third world made CO2 emissions greater. So, since in the past 30 years the world became more industrialized more than ever before, CO2 emissions rose, and therefore climate change grew.

Your other points say that Global Cooling is occurring, NOT global warming. True, there WAS global cooling for a brief period in the 1970s, but this was only temporary. In fact, scientists believe that the 20th century was overall a period of global warming;

Also, strange events are occurring because of global warming. The world becomes warmer overall, but certain areas will experience more extreme, or even colder weather, which is caused by La Nina and El Nino. La Nina and El Nino are also becoming more extreme due to the warmer oceans. The oceans are becoming warmer because of the melting ice caps, and the ice caps are melting because of the man made global warming! So, as Earth gets a warmer mean temperature, other areas will experience traumatic weather and sometimes colder weather because of La Nina, El Nino, and the oceans warm/ cool currents.

You also said that the polar bear population is at an all time high. Out of the 19 polar bear species, 8 are declining, 3 are stable, 1 is increasing, and 7 don't have known data.

You say that the oceans temperatures are decreasing, which is probably not the case. As you can see on the following graph, the temperatures of oceans have increased because of the melting glacier caps.

You also say sunspots are solar phenomena is causing the most of global warming [probably]. As you can see from the following graph, solar output has decreased EVEN THOUGH TEMPERATURES INCREASED. So, you can tell that solar output is having a minimal role in our current global warming.

Lastly, the huge majority of scientists believe that global warming is caused by man made contributions. In fact, 97% of them do!

In addition, CO2 is necessary to sustain human life, by making life on Earth warm enough. However, when CO2 was released on a large scale because of human activities in the past 75 years or so, it caused our Earth to warm. It is found in the atmosphere, and when sunlight reflects off the Earth, it is prevented from escaping our atmosphere because of CO2. With all of the new CO2 released as pollutants of products, it is trapping too much sunlight, warming our planet. This is what the Greenhouse Effect is, our Earth warms because of all of that trapped infrared radiation! True, water vapor is more plentiful than CO2, but CO2 takes hundreds of years to get out of the atmosphere varying with some staying for THOUSANDS of years, while water vapor is removed every few days or so in most cases as rainfall. You can also see that CO2 concentrations have continuously risen for the past 50 years and more. Other emissions such as Methane affect Global Warming to a lesser affect.

(the fluctuations are caused by the difference in summer and winter, because in summer, plants absorb much CO2, but not too much of it).

Also, some politicians advocate a smaller carbon footprint for individuals, but they do not seek to control the populace with laws. However, they seek ways to make people reduce their footprint with less meat, better transportation, etc. And to reduce the emissions of businesses, politicians probably support a Cap and Trade system to reduce emissions.
Debate Round No. 2


Id like to thank my opponent for his swift response.

First id like to evaluate some of my opponents statements.
"However, humans cause the major changes in climate change that we are witnessing. So, since natural cycles caused the prior climatic changes, I do not need to debate your first statements. "

Please, explain to me how, unlike the past, natural phenomena CAN NOT be the cause? Where is the proof that natural causes are not what's causing global warming? The fact the high levels of co2 are present in our atmosphere is not proof that warming today is man made. There is a lot of new evidence coming out today that indicates that high levels of CO2 are a RESULT of global warming and not a CAUSE.(
NEXT: 2010 is not the hottest year, its the 23rd hottest year. "Both the temperature and precipitation were above normal," Deke Aren't said. "It was the 23rd warmest year on record in the United States."( You have to understand how scientists get their data and how they evaluate it. What they do, is they take the average annual temperature of the earth for each year, through a certain set of years( most models use 1961-1990) . Then they take that average, and if the temperature is higher this year than the average they say it is hotter than average. Then they rank those based on the highest amount of difference between the year and the "average" . so 2010 had the highest increase, but that doesnt mean that it was the hottest on record. This is very misleading information, and most scientists are willing to avoid disclosing the methodology. especially since the time period most scientist get there base data from are some of the coolest on record. 1940-1976 were some of the coolest in the last century. so they are using 15 cool years in their data which brings their "average" very low. Keep in mind, it was so much cooler, scientists then thought we were heading towards a new ice age.
NEXT: here are a list of the Guinness book of world records for the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the world, at different parts of the world.
AFRICA: Sept. 13, 1922- 136 F
NORTH AMERICA: July 10, 1913 134F
ASIA: June 21, 1942 - 129F
Australia : Jan. 16, 1889 - 128F
Europe: Aug 4. 1881 - 122F
South America Dec.11, 1905- 120F
Canada: July 5, 1937- 113F
Oceania: April 29,1912 - 108F
Persian Gulf:(sea surface) Aug 5, 1924 -94F
Antarctica: Jan 5, 1934 - 59F
South Pole Dec 27, 1928- 7.5F
So as you can see, all of these "warm" temperatures, where before 1940. Then cooling began, and now warming exists, but not as warm as it was then. And this is recent data.

