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Manchester United have the best list of players play for them than any other club in the world

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Started: 1/14/2015 Category: Sports
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Well this is new for me a Sports Debate. I will be deabating that out of all clubs in the world Manchester United has the best all time roster. For those that don't know what that means that means all the players that have ever played for a club is there all time roster, and i will be debating that Manchester United have the best group of players.

1. Round 1 will be acceptance as well as telling me what football (european) team you have chosen.
2. Round 2 will be making a case as to why your chosen team has the best all time squad.
3. Round 3 will be countering the points of your opponent, having a bit of banter and just trashing the other team LOL
whoever accepts have fun and i hope for a great debate


Accepted. Thanks to Pro for initiating this debate, it's nice to actually see one about football.

I have chosen Bayern Munich.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for accepting the debate picking Bayern was an interesting choice so first of all i will talk about the 2008 man utd goalkeepers
in 2008 man utd have the Edwin Van Der Sar in goal, arguably the best goalkeeper in the world in 2008, Edwin Van Der Sar was considered in my opinion one of the top goalkeepers in the world at the time even though he was in his mid 30s at the time. During the 2008-2009 season Manchester United broke the premier league clean sheet record against West Ham United, as well as the entire english league clean sheet record against Everton, a large part of that was due to the greatness of Edwin Van Der Sar.
As well as having Edwin Van Der Sar Manchester United also had a great backup Goalkeeper in the form of Ben Foster, who was Manchester Uniteds hero in the Carling Cup Final against Totenham.Saving several penalties as well as keeping a clean sheet across the 90 minutes.

Next up to talk about the man utd defense first off center backs, you have arguably the best center back pairing in premier league history in Ferdinand and Vidic. Ferdinand was the calm collected defender who would pass the ball out of defense, make the perfect tackle during the run of play and back in 2008 was the faster center back of the two. Vidic was the rough, strong defender who would put his head anywhere if it mean't clearing the ball. He was the brave centerback who would do anything to prevent the opposition from scoring. Then there were their backups, the versitle John Oshea and the young Johnny Evans, who to be honest only did a decent job when called upon.

Then there are the starting full backs Evra and Neville, The spirited Captain Gary Neville, he wasn't the best right back ever in terms of skill, but he gave his all whenever he ever played. Then there was one of the best premier league left backs of the last 10 years Patrice Evra, he could do it all, defend support giggs when attacking, he was fast strong and had all the attributes that you could want from a left back. These defenders skill was also a big reason why Man United set the clean sheet record.

Next I will talk about the strongest part of this united teams in my opinion the midfield. First of all i'm gonna bring up the best premier league player of all time, CRISTIANO RONALDO. What can i say that others haven't, he was a beast in 2008, scoring 26 goals in one season, while also consistantly playing out of this world during the entire season. Then theres the midfield legend Paul Scholes, whose passing skills where still sensational even in his old age, and even if he wasn't on form Man Utd could play the highly underrated Michael Carrick who like rio is a calm midfielder who could create chances even when surroundered by the opponent. THen last but not least the UNited LEgend Ryan giggs who along with ronaldo, rooney and tevez the big four in united.

THen theres the strikers, three names Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov each great in their own ways. Rooney is a high energy team player, who can go back and defend while also going back up front and scoring goals consistantly, Tevez is an extremely great forward who could score goals at will. then theres Berbatov who could dribble the ball with the best of them and when he was on form he could create chances for rooney and tevez.

Here are the trophies for uniteds 2008 squad won.
2008 Premier League Title
Champions League 2008
Fifa World Club 2008


Thanks Pro.

Bayern Munich 2013


Still main keeper and current winner of the World Cup, Manuel Neuer was the goalkeeper in 2013. Possibly the most versatile keeper to have ever played, his main strengths are shot stopping (reflexes), concentration, and saving both close range and long shots. As well as being an excellent goalkeeper, Neuer has also enabled his team to go on attacking breaks and quickly counter the other team. The most clean sheets in a season wasalso achieved by Manuel Neuer in 2013.

A look at Neuer's most impressive saves for 2013: [1.]


The 2013 defence for Bayern consisted of players such as Jerome Boateng, Club Captain Philip Lahm, David Alaba, Diego Contento, Holger Badstubber, and Brazilian player Dante. Boateng, Badstubber and Lahm in particular all contributed to the solidity of Bayern's defence and their impressive concession record. Other midfield players like Bastian Schweinsteiger also contributed heavily to the defense and low concession record.


The Bayern Munich midfield of 2013 was and still continues to be one of the best in club football. As mentioned above, you have players like Schweinsteiger who are able to defend and block any attacking players, but also the notable talent and versatility of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, two of the most recognized midfielders in the world. Arjen Robben added considerably to the goal tally both in terms of scoring and assisting. His physical strength, quickness and determination is a huge asset to Bayern, something particularly demonstrated in their 2013 season. As well as these two, Thomas Muller was also very prominent in the Bayern 2013 line up and is once again considered as one of the best midfield players internationally, both for his club and national side. This is another player who is extremely quick and versatile. His energy and continuous effort to score/assist in goals have made him an invaluable player to Bayern and was a large contributor in their 13' season. Another significant player in this season, who excels at both defending and attacking, is Toni Kroos. His dynamism and overall effort (amazing work ethic) ensured that he was a key figure in their success. With players like Robben, Ribery, and Muller, the midfield continues to be Bayern's strongest area of play.


The top attacking player in the 2013 squad was Mario Gomez, whose main strengths are exploiting weaknesses in the defence, being a huge threat on the counter attack, as well as having short and decisive passes near goal. After Neuer, Gomez had in fact had the second most number of minutes played in 2013 and was another instrumental part in the success of that season. Which as stated below, is the most notable in Bayern's history and involved the winning of five top trophies. Other important forward players in 2013 were Claudio Pizarro and Mario Mandzukic. Pizarro had the third most minutes played.

A testament to how incredible their season is the fact a total of 30 records were broken. It is also now known as the clubs most successful season in history.

A list of these accomplishments for 12/13 season include:

-Most record points during a season (91.)

-Biggest lead over a second place team

-Most wins in a season

-Longest winning streak in a season

-Fewest losses

-Fewest goals against

-At least one goal scored in every match

-Biggest goal difference. The impressive number of 80+ to be exact

-Most away wins in a season

-Least away losses in a season

-Biggest away winning streak in a season

-Least goal concessions. The record of 583 consecutive minutes were played without conceding any goal

-Least away goals conceded

-Best start to a season

-Best the start to the second half to a season. By the start to the second half, Bayern had 49 points

-Quickest team to win the Title

-Earliest win in Bundesliga history

Trophies won by the Bayern 2013 squad:

-2013 Bundesliga Title

-UEFA Champions League Title 2013

-The Supercup 2013

-FIFA Club World Cup 2013

-DFB Pokal Cup 2013

So here we have the amazing total of five trophies in one season.

Leading up to the Champions League final Bayern also managed to beat Barcelona F.C (one of the most decorated clubs in football history) by 7-0. As well as this list of achievements, a number of five Bayern players were nominated for the Ballon d'Or, these ones being Philip Lahm, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller, Franck Ribery, and Arjen Robben. Manuel Neuer recently came third (impressive for a goalkeeper) in this years Ballon d’Or, next to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.



Debate Round No. 2


OK just will be short so let's begin.
First of all the goalkeeper while neuer is an incredible goalkeeper Van der sar is a legend this united team broke the clean sheet record. He is the best gk in man utd history. Next the defense like I said earlier this defense is legendry having broken the clean sheet record with the best cb partnership ever in vidic and Ferdinand who are better than Bayern's CBS ever dreamed about being then there's Patrice evra who is far better than bayerns. Next is the midfeild which is the strongest part of Bayern but there's one problem man utd have Rinaldo who I think we can both agree is the best player on both teams then the experience of another legend and the best midfeilder of the past 10 years Paul scholes and Ryan giggs. Up front united have both quality and quantity as all three strikers I mentioned before tevez Rooney and berbatov are both better than Mario Gomes. As well as this united have the best manager of all time Alex ferguson. Nothing more needed.
Good luck con I look forward to your comeback. All I am saying is the unites fans know who to vote for lol