Next: "In fact, scientists believe that the 20th century was overall a period of global warming"
The consensus is that global warming is man made, that the 20th century was the hottest and that "the debate is over".
But science, if im not mistaken is reliant on PROOF not consensus. Is it any wonder that there is a consensus? Don't scientists have a "Vested" interest in global warming? If global warming ISNT man made, then what happens to their jobs? What happens to the billions of dollars that "Green" companies and politicians are making by scaring people into passing laws and buying "green products"? If you want to find out the true incentives of our government, and the scientists that ARE BEING PAID by them, then all you need to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY. Each year, billions are spent directly and indirectly by various governments worldwide to study global warming. Most indirect expenditures are in the form of grants to quasi-government institutions like universities. The process goes like this. Big Government needs to know if global warming is occurring and if mankind is causing it. If there is no global warming, then the government organization charged with studying same should be disbanded and all employees should be transferred at best and laid off at worst. If global warming is occurring, Big Government needs to know if man is causing same. If man, as opposed to natural global climatic cycles, is the main cause of global warming, then government must be greatly increased in size and scope to closely regulate activity. Again, the "right" answer is apparent, and those who give the wrong answer don't get any more grants.

NEXT:"You say that the oceans temperatures are decreasing, which is probably not the case. As you can see on the following graph, the temperatures of oceans have increased because of the melting glacier caps."

You must have not looked at the link. And by the way its NPR, so this is a LIBERAL media outlet! "Some 3,000 scientific robots that are plying the ocean have sent home a puzzling message. These diving instruments suggest that the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years. That could mean global warming has taken a breather."(

NEXT: "You also say sunspots are solar phenomena is causing the most of global warming [probably..."

Okay, no links this time, because im a little weary of them. So all I'm gonna do is say this: Mars, Jupiter, even Pluto, are all experiencing "global warming". Where are the Suv's on Mars? Where are the greedy billionaires spewing millions of tons of CO2 into mars' atmosphere? If warming is happening on other planets because of the sun, then isn't it reasonable to assume that we might just possibly be experiencing warming because of the sun too? just a thought.

Conclusion: There may be a consensus, but that doesn't mean anything. In 1970 there was a consensus that the earth was cooling. In the 80s there was a consensus that the ozone layer would be gone by now. In the 90s we were all gonna melt because of Acid rain. Consensus doesn't mean anything because science is always evolving. The debate is NEVER over. And for every scientist that believes were are responsible, there is one that can show a natural cause. And just because they are scientists does not mean they are the epitome of honesty and integrity. Follow the money and you will see who and why is pushing global warming. You would too if you could get rich. YOu would too, if your livelihood relied on getting a government grant that requires that you find "cause for man made global warming".


Okay, since we are now in round 3, I will post my rebuttals to our arguments.

Natural phenomena has been the case of Global Warming in the past. Now, our current global warming is caused by humans, and to PROVE this is the pace at which global warming is happening. In the past, global warming took time to occur, while now, Global Warming is happening much faster than usual because of our emissions. The oceans used to absorb most of the CO2 that we emitted as well as the Atmosphere. However, since we have given off so much CO2, the oceans are becoming less efficient at storing carbon dioxide, and global warming is happening faster, shown by the links. Also, during one of the most intense global warming sequences known as Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), CO2 rose much slower than now. That study predicts faster rising temperatures than then. So, because of the rapid rate of global warming compared to back in the past, human actions are the reason, especially because of the release of greenhouse gases.

When you refuted the fact that last year was one of the hottest years on record, you said that it was the 23rd hottest year on record. This CANNOT be true; because your link SPECIFICALLY STATES that 2010 was the hottest year on record since 1880, so your argument isn't shown. That link also shows the mean temperatures recorded since 1880.

Your Guinness Book of World Records information does not help your case; as Global Warming doesn't affect just certain areas of the world, it makes the mean temperature of Earth rise. Ocean currents such as La Nina El Nino have more of an affect on local temperatures. Also cooling didn't occur in the mid 20th century, instead moderate changes in temperatures occurred as you can see from the NPR link above.

You also said that CO2 increases were a result from Global warming. However, this is not exactly true. When ocean temperatures rose, much CO2 that was stored in the oceans was released. Then, the Global Warming affect is increased, making oceans warmer making them release more CO2, then the cycle continues. So, human released CO2 is amplifying the affects of the Greenhouse affect. So, the lag in CO2 following temperature is the carbon dioxide coming from the oceans, and since we added much more than nature would of, it is increasing the pace of Global Warming since humans are having stronger affects than nature would.

Yes, scientists are paid (some) by the government, but this does not mean they make up information to increase their pay. Scientists also deal with matters such as the internet, ozone layer, etc. so they have no incentive to lie about global warming because they would be just shifted to other scientific matters if Global Warming concerns became sufficient without scientific help.

Oceans are also warming in temperature because of the shrinking ice caps caused by the Greenhouse Affect humans have heavily caused. Here is the data of oceans on the link (getting sick of these links); and ocean's temps. have been consistently warming over time.

You also said Global Warming is happening on other planets. There is no currently good evidence that Mars is warming at all, and Uranus is cooling. The solar output from the sun has slightly decreased in the past 50 years.
Jupiter is not warming, but is predicted to become warmer due to planet storms dust movements. Neptune is warming, but at a very slow rate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Contra 6 years ago
I forgot to add but just remembered that private studies that are influenced by no outside sources found that global warming is real.
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