While Edwin Van Der Sar is widely regarded as being one of the best all time goalkeepers, Manuel Neuer is well on his way to that. He's already managed to win the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Bunedsliga, and the World Cup Super Club. Which are essentially all the trophies a footballer could want in his career. As stated in round one, no other goalkeeper in the history of football has demonstrated the versatility and power that Neuer has. I highlighted the fact that not only is he an excellent keeper, but he's also recognised attacking opportunities and enabled his team to go forward and score. Generally, the only priority of goalkeeper is to save, but with Neuer it's also to win.

The 2013 Bayern defence can also match that of Man Utd's in 2008. The Bayern defence showed incredible consistency throughout the 2013 campaign (both in the Bundesliga and internationally) and it's largely due them that Bayern completed its season with the fewest losses in Bundesliga history as well as the fewest goals scored against. Bayern Munich played a total of 583 consecutive minutes without conceding any goals, which again, is another record.

As for midfield, the 2013 Bayern line-up involving Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery (all star players) was far more superior Man Utd's in 2008. To have players such as Muller and Robben/Ribery on the same team, combined with the talent and work ethic of Toni Kroos would be exceptional for any side. As well as the defensive abilities of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Bayern Munich literally dominated the 2013 Bundesliga season and managed to successfully apply to that to the international arena and in the Champions League.

Pro listed in round one that Man Utd won three top medals, but Bayern won the impressive total of five. Concerning attack, the talent and consistency of Mario Gomez can easily beat that of Wayne Rooney's. Gomez contributed massively to Bayern Munich in terms of goals and despite starting the season with injury was still able to do so in 2013. While Cristiano is noted as arguably the best striker in the world, a team has does not just revolve around one player. All of Bayern's players exhibited notable talent in 2013, and I'll state again that the midfield line-up provided extensively to goals. Anyway, I think I've presented enough evidence (including the statistics, trophies) to show that Bayern Munich 2013 deserves the title of best side in history more so than Man Utd. A number of 119 goals were scored and they went an amazing 49 games unbeaten.

Good luck to my opponent and thanks for an enjoyable debate.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ulughbeg 2 years ago
Barcelona 2008-2009 season team was the best club team in footbal history.


This team beat Bayern 4-0 (5-1 aggr.) in 1/4 final and Manchester United 2-0 in final in Rome. And won all 6 possible tournaments out of 6.

1) Spanish League
2) Spanish Cup
3) Champions League
4) Club World Cup
5) European Super Cup
6) Spanish Super Cup

Unlike Barcelona, Man. United and Bayern couldn't succeed in all competitions they participated in in a single season. Neither did any other team (I mean 6 trophies).

Other notable results of that season of Barca:
Spanish League:

Barcelona - Atletico Madrid (6:1)
Sevilla - Barcelona (0:3)
Barcelona - Valencia (4:0)
Barcelona - Real Madrid (2:0)
Barcelona - Sevilla (4:0)
Barcelona - Malaga (6:0)
Real Madrid - Barcelona (2:6)

Spanish Cup:

Atletico Madrid - Barcelona (1:3)
Barcelona - Atletico Madird (2:1)
Atletic Bilbao - Barcelona (1:4) In the final

UEFA Champions League:

Basel - Barcelona (0:5)
Sporting - Barcelona (2:5)
Barcelona - Lyon (5:2)
Barcelona - Bayern (4:0)
Barcelona - Manchester United (2:0) In the final

Spanish Super Cup Final:

Atletic Bilbao - Barcelona (1:5 on agg.)

European Super Cup final

Barcelona - Shakhtar (1:0)

FIFA Club World Cup Final

Internacional - Barcelona (1:2)
Posted by djones16 2 years ago
Posted by djones16 2 years ago
Fair enough
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Hmm, you're not gonna get an american to argue this.
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